Make him drive that all the green initiatives scams has your Energy bill ever gone down? Take your rivian and then go trade it in in your state, and you watch how dumb I sound yo and you click like it helps me help my daughter, the world cure with the 25. What do you think of the 99 206 era? Honda insights, nick uh: do you have any stories about them? They seem like a horrible idea come to life yeah. They are a horrible idea. Come to life, the uh, the uh, the Honda Insight guy had to have gone fired. So for those of the Honda Insight is the I think its. I think Honda Insight is propaganda from the English from the gas Lobby. That was like you have to do the Honda Insight as a Honda Insight makes them drives a Honda Insight, um, the old one. This one like this car right here, the o2000 and this was like the oil like yeah, make him drive that yeah I make him drive that and then every it blew up. So for those of you who dont know, I dont care if it cracks here. First guys real talk on the street right now, the electric car world is over, the hype is like done, people are trading them in banks are staying away from them. That is chaos. Whether you want to hear it or not. All you Tesla freaks that, like banks are staying away from them, there are three or five mega mega major 500 plus dealership groups.

Yeah one of them is going. I dont even want to with the electrical car electric cars, get them off. My rep, my my raps. You have to take them in to keep business, but you have to have like special Provisions: thats, like a stay away for a little while thats gon na tank out real brivian, all those rivian shits the wheels are falling off them and you see the Nicola company Yeah, the Lucid, the Lucid air like whoa Its 3.2 seconds, six, six, two zero, sixty six thousand its over guys, its over from the inside Im telling you I caught in for – and you know, whats sad is when everybody saw like from working in a car dealership During this time, when everybodys, like its the future, dude get used to it and its like okay, no problem youll see I just the technology is not there so well. You have to take a step in the right direction. Why? By throwing tons of money in the trash can for the rights of like for green rights when its just a misstep to sell a bunch of cars and then people you guys are going to be so getting out of those permanently like you, wouldnt be able to Buy a car if you hate it and it sucks youll, see youll, see awesome get out. Now I saw a YouTube video of a Hummer EV owner seething that he sat in a charging station for 45 minutes paid 25 bucks and only got 60 miles worth of charge for it.

F these smartphones on Wheels, throw them in the ocean yeah theyre, not gon. Na its, not gon na fare well Ive seen this happen before with like this happened with like shitty cars in 2099, like some new car like Daewoo and like that, people were buying them, shitty Keys when Kias first came out, they were worthless like people. This was like blowing sides in the market, like people were showing up in, like very tough Financial shape, not not knowing like hi Im here to trade in my rivian pickup truck whats, your payoff, oh well, I owe 69 000 and then I can own it. Okay, cool well, give you forty five thousand dollars for it. What well did I sell for 52 thought? What thats all you youre and, if not dont, buy them dont jump into that? Please dont just wait. Im not saying like its, not its just its its the. Like the windmill story from a couple of weeks ago, no one benefits except the owners of the windmills its like uh, one of the smartest things I ever heard. My dad say was them windmills are scams and I was like what and hes like Im. Windmills, you see the windmills in your town, scam, Im like what are you talking about, hes like I can buy a windmill for 400 Grand and I can lease it back and its like a big thing. Let me ask you a question. Your Energy bill ever go down.

We have more windmills in this world than ever have been. Has your Energy bill ever gone down and I was like damn hes right? Damn we rocks sucking on a roll tonight, rock uh. It was good. I love that so much because its true and then I found out who owns, windmills and its all like buddies. Its all. Like my like my dads Pals and like I get like 36 Grand yeah, I dont give a thats who owns it. Mr Greenpeace, you know what I mean like its a scam, its a scam, its always like it sucks look were all idiots. I dont know Im a idiot because I want one Billy Cyrus fan: 91. uh just got hired selling home energy assessments door to door uh for the Mass Save program. If you happen to be familiar any tips or advice, this is my first ever sales position. Uh quit your job immediately and dont. Do that job literally quit your job and start selling cars thats the worst job on the planet? Im sorry buddy thats, the one I cant lie to you, man, that jobs thats, the worst, that has no dignity whatsoever and those people are insane like those people are insane thats, the worst sales job on the planet. Thats like the bottom and Im. Sorry, brother, that job sucks you should you should use the company time to go, apply for a car dealership, jobs, thats, Im serious. I know what that job is.

I had a guy. I couldnt believe what I was talking to one time this guy like had my oh, oh. I hate that job its like. I dont even want to get into it like that job scares the out of me thats like telling me you got a job as a like. A my parents sniper like I just go: hey man, hey Nick just wanted to talk to you, hey Nick, how you doing just got a job on killing Nick roachs parents, uh at lindickdrivers, and uh. Im like what and theyre like yeah man thats a pretty good job, its my first ever killing someones parents job any tips. You know where I can find them yeah just Im. Just talking about, like I, the the mass energy Savings Program sales job like its a its an energy saving. This is why I talk about, like all the green initiatives are scams Ill, get you to save money on energy by spending money yeah its so ridiculous. Like windmills, you know what I mean: people coming at like electric Im, not saying like its not a good idea like obviously renewable energy is a great plan, but like jumping on trumped technology that just keeps getting every every three years a suckers made in the energy. In the scene, you buy a electric car 10 years later, its a worthless piece of you buy a all those guys that oh, the windmills are going up.

Theyre, just ruining farmlands cows are getting all up, cows are like becoming Cutters and because the the lofting of the uh of the propellers they dont know how to deal with them. Um, like rivians, being worth 40 percent people coming at me like yeah. This idiot doesnt know what hes talking about okay go: go, have a rivian right now, take your rivian and then go trade it in in your state, and you watch how dumb I sound. You go trade it in if you think its so Ill go trade. My F 350 and my diesel F350 in with 30 000 miles thats two years old, you trade your two year old rivian with 30 000 miles on it well see who walks out fine, saw some kid trying to talk. I was like you, you prick. We got bend over a classic middle school joke that I remember very endearingly yeah bend over is here. He says: uh, hes friends, with Amanda, hug and kiss he says, selling my house with solar panels that arent paid off, basically all but three to four grand Im. Keeping because of those things, I could have gained 30 to 40K stay away from home, solar, in my opinion, yeah. What about the roof? Who owns them? What kind of shitty deal did you get yourself into? You got Im not Im, not trying to Im, not Im a proponent for renewable energy. I I think I hope it works it.

Just all I see is its all. I see and I get a shot. I know I solar panels are just gon na your up and every four years they just get like way better. You can buy them on Facebook, like you can buy five year old, its like buying like old weed, grow lights. Everybody used to grow, everybody used to grow with, like gavita weed weed lamps. They were like these big boxes, then they just went all LED and everybody was like and they were mad money. They were like a thousand a piece 1500, a piece. This dude just spent 20 000 on Grooms that are totally Obsolete and or thats just weed grow its not mounted to your house. I mean the weed technically yeah, but solar panels just gets it your roof up. They you with some fancy financing its like its like buying something oh yeah. How about it? Buddy um Need a Little Smoke. Yeah right! Look at that right back! Could you save if you were set on getting solar? Could you save money by uh, picking up some peoples old trash that theyre now selling on Facebook Marketplace? Yes, but its gon na look like ass building an array, I believe, thats, what they call that a solar array if youre an electrician – and you know how to pull it off, go for it Im, not saying it doesnt work, but most of you are not buying. Like over the counter solar panels and like financing them like from like Sunrun blow me dude, if you think thats gon na add value like the person buying, your house is stupider than you are.

So good luck, and if you have any of those stupid buyers, send them my way. I got a bunch of yeah they can bite. They can buy that empty cigarette box, its green you can, you can reuse it for like small items like buttons, you can smoke. It you can smoke and smoke it. You can crush it up into dust and Rail lines of it. If you want, I dont give a yeah if youre, believing that thats, that retail solar panels Are Gon na, Save the planet dip its box piece of what do you think this thing sucks yeah? I hate this thing.