I want to give an honest review about it as online. It doesnt always give you the best and the worst of this car. So Im going to try and keep it short and sweet here we go. I love this car. This car is amazing. It drives really well, except for when its slightly damp. If you plant your foot, the front tires, will Spin and youll just lose traction they needed to have gone for a wider Tire and a slight bigger diameter. I think, but they were doing for economics and comfort on the upgrade. They have gone through a bigger tire, but this has affected the range. So you know people are moaning about. The new tires the new Wheels but theyre also learning about the old tires and the old Wheels so its one of them weve got to live up with one or the other. But if you can live with that, the car, the space in the car being in a state, you can get a full size, Appliance washing machine dryer in the back, without having to put the back seats down, which discrete the new models come in with the ability To tow and if you can buy the Im hungry to fit onto the back the tow bar, I want to do that with this one, because Im in the ability to tow you know would just be a fantastic and I didnt go for the higher trim metal. The one with the roof bars and I didnt want a roof box, so I didnt get that one.

You know the leather seats and stuff like that. It doesnt bother. Ive got all Plastics on my seats because Ive got children, so Ive got it all covered up, and that does me find what I want but yeah the uh. I moved house recently and had this car run to the rafters, and I was amazed how much stuff you can get in it and yeah for space and carrying when it is dry. The car just flies around its quick, its not fast. You know winning fast cars, its quick and through traffic and normal day. Life is just smooth and quick, and just does what you want it to do, but then, on that the range in summer, it is good its 250 miles. If you drive it normally not like a lunatic, but in the winter it does drop down to 150. When the batteries are cold, youve got to drive as best as you can then also with it being bad weather and then moving forward to the front. When you open the Bonnet theres a space there, an empty space where they could have put one of them frunks, if you want to call it or fruit, however, they say it Ive put a box in and lashed it in there. So I can keep all my charge cables Im going to show you some pictures of what Ive done now see they could have easily put front of routine there, but they just chose not to and it doesnt hinder it at all, so back onto them freebies.

I got from stoneacre spare wheel, kit, mats, a charge, cable and I got four years free servicing because of their utter shambles, of trying to be a business and – and you know, customer service is just shocking. So this is what happened. I bought the car Im from day one this radio, which shut down on you and the touchscreen, is just haptic and does what it wants and its really slow. So, for almost eight months, the first um I brought it in a few months because they were trying to say no theres. No, no problem with your car theres, nothing wrong with it. Blah blah blah and I had to keep patenting them handed them and handling got it in. I took a look said: oh theres, an update for your car, Mr rice, so first off they were trying to tell me something wrong with it now theres an update, so they did three updates over the course of so many months and up to the month, eight And we had three update Spider Man, which didnt really help one even made it worse and then theyll like right were gon na. Take you head unit outside for effects reset, so they did that the guy doing the factory reset. So this right, this you know stereo is black code. It needs replacing, so they agreed to put me a new one in under warranty and when I got it back it driven down the road, a few hundred meters and it does exactly the same.

It shuts down. Theyve just gone for a cheap nasty hedge unit and its so slow Im gon na put some videos in of what happens now so, as you can see its just pathetic, but they reckon this car doesnt do over the air updates. However, this car had a safety update, recall, safe to recall, within the first few months of having the car and on the dashboard, came up a warning message for that safety recall when you put your car into third top red regen, the brake lights wasnt coming on. When you come off the accelerator and go into Regen so that had its safety recall update, but I got a message on the car and that could only happen if it was given it from over the air update. So I think this car does get over the air updates, but this saying it doesnt so now Ive had this second brand new head unit in the car and the car is like a year and a half old Ive done just in 20 000 miles. It was doing exactly the same for months after the new one was put in, but its now not doing it as frequent it still does it still shuts down on you still. You know touch it a few times to get it to do anything but its less frequent. So I think its the car has had overnight updates, and you know we just dont know about it, but its great because thats other you know the ties spinning in the dump and the head unit, this car – I love it.

You know its my first ever brand new car and uh. It just really really does everything I needed to do Im really happy with it set for stone, ignottingham, so theyre bad customer service. You know the timeline it took to get them to take it in and do work on it, its just appalling and uh. When theyre trying to groom you to buy, you know, get you youre a new customer coming in to buy a car theyre the best as soon as you sign the paperwork which they got wrong by the way after I bought the car they had to resend me, The paperwork out thats, really because they got it wrong. So then they forget about you: youre paying now thats it youre off theyre on to the next hooker, so just be wary: If Youre Gon na Go Stone econottingham, they seem great, but after youve bought the car, they forget you and youre on your own really and Every time Id try to go in with them, they tried to direct you to mg, and I was like no thats, not how the law were hooked. I bought the car with you. The issues call was with you, so you need to help me fix the problem and they were very reluctant, so I managed to get meat in with their HR guy, whatever you want to call it, and he fully acknowledge all of their feelings and through that I Was able to get all those freebies which marked up to a lot of money and its had its first year service to the end of this year? Ill have a second year service Ill, have two more services: Ive just got to pay for parts if its needed.

I think so you know Im really happy with that and I love the car, but the new upgrade hit car. Its got interior lights at the back, which is this car just doesnt. Have the towing, like I said, the face the face of the Interior facelift. It does look nicer, its got this light light round or the dash and the door cards and that its a really smart car. But again I fall in love with this car Ive adopted to Electric. Yes, its compromise. You know a big being. Electric is really a compromise, but I might be for them compromises and I really love the car.