Here at many of Peabody, and we know a lot of our customers have been asking about the new mini electric, so were here today to Simply describe and go over it all the questions you may have on it. What we have here is a 2023 Mini Cooper, Electric SC. They branded the name SC for simply their electric. The car has a 114 mile range, which some may think is low. We understand that complete this car was designed to be just as iconic as all of the other minis. It is based off of our two door, hardtop, which everyone has known, and everyone can easily recognize as they see it down the road. What they have done was simply replace the fuel tank and the exhaust with a high voltage battery one of the great benefits of having something like this is due to its small size and lightweight nature. We can incorporate that high voltage battery without changing any of the cargo space or driving dynamics of the vehicle itself. So what Id like to talk about here is also your charging options before we dive into the inside all right so to anyone new to the electric field. How do I charge it question commonly asked? What is the best way to do it? The easiest way to do it most cost efficient way to do it. What mini has tried to do is make it as easy as possible and cost efficient as possible, since our vehicle is a little bit smaller and lighter in nature.

We dont necessarily have to incorporate such a large high voltage battery to get you that 114 miles. But what Minis also done is incorporated what they call their turbo cable. This would plug into a 240 volt dryer vent type of you know plug. This will fully charge this vehicle from zero to one hundred percent and approximately eight hours of time. Now, when you do a fast DC charge, which are a lot of those popular types of chargers, youll see out there itll fully charge this vehicle to about 45 minutes, but only spending about 10 to 15 minutes of time. There will bring you right back up to about 60 to 70 percent. Now taking a look at the inside of this Mini Cooper. Se, you have all of the tried and true in many type of accommodations. Now mini is a premium brand. We all see it as a sporty and fun brand, but many does use the upscale type of materials. You have all of your piano black high gloss inlays in this situation. This car has a great aluminum mesh inlays, but you have an 8.8 inch. High definition fully touch screen now, also too, if anyone is familiar with BMW in their iDrive system. Mini also has that too, so you have an option. You can simply do a touch screen or simply run it through a more tactile type of feel. If you like that haptic kind of feel back now, whats also great about this car, is you have your sport modes? So you have that, like it once again, tried and true mini feel, so you can simply up the performance on the car or lay back and be very comfortable and sedated per se.

Now you also have your great kind of regenerative braking on it. So you have two different kind of features on it. You have your high intensity, which people who are accustomed to electrics know what that feeling is like you, let off the gas. It pulls you back, but it is giving you power. Many gives you the option to also shut that off. To give you a full true experience to what the mini brand has always been. So when you let off the brake or let off the gas. Sorry, you dont have that pullback on you. So one of the great things about this car is the kind of acclimation that customers get from going to an internal combustion engine, or we might use the term ice in the future here to an electric theyre not going to feel like theyre alienated coming into the Car theyre going to feel very comfortable and almost as if theyve been doing it for years or driving a car like this for years, this car gives you all the latest greatest features. You have your Dual Zone, climb controls. You have every type of voice activation feature in this car. Everything here is All Digital. To give you a digital gauge cluster, so everything is bright, color right in your face type of thing, so you can see it coming. It also has your heads up display, so you can simply keep your eyes on the road. This car also has the upgraded leather interior, heated, steering wheel, your Power Tilt side, moon roof and its a panoramic.

So even the customers in the rear have the option to basically see out of it. Give me that open, Airy feeling because lets face it being in a smaller cockpit. You definitely dont want to feel claustrophobic because its an electric doesnt mean you cant, personalize it and make it your own. We still have all your options of changing rear covers the old iconic, Bonnet, stripes or sport. Stripes go up the front. You can change out your wheel options. This wheel. Option on this car is a unique design to the electric. If its something that doesnt, you know fancy you, we can kind of keep this car as similar to the regular two door, hardtop that its based off of one of the biggest things that youll just notice. If you ever see one of these on the road is, if you look for that, yellow yellowish green well, its uh everyones got a different opinion to the color of it, but the yellow screen s model right. There thatll tell you its an electric. So, to sum it up guys if this is something that interests you, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call and email a text, anything thats easy for you. We have plenty of vehicles on lot right now. Currently, for you to test drive new pre owned whatever you like.