I like it what what uh Lucid it is. A brand new brand people inherently see it as an EV and oddly many think, its a Tesla. Clearly, its not the air is a smidge smaller than Model S, other competitors, BMW, i7, Mercedes eqs and maybe the smaller Porsche ticon or Audi e tron GT. Obviously Lucid is a very new Independent Car Company, its ramping up production in 2022. It managed to deliver just over 7 000 Vehicles. Its headquarters are in Newark, California, not that far away from fremonts, and these are built in Arizona just outside of Phoenix in Casa Grande. This is not for the Chevy bolt crowd. A base rear drive pure model, starts at 87, 000 for 400 dollars. The MSRP on this Grand Touring is 140 600 bucks. This is before any incentives from Lucid or the government, all of which seem to change Daily Standard. Grand Touring stuff includes dream, drive, semi autonomous driving Tech, this ones equipped with dream Drive Pro with enough cameras and sensors to supply a super max Security Site, including lidar theres, also, dual motor, all wheel, drive and lucids large 112 kilowatt hour battery pack, thats EPA, rated To deliver a bladder, busting 516 miles of range, the best in the business, with 819 horsepower and 885 pound feet of instant torque, its less expensive than buying your own roller coaster and takes up less real estate too. That thrust is courtesy of unusually compact Motors, weighing around 67 pounds with the differential integrated into the rotor.

The unique cooling is done near the stators copper winding. The sapphire model gets a three motor Powertrain For claimed sub 2 seconds. 0 60 runs the lithium ion pack uses cylindrical cells, 300 per module. Liquid cooling is channeled through an aluminum plate on top of each module instead of around the sides of the cells helping to keep the modules compact. Those are packaged into a composite case. Thats, structural and curved for better aerodynamics. The compact size of the motors and pack open up space in the cabin Grand Touring tips. The scales at some 5200 pounds: 2 360 kilos. The pack is heavy, so the center of gravity is low, basic EV stuff. This is a modular architecture, expect to find it under a three row: SUV dubbed gravity, lucid uses, a 900 plus volt architecture. It can juice very fast at the right DC. Fast Chargers with a Max charge rate of over 300 kilowatts seems like lucids trying to up all comers. This is one of those cars that doesnt have an on off. Switch butts in seats turn the air on and there is no parking brake release if youre in park the brake is on shift to drive or reverse and it releases automatically. The gauge cluster is 34 inches of curved 5K resolution display divided up into three zones. One oriented for infotainment another for driving data and a section that controls stuff like lights, trunk releases and the charge port door, regenerative braking toggles from mild to aggressive, and there are Drive modes.

That range from docile to spirited. To lets. Get the legal team to sign off on this dampers are adaptive. Lucids powertrain is single speed, the traditional selector is intuitive and theres phone is key technology. I use this chubby Pringle chip fob. The Grand Touring here Sprints to 60 miles an hour in three seconds Flats. Is that not fast enough for you well theres the Grand Touring performance and that drops it to 2.6. It also drops range by 70 miles and UPS, the price by 40 Grand. So ask yourself if its worth it acceleration in this is fairly violent foreign Applause, that is a blast plenty of power to pass slow, moving vehicles, plenty of power to pass fast moving vehicles. Unlike many potent cars, the air is relaxed at slow speeds, its a pussycat in town that can transform to a caffeinated tiger in the right conditions, thats a dynamic that even seasoned automakers, dont, always nail down. The suspension is a little bit on the firm side, meaning body movements are very nicely controlled, but the semi active dampers do a great job of keeping this car comfortable plus. You know these are low profile, tires, Im kind of surprised there arent more sharp bumps making their way up through the seat. Steering weight is on the Hefty side, something that I prefer and theres Road fuel coming up through the wheel. So the Grand Touring is a fun dancing partner, considering it casts a large luxury sedan.

Shadow visibility is good, however, the Steep rake of the glass and thick a pillars make for a sizable blind spot forward. The air slices through the stuff, the most aerodynamic vehicle on the road, with a coefficient of drag under 0.2 at highway speeds about the only thing youre going to hear is the slight Rush of wind over the body and its very faint. Considering how aerodynamic this car is, the thing is at slower speeds like when youre driving in the city Im not sure that you can hear this, but there is a good amount of motor wine, something to think about when youre test driving this car. There are no switchable performance sounds like Porsche tycon chances are youll, be seduced by the Deep Well of torque and the calming light that bathes the cockpit we in Cloudy Seattle appreciate the brightness folks in sunny places may feel differently. The Lucid Grand Touring excels at Travel. It can eat up the miles Im, not seeing the EPA rated range of 516 miles. For starters, its been kind of chilly in Seattle in the low 40s plus Ive been doing a lot of hard launches, partly to demonstrate to you, partly because its fun um. So Im seeing closer to 400 – maybe 4 10. now also keep in mind. Ive been doing a lot of highway driving and it seems to me that once youre over 75 in this vehicle, the efficiency really drops off, like all electric vehicles, conditions and driving style.

Make a huge difference: Tesla Model S is EPA rated as high as 406 miles, but I wouldnt be surprised. Seeing closer to 300 driving, like I am one pedal driving, is really easy to do in this car Im in the most aggressive regen setting and foot off the throttle, One Mississippi to Mississippi three Mississippi four, Mississippi: five Mississippi thats from 45 miles an hour. This is using just regenerative if I were to use the brake pedal. The initial travel is regenerative braking and then it feathers into the physical disc brakes Tesla youre, always using the physical brakes when youre using the brake pedal its charger and 900 plus volt architecture. Lucid claims this is the fastest charging EV available in optimal conditions. It can take on 200 miles in 12 minutes at terminals like this and at Electrify America stations where charging is free for two years. It supports plug and charge so theres, no apps, no cards just plug in and Juice up, the air sits low, most will need to duck a smidge on entry and frunk space pushes some components to the cabin area, so the front isnt as open as the rear. Around five percent roomier than a Model S, it looks like the design team was shopping for an Eames chair, a new suit and some iPads by the way, this is not fixed in place good for stashing things not used much. Even these are nicely finished and lined. There are a couple nods to its Silicon Valley.

Engineering, Lucid showrooms, have virtual reality, goggles to help buyers, see the car that theyre choosing inside and out the indecisive can change up the mood the Ambiance is dreamy. The light, colored Fabric and carpet would be a nightmare for me to keep clean, heated, vented and massaging seats are covered in Napa leather. I cant remember the last time a car came with contrasting colored rear seats. There are so many things to like about this car. For those that can afford it, but its not perfect Ill curse, Elon for starting the touch screen Trend to save money on buttons, adjusting the wheel, mirrors and full function of the seats while driving isnt fun. At least there are a few hard buttons. This is low and way out of a drivers sight line not ideal at high speed. I find walking up to unlock the door. Sir trunk, using the proximity key is a game of roulette feeling lucky. The stubby signal stock has a wiper button that I hit by accident a couple dozen times also small software issues that I did not capture on camera came and went. Lucid assures its updating the system constantly Android, auto and apple carplay will be over the air Updates. This is all familiar stuff to Tesla and rivian owners. The back seat is roomy enough to play Pickleball in, but the large battery pack in the Grand Touring means theres no foot room, making the seating position Mission a little bit awkward.

The smaller pack in pure and touring models provide footwills. There are all the amenities that three adults could want back here and all will have enough room. Air has more storage than you might think, considering its a sedan in back theres 22 cubic feet of space in total before these get dropped and in front theres, 10. Cubes enough for two carry on suitcases.