Changes someday when every car is electric well look back at the Tesla Model, S as the one that started it all so lets get into what this new release has in store, but before we do just a reminder that theres a bonus fact for you towards the End of the video, the model – S wasnt, the first EV, but theres, no question that its been the most influential following its victory in motor trends. 2013 car of the year contest the model S has challenged perceptions and raised bars, setting the entire Auto industry chasing after it. This all electric luxury four door was introduced for the model year 2012 and developed a Following over the years when the model S made its debut there, wasnt anything like it and even now, a decade on its still competitive, a custom model. S was also designed for the oceanic preservation Society in collaboration with obscura digital and was used to project images of endangered animals to help educate the public about the ongoing Holocene mass extinction, as featured in the 2015 documentary racing Extinction. Tesla is known for making frequent price changes on its cars, but every new model S costs above a hundred thousand dollars. After all, who else makes an electric luxury hatchback that doesnt have a steering wheel and also happens to be one of the quickest vehicles ever for 2023? The long range model goes for about a hundred and six thousand dollars, while the Plaid commands closer to a hundred and forty thousand dollars.

That starting price is only part of the equation, though considering the model S. Plaid is one of the most expensive cars to insure. In the United States, the model S is manufactured at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California, typically, a car with 670 horsepower and a claimed 3.1 second zero to sixty mile per hour. Time would grab headlines. But despite those being the specs of the model, S long range theyre, completely overshadowed by the model S plaid with its triple motor powertrain, the model S plaid makes a staggering 1020 horsepower and 1050 pound feet of torque Elon Musk tweeted, that that would make the model S plaid Accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under two seconds, and indeed we tested it making the Sprint in 1.98 seconds. However, that was on a prepared, drag strip totally unlike real world roads when experts retested it on a representative surface the model S plaid hit 60 miles per hour in 2.1 seconds, still stupendously, quick, but not below 2 seconds, even so its the quickest car ever according To our stopwatches tying the Ferrari, sf90s 0 to 60 miles per hour time and pulling ahead by the quarter mile Teslas, autopilot, Suite of driver assists and active safety features are included on the Model S. While some Model Ss were built with a base steel spring and suspension, the vast majority have a self leveling height adjustable air suspension. This is accomplished via adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers controlled by the driver.

The car lowers itself at highway speeds and can be set to a higher level to Traverse steep driveways and rough Terrain. It combines features like adaptive cruise control Lane, keep assist blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking available. Enhanced autopilot brings automated Lane changing, plus semi autonomous driving and parking capabilities credit the model S for instigating the current trend for enormous infotainment touch, screens its equipped with a 17 inch Central display that controls nearly every vehicle function, navigation, media, climate playing video games and even Selecting drive or reverse the system works so well. Its hardly an issue that Apple carplay and Android, auto arent available and All Digital gauge display is positioned ahead of the driver and theres a touch screen on the back of the center console for rear seat settings. There are four USB type c ports and four wireless chargers between the two rows, plus a USB port in the glove compartment. A 22 speaker audio system is standard. Numerous built in cameras record whats happening around the car for added security, dont be fooled by the Sleek sedan profile. The model S is a hatchback. Its trunk, lid and rear glass lift to reveal a spacious cargo area made larger by folding. The second row seats cargo space amounts to 26.6 cubic feet with the seats in place and 58.1 with the rear seats folded, a frunk adds another 3.1 cubic feet. The new model S doesnt, have a steering wheel. Instead, the driver steers the car via a rectangular interface called the Yoke resembling the controls found in aircraft and race cars.

The Yokes lack of a circular Rim provides an unobstructed view of the gauge cluster and the road ahead. Furthermore, it also contains buttons for common functions. Like turn signals high beams and windshield wipers, the model S is classified as a full size luxury car in the United States. Although the EPA refers to the model S as a large car, the front of the Tesla Model, S 2023 has a body colored front bumper, with a Tesla logo, LED headlights, a lower ventilation, Grille and front fog lights to start with its external design, 19 or 21 Inch wheels body, integrated black door handles and power adjustable and folding side mirrors are also featured on the sides. The Tesla Model, S 2023s rear, incorporates a rear, bumper LED tail lights, rear fog, lights and cargo access. Recently, Tesla Model S has broken the winter range record. In a new wide, ranging cold weather range test conducted in Norway for years now, Norway has been conducting extensive range and efficiency tests in cold weather, which is a concern for many potential EV buyers living in regions with harsh Winters. This years test was the most extensive to date with 29 different EV models, the Tesla Model S stole the show this year after not being sold in Europe for almost two years. Following a design refresh the model, S joined the winter range test and it did phenomenally. Thank you for staying with us, dear viewers, its now time to get into the much awaited bonus fact.

Tesla Inc was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Mark tarpening. Musk didnt get involved until 2004 when he gave them 6.5 million dollars and became chairman of the board of directors. He became CEO in 2008 and in 2009 there was a lawsuit that resulted in musk and four others all being able to call themselves co founders.