. It s next EV effort. Ariya arrived over a decade later.. Until now, all of them in the US have been front wheel. Drive. AWD versions will be shipping with this moniker e 4ORCE., Either the marketing department can t spell or Nissan executives have a thing for algebra formulas.. The sign means a larger battery pack by the way. I m attending an event in California s, wine country., The Nissan staff on hand say EVs, like Ariya, are a high priority going forward. A lot of new models coming to market across the globe, including in the Us. So we ll have 55 globally 27 new electrified products by 2030 and 19 new all electric vehicles. Nissan hasn t been able to pump out as many Ariyas as it would like, because you know the supply chain shortage and all.. So if you haven t seen one of these in person on the outside it s about the same size as a Rogue but on the inside cabin space is more like the larger Murano, because you know electric vehicles it s very efficient to package to powertrains. e 4Orce models are dual motor. All, but the base Engage model make a combined 389 horsepower and 442 pound feet of torque.. The larger lithium ion battery delivers 87kWh usable., Unlike Leaf it s, liquid cooled., As expected, it s floor mounted for a low center of gravity. e 4FORCE Ariyas can travel up to 272 miles of EPA rated range.

Time to play frunk or no frunk Disappointed. You can t stash your smelly gym bag in here. This is a design element that we focused on.. We pushed the HVAC up to the front, so there is no frunk, because the frunk does not have a lot of uses for it, especially in every day driving.. So we wanted to prioritize where customers are sitting most of the time when they re in the car. For again that lounge like living room, experience. Fire Ariya up and this what you get All e 4ORCE Ariyas, get an excellent heads up display that shows loads of information when driving.. This is a single speed. Drivetrain pull back twice to get into a slightly more aggressive regeneration, mode.. Another setting e step offers a higher level of recuperation for one pedal driving. And to change up dynamics. There are modes to soften or sharpen the throttle response and steering effort. Max charging speed is 130kW. Ariya is not nearly as fast to juice as Ioniq5 EV6 or even Volkswagen ID.4. If you travel often. At home, they all take overnight. Great. That Nissan is using a CCS charge port, but it would be more convenient on the driver s side., With a destination set in the navi system. Charging stations are mapped out along the way.. This is hardly the first EV to get a dual motor powertrain. e 4ORCE has extra skills. Nissan engineers took advantage of the instant reaction times.

Electric motors have and developed algorithms as unique as the spelling.. As you come into a turn or exit, a turn were able to brake one side of the vehicle, keep the torque to the other side of a vehicle.. This is done because we can calculate very quickly with the electric all wheel drive system.. We wanted to make sure, based on our customer feedback and focus groups. Smoothness was very important to them, so having a smooth acceleration was part of the take away.. So with our performance themes, we develop the acceleration that you ll see today, which is very responsive, very exhilarating, but yet still smooth.. We can minimize the pitch of the vehicle.. This is very unique to Ariya you typically in an ICE vehicle or front wheel, drive vehicle under braking a deceleration. You get kind of that forward, dive. With our two motor. We re able to pull back a little bit to kind of give it more of a flat ride. As you come down to a stop.. This helps to eliminate movements that causes motion sickness in passengers. And over pavement heaves. It can smooth the ride, quality. It s. So unobtrusive most will never know it s working. e 4ORCE is a 4000 upcharge.. Pricing begins at 48500 bucks with the smaller 63kWh usable pack, good for 205 miles of rated range.. I m driving the top trim Platinum that ll set you back 61500. Manufactured in Japan. There are no federal tax incentives check with your state.

Time for some driving. Better. Yet let s get the car to do some of the work. Nissan s. New ProPilot Assist 2.0 is standard and exclusive to Platinum. Models. It s similar to handsfree systems like the excellent GM Super Cruise and Ford Blue Cruise, in that it uses HD mapping data on divided highways over 200000 miles of it in North America., A camera watches the driver. They must look forward and pay attention.. This is iPhone video I just grabbed. Riding for over 5 miles with no hands on the wheel. Everything was very confident even in moderate curves.. It will suggest lane changes when approaching slow moving vehicles.. Once you signal it then wants your hand on the wheel.. The car then moves over. Kind feels like a Ouija Board as it s all happening., Once the maneuver is done, and the icons turn from green to blue the car is in handsfree mode. Again. Nissan says: the single motor Ariya will do the 0 to 60 dash in 7.2 seconds. The dual motor here at 4.8. So if you want the quick one, you re going to go with this Nice and brisk., I like that.. Now, if you re in Sport mode there s a performance tone., I m not sure if you can hear this, but here goes. It s kind of cool. e 4ORCE can vector power front to rear it. S primarily set up to deliver it evenly there s no rear, drive setting for kicking the tail out.

. Maybe there s an Ariya NISMO. In development. – This Platinum model at 5500 pounds some 2500 kilos is the heaviest Ariya Tossed hard into tight. Turns there s moderate body roll. The ride quality is soothing, but controlled.. There is a touch of sport in the driving dynamics, but Ariya is pretty much set up for a comfort.. This would be a great road tripper, if not for the slower charge. Speed.. Now one thing about the brake pedal: there is a good amount of travel. It is kind of soft once you get to the bottom. It is firm but check that on your test, drive. Our first stop is Sonoma Raceway, where there s a short course to show some benefits of e 4ORCE.. We re gon na roll over to the green cones., Go full throttle all the way down to the blue brake cones.. Even with a comfy suspension, Keep going. Keep going. Keep going nice excellent Body movements are managed under hard braking using rear motor regeneration, A maneuver that most people, wouldn, t and shouldn t do Full throttle around the wet corner Yes. Find out and see. If does it. Traction is excellent. The programming doesn t train power dramatically midway through the curve. Really nice control.. Actually it s fantastic control., Yeah. When I jumped in on Sunday and visited for the first time it s way better than it used to be. That s pretty much good proof. It s very good proof.

. Next, a slalom. I like to say, go for throttle through here. Now.. Remember: you ve got a GoPro hanging off back there.. Ok, I ll try to clear it… The e 4FORCE system uses brake and active torque vectoring. Ariya tracks right where the driver is pointing it. Nice., You can feel working through there as well.. Oh yeah. Definitely but it s fantastic. Yeah very nicely: control., Not a bunch of understeer. Yeah. Obviously you can feel the electronics kicking in and saying no no! No! No! No! No! You need to go that way. Yeah, but it was helpful so, as you gave it to steering input to get us around that and guide it back out, rather than just pull everything back or understeering over a cone., You would have had to buy me a beer By the way. Glad I didn t have to pay out. Oooh., Adding an extra motor drops, the distance Ariya can travel. Front drive models are rated as high as 304 miles.. The Platinum e 4ORCE model I m in is officially rated at 267 miles., Obviously driving style, topography and temperature effect efficiency. On events. It s hard to gauge real world range, because we have limited time with the vehicles. As best I can tell with almost all of our driving on the highway. I m short of that EPA. Rated range by around 20 miles. Consider that speed varied from 60 to 75 miles an hour. It was windy.

Temperatures were in the high 40 s to mid 50s F. A 225 mile trip should be drama free.. By their very nature, electric vehicles tend to be pretty quiet.. The area seems a little bit more harsh than usual. There s, acoustic glass extra insulation in the body panels and the engineers made sure that there s no chattering coming from the suspension parts. That is noise that is usually mass by an internal combustion engine.. The visual of the cabin keeps the chill vibe going. Much nicer than Leaf.. Let s start with an Evolve. Model. It s. Synthetic leather in here accents are not silver.. The Japanese Kumiko pattern that s lighted and scattered throughout the cabin is a theme that s repeated. If you look closely. On startup, these emerge from this broad panel that looks and feels like real bark.. So we don t see is a lot of buttons.. We have a lot of haptic buttons., A light press. If you press too hard it doesn t like that., Be gentle with it. You ll get that haptic feedback right away. You can adjust the temperatures.. You also noticed there s buttons on the side of the center console. We talked about the legroom. You can push that center console back, spread your legs out. You ve got plenty of living room like experience, especially when you re using Pro Pilot Assist 2.0. Other buttons that you don t see. So there s another button on the center that s to open and close the front table that ll come out.

. You can use that to put your coffee on when you re waiting to charge anything like that.. Let s move to the Platinum, interior. Got ta. Believe Austin Butler would be a fan of this trim with it s blue suede, material and all.. To me, Nissan s: Zero Gravity seats are second only to Volvo in comfort.. Ariya Platinum is the only EV in class to get Napa leather.. They re, vented, too., All Ariyas get heated seats and wheel. Between e 4ORCE and all of the cameras. This car should stay dent free longer than most.. Platinum also comes with an auto park system that I didn t try. Out. The big glass roof is standard on Evolve and Platinum.. There are two 12.3 inch displays in the single housing. Notice, the swerve, Or that the gauge cluster screen is concave and the interface side is convex. Oddly, there s very little storage in the big center console, mostly the phone charge pad, but the rest of the interior is fairly standard.. Not all niceties are high tech haven t seen this in a car. Before. Nissan has a natural voice, command system that I didn t demo. It also has a new customizable user interface., Its a big step up from what I ve experienced in Pathfinder and Altima, but still kind of basic, though Nissan claims it s designed to keep a driver. Focused. Touch response is average a bit laggy in some cases. Android, Auto and Apple CarPlay are wireless.

It s upgradable over the air., Remember Rogue sized on the outside Murano sized on the inside.. I am 5 foot nine and back here I have that much headroom. Knee and leg room are pretty generous foot room. Maybe a little tight Cushions are high enough, so that thigh support is pretty good and door. Openings are big enough so that car seats go in and out without much trouble. Door, pockets. Those are a little bit small.. At least there s storage on seatback – and I do like this texture it s – not just shiny plastic – looks like fabric. One thing that s nice heated seats are standard on all Ariyas.. This console moves back and forth and if it is all the way back, it really impinges on the person sitting in the middle. Switching to the Evolve model. The floor is perfectly flat, helping with foot room.. Remember the cabin space in similar to Murano, so the bench is wide enough for three smaller to normal sized adults.. This would be a decent vehicle for carpooling or family use.. Ariya s form factor is very much like competitors, Tesla Model Y Mustang, Mach E Kia, EV6 and Ioniq 5 kind of a hatchbackySUV crossover type of vehicle.. It s practical. It s. What people want these days.? Adding a rear motor takes away some underfloor storage, but there s room for the supplied, travel charge cord and a repair kit, no spare. Bag. Hooks and cubbies Check.

. A semi, hard cargo cover stows here, just don t pile heavy things onto it., No remote releases.. It s a stretch to get to these maybe go to the back doors. No pass, though or 402040 split seats, at least the backs fold flat.. This is a good amount of room 60 cubic feet.. All seats filled it s a respectable 23 cubes. So all passengers can take a carry on suitcase and small bag along.. Let s wrap things up with Red Light, Green Light., Green Light. The e 4ORCE system makes for a powerful, secure and comfortable driving experience.. The cabin with its comfy seating is a calm airy. Living room that makes good use of space. Ariya seems to hit it s rated range in mixed driving. Conditions.. The clean, purposeful design is cohesive inside and out. Yellow Light. The ride quality is serene. Enthusiast will want more engagement.. The haptic controls work well, but the Nissan guy is right. Not if they re pushed hard. Check that brake pedal travel on your test drive seems overly long to me. Red Light. Travelers might be kept waiting at DC fast charge stations with a max charge. Speed of 130kW.. There are lots of standard features, but pricing is hurt by lack of federal incentives. There s little storage in the big center console and motored back. It cuts into rear passenger space.. The production Ariya looks nearly identical to the concept unveiled at the Tokyo Moto Show in 2019.

In person it s attractive, not nearly as polarizing as Leaf., Chunky and svelte. At the same time, the silhouette reminds me most of Volkswagen, ID.4, or maybe Volvo C30 Recharge, especially these wheels., Like Lexus Nissan ditched, the rear badge in favor of lettering. Good to see a rear. Wiper. Too many automakers claim airflow from the spoiler clears rain of the rear glass. I live in Seattle. It doesn t. Fun fact, even though most automakers market, this form factor as an SUVcrossover. This is classified by the EPA as a small station wagon., Even with AWD Ariya is not meant for aggressive off road maneuvers. Ground clearance is just 6.7 inches.. I haven t driven the single motor Ariya, but the dual motor version here with e 4ORCE is impressive.. It s quick it s comfortable it s, quiet and handles well.. If you re looking for an EV, this should be on your test. Drive. List. Owners will probably never understand how much the e 4ORCE system does to keep things. Calm and controlled. Nissan claims. Ariya production is ramping up that there ll be more of these on the road.. They should be popular.. Let s just hope. The next model doesn t take 10 years to come to market.. I attended an event where Nissan did a very thorough demonstration of e 4ORCE packaged in a Leaf mule, where the system could be turned on and off for comparison.. I ll have a link in the video descript.

It does a great job of explaining the tech in depth. Special thanks to John Vincent with US News and World Report for taking time to help me with car to car footage.. I threw some GoPros on the back of his car and we motored around for awhile.. Keep in mind because of the wide angle lens right here, I m 4 5 feet off his bumper., So at 50 miles an hour, he had to trust my driving skills. Running footage is VERY time consuming and I have very little of that at events.. Generally, I m the last person back., And that was true. This time. And once again I attended an event to get shoot. This video. The hotel was nice. The food was great., But really I m more about getting you accurate information.. Before I go a quick story. I ve been able to do some really cool things in the automotive world and one of the neatest things was just before Covid hit.. I was back in Japan covering the Tokyo motor show and then was able to go to the Nissan design studios, where I was sworn to secrecy and shown just about everything. The company was going to be putting out for the next five years or so.. So I was able to see the new Pathfinder, the Frontier, the new Z car and then this.. So it s really fun to see these cars in the real world now motoring about.

. There are a couple more things, but I am sworn to secrecy, so stay tuned.. Thanks for watching. Remember subscribe to this channel click, notifications, a follow me on social media and if you have a question, leave it in the comments.