Here we go check it out. Yeah lets go welcome our Manchester your brand new mg4 trophy wow, its looking good, looking good thats, amazing thats. One thing you could say yeah: this is a stunning car. Was it part of the looks as to why you decided that you wanted to take the car over the cash alternative its its because this new model and this look uh very sporty its like racing car? For me thats a great way? This is really really sporty car when it comes to MGS. I mean this is a trophy that youve won, so you get that really cool little spoiler out the back. You obviously get the design on the front which, as you say, is really sporty yeah and its got the performance to match because its an electric car I mean it just absolutely goes when you put your foot down the styling is is fantastic. Is that kind of something that you always looked at online yeah, yeah yeah? I play most of electric cars, but yeah this one. This style is, is beautiful, amazing, look yeah, but also the lights as well. I really love so youve got these sporty lights on the front and then youve, also at the back, the rear lights. Theyve got this really nice pattern on the top of them, which I think just looks absolutely stunning. I look at review yeah a lot about this car and and very good feedback. Now, obviously, the trophy comes with pretty much everything bolted on, so well go and have a sit in in a second because theres loads of things, as there usually is an electric coffee to play with, as we get in youll, see the lovely mg logo that comes Up on the screen in front of you, but thats, not the only screen, you get youre going this really nice large display just to the left as well.

So you can see everything there is to do about your battery state of charge. Theres also a 360 degree. Camera on here, as well, so when youre parking it makes it mega mega simple its got everything you need on here and all of that is accessible by the buttons on the steering wheel, which are really nice. Youve got these little joysticks here to the left and the right, so you can change how everything looks if you want the sat nav on the right, or maybe the music youre playing or something another really nice design feature of this car. Is this center console where youve got your drive, neutral, reverse and then push for park there yeah? How does it feel now sat in the car youre going to be driving home today, beautiful steering wheel? I havent even mentioned this youre, absolutely right its got this kind of cut out in the bottom. It is a beautiful steering, wheel, amazing, yeah, fantastic, so so happy yeah good good. Well, let me take you back to the day that you won. We obviously gave you a video call youre a delivery driver. I Think We messaged you a couple of times you were driving around and I remember you phoned straight away and said: Ive just pulled over Ive just pulled over. Like call me call me so then I video called you and we showed you what youd want. What was that experience like uh this day was for me is its like eye shaking all day long.

You know I cant believe whats whats happened, you know I. I need to work but in my mind, a lot of things going on in my head. You know just so so amazing. You know its nearly ending my finance, oh okay, so I need desperate new car and this opportunity comes well. This one, you wont, have to worry about any refinancial payments on it, because obviously this is your car for you to do whatever you like. I mean you could sell it tomorrow if you wanted, but I have a funny feeling youre going to keep this forever. Of course, yeah well massive! Congratulations! Im really glad you went for the car because its a really cool car – you are the first winner of an mg4 and the first person to receive one uh that that was one on botb. So a mantis Ive got one more thing to do. Theres two of these keys, but uh well, give you one for now Ill. Give you that and Ill shake your hand.