Benz has got six and Counting when you include this all new eqe sedan Music at the heart of the eqe 500 are two Motors that combine to deliver a welcome all wheel, drive extension along with 402 horsepower and 633 pound feet of torque. These numbers transform the eqe into a gentle giant that seriously quick whenever needed, but it also prows Suburbia in a near silent manner, when youre on the way to the theater. The electric motors get the juice from a 90.6 kilowatt hour battery that delivers a posted driving range of 418 kilometers during the test. The distance to empty routinely average around 380 K, so it delivers as build. It takes 32 minutes to charge from 10 to 80, using a DC fast charger and nine and a half hours to do the same thing when plugged into a level 2 Outlet where the eqe misses out is the regen braking strategy. The modes include none normal and strong. The problem is even when in strong, the eqe is not a one pedal drive as the regen backs off at about 10K, so the driver ends up having to reach for the brake pedal. The alternative is intelligent regen. It uses a slew of sensors navigation information to determine the right amount of regen or thats the theory it works on an open road, but not so much in the city. A proper one pedal drive would be very welcome. Please, and thank you now.

This eqe is very fast, 4.7 seconds to 100K. Now that will be enough for most people, but you know. Sometimes enough is never quite enough. Thats, where the AMG comes in 677 horsepower and 3.3 seconds cue, the silly grin dynamically the eqe 500 is properly sorted. It uses a fully independent, coil spring suspension and sharp steering setup. It comes together to the point where the eqe darts into a corner with laser like Precision. Part of the reason boils down to the fact that it includes four wheel steering at slow speeds. The action chops a turning Circle to that of a C Class, so its a cinch to park at speeds over 60 kilometers an hour. It really sharpens the response and brings wonderful Precision. It also does a masterful job of hiding the eqes heavy 2475 kilogram curb weight in the end, the setup instills the confidence needed to explore the eqes considerable limits. Yet it makes for a very easy City Drive. Sadly, the all wheel, steering setup is a 1300 option and this on a car with a 95 000 starting price. What is wrong with that picture? Thank you. Now, Mercedes Benz dont want you lifting This Hood thats best left for a trained technician because theres a lot of well heart stopping stuff under there. So how do you do something very simple like fill out the washer fluid now on this eqe its as simple as popping the door and filling it up.

That is easier, a regular car, mind you, I bet the workaround to do that, cost them a bloody packet. The eqes interior is beautifully, crafted with body hugging front seats, enough space for two adults in the rear seat and a 430 liter trunk, complete with split folding rear seats. The layout well its first class all the way. The 12.3 inch instrumentation is clean, clear and reconfigurable and its a highlight in its own right. However, its an x gen, mbux infotainment system that really stands out. The 12.8 inch multimedia screen is the highlight and its Crystal Clear. It adopts a zero layer strategy, so theres no need to delve into sub menus for any of the key infotainment come for all vehicle functions. Yes, it is intimidating at first, but it proved to be surprisingly easy to live with, and, more importantly, use part of the Simplicity boils down to the fact its supported by a voice. Recognition system that gets plain language simply say: hey Mercedes, Im, cold and it cranks up the heat. The issue is: while there are three ways of adjusting the audio volume, not one of them works as well as a good old fashioned knob. Two of them use tiny capacitive touch points. The on screen, slider is large, but the driver needs eyes to operate. It accurately. Youd think the powers that be would have learned a lesson from Honda, apparently not Music, while the eqs and this new eqe have a lot in common, they are in fact Worlds Apart.

The eqs well its a pure opulent Boulevard here. This thing, on the other hand, its got more than its fair share of luxury, but its also a drivers, car thats, an enormous amount of fun and dont forget the AMG thats coming Im, Graham Fletcher for