I am back with another interesting video on EV charging station business. Friends EV industry is huge and it has lot more opportunities to invest the money and to extract uh good returns out of it. So EV charging station business is one among them and today relux contacted us stating that they had some good opportunities and good plans on EV charging station business. So in this video Lets explore those options and see how a business person can be benefited with this EV charging station business now lets get inside and meet the managing director of this relax Applause. Friends here we have Mr karthikeyan managing director of relax hi, Mr katake Hi. How are you okay, so before diving into the business model? So let me know your relax like when it started and what is relax is a group of and we are into the CV charging segment from 2012.. Okay, at the time we are into this r d segments and other things: okay and last three years, we are completely into direct public based charging stations, okay and we are completely having around 55 stations as of now. Okay, all are charging stations, sir fast charging station and Ultra fast charging station. Okay, so also relax electric uh. We are a board members for charge. Point operator, Society of India now personally a board member into that. Okay – and we are also partnered with the national fs4 electric vehicles and HEB, okay, so to set up the charging stations across the national highways.

Already we have a lot of stations in National highways. Okay, we concentrated in the highway like Chennai to coimbatore, okay Chennai, to Bangalore, okay and Bangalore to Udupi so like that we have targeted. Now we are targeting to nh44 okay, so we are targeting now to find this space. Okay or your business model runs like yeah. We do have three business, this models, where we are not in a kind of machine selling. Okay, we are now related to machine selling. We are into charging station setups okay, so we do the complete setup end to end and we do the complete maintenance. We do. The complete revenues – okay, because the utilization of relax is always high when compared to any other operators – okay, including Fleet. Also, we are operating more than a fleet in highways. Okay, it depends on the place where we are giving and how service and the reliability of the charges on the customer care service. Okay, so we are reliable into that okay, so we are into concentrating into that segment, so we are having more utilizations, so utilizations means we have a separate team for that. Okay, so we analyze the points we analyze the traffic. Okay, we analyze the requirement of this and amenities of that place. Okay and the Vantage points whether we require 30, kilowatts, 60, kilowatts or 180 kilowatt, and what type of customers they are covering. Okay and if the customer needs some more, I mean it is, and some more charger upgradations.

So we take care of everything: okay, Power fluctuations, stability of the power, okay and Transformer capacity, substation capacity; okay, so we handle everything. Okay, so after analyzing all these things, only we choose a location. Okay, so we are not directly going for a location. We are just tying up. It is not like that. Okay, so we do all the feasibility study, because when we are investing, we need the returns. Okay and when we are placing a charging machine that should be useful, yeah yeah, because now there is a huge demand for charging station yeah. But lot of people are placing charging session in unused Place, yeah yeah thats, the reason they buy the charger from some other company, but they dont get any other support. Okay, if they go for, if there is a charge, it is down, they have to call to the customer company and they have to take another week of time. Okay, if there is a power fluctuation, they dont know whether it is above fluctuation, whether it is a model fault is a charger fault car fault. Yeah. We cant able to understand anything okay because charger they buy from one place. Yeah software they buy from one place place, they will gets for rental power, they will apply so they want to reduce the cost. Okay end of the day, there is no Revenue, yeah yeah. Instead, you can pay one lakh Higher youll, get that Revenue its the end of the day.

You are investing something you should get something yeah. We are not getting something. There is no point of investment. Absolutely so considering all these points, we have three business models. Okay, so one is 30 kilowatt charger with a single gun, charger 30 kilowatt DC fast charger that we will charge you 10 lakhs, okay, including five years contract or like maintenance software updates software charges no hidden charges. This 10 Lux, including this canopy power segment, monthly, EB bills, everything for first three years, we are going to pay you 7000, as a rental, okay, which is the minimum guaranteed rental, okay example: if your income is two thousand, we will pay seven thousand okay. If your income is ten thousand okay, then we will pay ten thousand. Oh, so the minimum guarantee is seven thousand. Okay. People will think that if my consumption is more yeah, if your conception is more, you will get more okay. If your conception is less, you no need to worry youll get that minimum. So you are supporting the investor with this basic amount. Yes, and, moreover, see we, everything is app based. Okay, everything is why transaction yeah and we will give the camera access to a particular station. Anyhow, there will be the franchise okay. One of the thing is we handle the power infrastructure Place canopy. All together we are going okay, we are not selling charges separately. We are not going to to ask them to choose the location: okay, because corporately we signed with a lot of locations.

Okay, a lot of hotels, a lot of Highway malls and lot of pit stops. We have signed up Junction points. We have a rental place. Okay, so we handle everything say one month the income may be higher one month. The income may be lesser, so if it is, income may be higher, they will be happy. Okay. If income is lesser, they will be stucked up in the Ebu with a minimum commitment. Okay, so we dont want that commitment to our franchise. So initial stage, we are supporting them. Okay, after three years, it will be actual income, because everyone knows that after three years the market will be very good, yeah, so initial stage we are supporting them, okay, so in particular what we are going after fourth year fourth year, we are giving an option that They can upgrade that into 60 kilowatt okay, so we will upgrade on Emi basis. Okay, they no need to pay see what the win once they enter with us. That is a one time: payment, okay, after that, they we dont need to charge them anymore. After that, we only give them okay, so that is our business plan. Okay, can we have a baseline of business that nobody should Point relax? I invested in relax. I made a loss okay, so we are into clean into that. We dont want that name. Okay, so and reliability when a customer is coming for relax, even though the charger is not working or they dont know how to charge.

We have Regional customer care support in five Regional languages. Okay, so that is our plus point. We are the only company having five Regional language, support, okay and also we have assistance in that place itself. Okay, we have everywhere. We have electrical person, okay, so they will support you, okay and if you are not able, if you are not able to recharge the customer care itself, will recharge for you and we will do the recharging for you, okay, end of the moment, it is 24 into Seven, okay, so we are into assistance, and Next plan is 20 lakhs, so in that 60 kilowatt dual gun, okay, because normally in 20 years next, five years, all the charges will be 60 development only yeah, because 30 means. If I have a byd, I dont come there yeah. If I have an audio, I dont come there because it takes more time, yeah, yeah, so thats. The reason people are preferring 60.. So, instead of 50 single gun, my concept is going for 60 dual game: okay, because 50 single gun cost is higher than my 60. Dual can cost. Okay, and if you go for a dual gun, you will get a benefit of waiting time, yeah see, for example, if single gun 50 one deck, for example, Nexon is charging at 90. They will consume only two three kilowatts yeah, so another mg will be waiting for them to charge it yeah, but if it is a dual gun, obviously it will take two kilowatt, but he will take another 30 kilowatt drawing power yeah.

So once theyre finished off automatically, it will come up to 50. yeah. So this is our conceptions. Okay, so and reliabilities also will be there. Okay, because people dont need to wait if they, if they have single gun, they have to wait for two hours. If a car charging they have dual gun, the half an hour will be reduced. Okay automatically, we have a dynamic modules, okay and we have only Dynamic module sharings. Only we dont have any manual mode of changing. Okay, uh choose of 60 30. We are not having that kind of thing, so we dont use that kind of charges – okay, so while coming to this 20 lakh investment, so what includes in this this 20 lakhs will get you a monthly income of 15 000 per month. Okay, everything will be Bill. Everything at all, we will do it. Okay, this 20 lakhs is not only for charges. This 20 lakhs includes charges, power, deposit, a b charges and eruption of charger, canopy, okay, everything and your service. Yes, five years, including five Fourier, five years, AMC Services, okay and up to four years, you will be getting 15 000 rental or fifth year. It will be actuals, okay and meanwhile, in both the plans, if you want to relocate one time, free relocation is there. Okay, only travel cost will be bad. Okay, no installation charges will be born. Okay, so the location will be finalized by the end user or its from your no sir.

It is all the locations will be with relax. Okay, because when we are guaranteeing rental, it should be in our terms. Okay, if they want to erect in their place, we are doing it. Okay, only thing is the minimum rental will not be coming. Okay, you will same. We will do the same same 10 lakhs. We will do the setup okay, but we dont guarantee the minimum income because we dont one of the viability of the place yeah yeah. So this is where we are okay. So how can a business person can get benefited out of it after four years after four years? Imagine so if they go for any other company, no company is offering okay. We are only offering this minimum guarantee. Okay, and also even though some income is coming, some people will say that we have a gross income, but when you pay EB Bill, nothing will be turned out. That is a point and EV policies still each and every state working on it. Yeah yeah, okay, and we do think worst case scenario. If a EB tariff is lesser now, if it is higher okay, then their income should not get suffered okay. So this is my point. So we should have a standard income so again. 15 000 is a minimum guarantee. Okay, if their income is twenty five thousand thirty thousand, then they have to pay okay. We will be paying them. Thirty thousand, only okay. So if an investor invests 10 logs 10 likes on your charging station, so he no need to invest any other amount till four years right after four years.

Also he no need to go for it yeah, just if only renewable is will be there. Okay, only AMC AMC charges you something like my yearly. Ten thousand fifteen thousand like that. Only okay. So after that they can continue on actual Revenue use see. Anyhow, they have a confident right when people are investing. They know that after four years there will be this even this growth itself. We expect in 2025 end only yeah, but now you can see a lot of EVS okay. Previously, when I travel for 100 kilometers only, I can see three four EVS. Now. If I go for 100 kilometers, I can see 10 to 15 AVS yeah right so and whenever we go for a station, uh dealerships Tata dealership, PMG dealership, the waiting period of EV is more than their hybrid cars or normal cars. So that shows there is a demand for EVS. Okay, so are you moving into any Fleet operations Services see? As of now, we dont have uh plans for Fleet operators, but after this financial year, which means after by April from April 1st onwards, we are entering into fleets okay, so we are giving charges for fleets. Okay again, we dont want to change our motto. We are completely into charging stations only. We are not away no way related to Fleet operations. Uh ceilings like that we are completely into charging stations and maintenance only okay, so we are ready to go. Go for lead operators as Fleet operators is the major point for our business.

Okay. So do we support this green Mobility? We are going to offer them charges on a rental basis. Okay, so we plan to launch this plan initially for uh Hyderabad, Chennai Bangalore and uh Pune, okay. So these are the four cities we have finalized. Okay, so now we are having a plan of 20 000 per charger. Okay, so we give a 30 kilowatt DC fast charger to them. Okay, just for twenty thousand. They can use unlimited uses, okay, so monthly, 20 000. They can pay to you and they can use uh yeah. We do all the maintenance, okay, the charger will be in our name only so we will do all the maintenance for them. Okay, AMC is free and down timers minimum guaranteed is 48 Hours. Okay. If the issue comes within 48 hours, we will be recovering it. Okay, otherwise we will replace the charger. That is a guarantee what we are giving: okay and monthly 20 000 for unlimited units. That is what we are launching from April. Okay, we are inviting all the fleet operators, they can contact us and we can supply a number of charges. Yeah, really, a fleet operator can be benefited with this plan. Right, yes, okay! Thank you, Mr Cat yeah. Thank you. So friends, as you saw, this is the business plan of relax electric charging stations. So all the details and contact numbers of this relax will be in the description. So if any one of you interested in this charging station business, please contact all these people, theyll inform you and theyll.

Explain you all the things. So, after getting a clarity, you can invest your hard end money in this AV charging station business, so thats it for todays video.