Showroom location is at jnp, Solitaire, opposite airside Bank of India, midc Phase One dombivli East so now well have a short overview of the technical specifications of a3s 350.. Starting with the headlight, this has got two beams. Uh upper beam, lower beam and the bulb is Led. Theyve also got dreary lights over here over here. This gives an attractive look when load in night, even in the daytime. A body is aerodynamically designed so to cut the airflow and have a minimum air resistance. Dual hydraulic shock options at the front coming to the tires: 275 18 is the size with alloy wheels and disc brake recompartment. The battery is not removable here. We have got a short small piece of sports Loop, which cuts the air battery is lithium, ion nnc, Ultra Ultra cell batteries, 3.4 or 3.5 kilowatt. The charging time for this battery is up to 80 percent or four to four to five hours and up to 100 8200, it takes 6 hours rare at the rare you get coil suspensions, both the sides, a rare, also you have a disc brakes. Uh alloy wheels same as front rear. Tire size is 370.. This is also tubeless time. Here we have the motor here. This is bldc. Motor Peak power is four kilowatt. The LED tail lamp over here and a small light for the number plate coming to the battery and the motor. This is controlled by a controller of 72 volt and 4 kilowatt.

It is Vector, Loop controller charging point is as like: the normal return fuel tanks. You can push here open it and theres. A charging point 7 inch display over here where you have the odometer distance travel and the battery indicator. The vehicle is now parked in park mode Music to release a park mode. Either you can push the park button or any of the brakes. Now the vehicle is in first mode will be between 45 to 55 second mode. It will reach 65 third mode. It will let the top maximum speed that is 85 kilometer per hour. The top speed of the vehicle is 85 kilometers and the range is minimum 90 up to 140 on the ideal conditions, see power cut button over here. If this button is cut well see an indicator of the park mode here and when you turn off its ready now, the vehicle is ready to drive. This vehicle has got a feature of power regeneration when the vehicle is motion is in motion and you apply the brakes. It will regenerate a power. Youll see a green bar over here foreign Music. This is the red plain black and a blue color sky blue color. Whichever is a painted red youll be getting a sky blue color over here. Rest is the same as black showroom. Price for Idris 350 is 1 lakh. 49. 9999.