Today we are excited to bring you a first look at the upcoming 2020 for Chevrolet Blazer EV. This electric version of the popular Blazer SUV is set to hit the market in the near future and we had the change to get a sneak peek at what it has to offer. In this video we will be taking a closer look at the design feature performance of the blizzard EV lets get started. We are going to exterior at first glance the 2024 Safra Blazer if it looks similar to it case, powered counterpart, but there are some K difference. The front grille is now a solid piece with a light up, Chevy body emblem and the welds have been update to more aerodynamic design. The Blazer Evie also feature a lower right height to help with efficiency, and it has been given some unique design element like blue accent, to this thing, with it from the gas version wow that is exterior from 2024, its a product, laser TV we are going to Interior inside the Blazer, if it is spacious and comfortable with plenty of room for both passenger and cargo, it features a modern driver, oriented cockpit with large infotainment screen and array of digital display. The Blazer, if it comes with a suite of Advent, safety and Driver, assist feature, including adaptive, cruise control and automatic emergency braking, make it a great choice for family Music yeah. There is an interview about 1024 separate pleasure EV.

We are going to Performance now. Lets talk about the performance of the 2024 Chevrolet pleasure EV is powered by an electric motor that produce up to 255 horsepower and 266 lbft of Thor Q, which is sent to the front wheels. Hiv estimate that the pleasure EV will have a range roon wow 2017 miles on single charge, which is impressive for an SUV of this size. The Blazer EV also features fast charging capability, a wing U2 recharge up to 100 miles minutes wow the best performance of 2024 Chevrolet Blazer, EV wow, amazing guys. Overall, we are excited about what the 2024 Jeff Rowlett laser. If he has to offer. It is a stylish and practical SUV that combine the versatility of the gas powered pleasure with the efficiency and eco friendly Electric quizo. So if you are in the market for a family SUV that doesnt compromise on performance or feature the Blazer EV is definitely worth considering. Thanks for watching this, video, guys and dont forget to like And subscribe more car, if you like this one in my channel Dominion, DLC foreign good review new car in the world. Thank you guys.