It also shares the same platform as the cheapest Tesla Model. 3. Sharing much of the same EV DNA heres. Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model y, but before we get into it, just a reminder that, as always, we have a bonus fact for you towards the end of the video so stay tuned. The Tesla Model Y is a battery electric compact crossover manufactured by Tesla Inc unveiled in March 2019. It started production at its Fremont plant in January 2020 and starting deliveries on March 13 2020.. The model Y is based on the model 3 sedan platform. It shares an estimated 75 percent of its parts with the Tesla Model 3, which includes a similar interior and exterior design and electric Powertrain. The model y fills a smaller and less expensive segment than the mid size. Tesla Model X, Like the Model X, the model y offers optional third row seats for a seven passenger seating capacity. A new base model y with 279 miles of range is coming for 2023.. Otherwise, the model y carries over to 2023 with no other changes, but the company is known for rolling out changes on the fly, so it could see changes later in the model year. The long range model y price starts at 54 990 and can be priced as high as 73 990 dollars with all available, add ons. This includes red paint, a white interior 20 inch induction Wheels, a tow hitch, seven seats and full self driving or FSD capabilities.

The performance model y begins at 61 990 for the Bare Bones version and can jump as high as 75 990 dollars. There are few ways to customize your model Y and only five colors for the exterior three of which cost extra those seeking the optional third row of seats can add them for an additional three thousand dollars. The model y lineup no longer includes a standard range rear, wheel, drive, cost leader trim no loss there. The model, wise long range and performance models are more compelling than a standard range trim anyway, and the new base model thats coming, has the same dual motor. All wheel drive setup, as the other two experts were able to test an all wheel, drive long range which zipped from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds, a mere 0.4 seconds. Behind their long term model 3 sedan. The performance model delivered an even quicker 3.6 second blast to 60 miles per hour in testing. The all wheel, drive long range offers 330 miles of range. The performance models estimated range drops to 303 miles. The entry level model comes with a different battery pack than the other two. The EPA estimates that the long range model is good for 127 mpge in the city and 117 mpge on the highway, while the performance models, fuel economy. Estimates are 115 mbge in cities and 106 mpge Highway. The long range model that was tested over a 200 mile highway fuel economy, test route recorded just 94 mpge and an estimated highway driving range of 220 miles, while the performance model delivered a result of 98 mpge and 230 miles of driving range.

The model y doesnt come with the larger model X, crossovers, complicated, Falcon Wing doors. Its interior is mostly a carryover from the model 3 sedan like that car. It is largely free of buttons and relies mostly on a large infotainment display centered on a simple dashboard. An all glass roof lends an Airy Ambiance to the cabin, but is heavily tinted to avoid roasting occupants in Sunbelt States in model y. Almost every function is managed through the large slim infotainment display thats in the middle of the dashboard. Everything from climate control to the speedometer is shown on this display, which takes some getting used to the model y offers. The same entertainment functions as the model 3, including embedded Netflix Hulu and YouTube apps, as well as video games perfect for killing time, while waiting for the battery to charge at the public charging station. But dont worry drivers are locked out of these distractions, while the vehicle is moving. The model Y is Teslas first car to use a heat pump instead of electric resistance for interior cabin heating. Some electric vehicles from other manufacturers, including the Nissan Leaf Renault Zoe, BMW, i3ev Jaguar. I pace Audi e tron and Kia Niro had already implemented heat pumps in cold weather. The model y heat pump can be up to 300 percent more efficient than other Tesla cars. Use of electric resistance heating because of this, the model y should be more energy efficient than other Tesla cars in cold weather.

During his tear down of the model y Auto analyst, Sandy Monroe found a component that has been referred to as the octavalve, which appears to be the next iteration of the super bottle component used in model 3. Tesla is known for its very Advanced autopilot, semi autonomous Driving system and the model y offers the feature as standard even more advanced features such as the self parking feature and a summon feature are optional for more information about the model. Wise crash test results visit the national highway traffic safety, administration or nhtsa, and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or iihs websites. Vehicles produced since May 2021 lack radar for adaptive cruise control. In February 2022, the national highway traffic safety administration opened an investigation over Phantom breaking in these new vehicles. Software update 2022.20.9 transitioned radar equipped model wise to Tesla vision. Key safety features include standard, automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection standard Lane, departure warning with Lane keep assist and standard adaptive cruise control with a lane. Centering feature warranty coverage for the model y mirrors, that of the model 3 Model S and model X models which means four years or 50 000 miles of bumper to bumper coverage and eight years or 100 000 miles of coverage for the battery and electric motors. Thank you for staying with us, dear viewers, its now time for the promised bonus fact. The Tesla Model X has a prepared defensive mechanism to keep the electric vehicle and its passengers safe from bio Warfare.

The model S also has a similar feature that keeps itself filtered off from viruses, bacteria and other allergens present in the air. What are your thoughts on the updated features of model y comment down below and let us know what you think if you enjoyed the content.