Automaker called daily, its comfy, its spacious and its overall design is very enjoyable. As a result, it became one of the best selling electricitys in China. Well, if you ignore the fact that it is not technically a sedan, I thought this is the best turkey can do on its sea Hawthorne platform. But some Engineers from Lotus, which was acquired by Gili years ago, thought they could bring up to its full potential by turning it into an SUV, and this is what they came up with. This is the Lotus lecture and yes, this ultimate sporty lecture utility vehicle with a 900 plus per horsepower, and a price of 160 000 Euro has a very humble beginning. Interestingly, in note to 60 acceleration, the electric s with 612 brick horsepower would even beaten by the zq double one that has only 544 horsepower, and that is why it became a laughing stock to many keyboard Warriors in China. But can you really judge an EV only by its acceleration? With this question in mind, I headed to Shanghai International circuit Im Harris youre watching Mac, Eevee Applause. Yes, electric car does accelerate faster, but its completely rubbish on Race Track. This is a stereotype that many people have about EVS. Indeed, we have a body, limited cooling ability, lack of power and higher speed, creating a huge gap between internal combustion engine when driving aggressively. Having said that, this lecture certainly closed this Gap. Firstly, its the acceleration.

The gear ratio was tuned to focus more on high speed acceleration, which is the exact reason why I cant do faster enough 60. But when driving on a higher speed track like this, it can still go all the way to 120 miles an hour without losing any power and just like the Porsche Titan. The r plus version with more power was equipped with a two speed AMT gearbox to balance acceleration in different speed ranges. Secondly, its the air, as we all know, Lotus, know what it is doing when it comes to aerodynamics with 7 sets of air ducts and a series of wind panels. The car has more downforce and braking power, while more importantly, carrying our Heat in the afternoon. All the electors were running non stop, but none of them suffer from Power limitation or brake failure from overheating. Lastly, its the handling – this is where Lotus shines. This lecture is a very intelligent car with dual chamber aspirins that can alter the heightened suspension, stiffness CDC suspensions that can adjust to the damping according to the surface active anti robot that can reduce the body roll and the rear wheels that even have active steering function. However, even with all electronic control systems, I did not feel disconnected with the car, it does not have the so called electric field, then loathed by many car generalists. The steering and real feedback is very clear. The body attitude with cornering is very natural, and the steering is sharp and very accurate on Racetrack its just like a traditional performance SUV only faster.

I have to say that this is exactly how I imagine a communication with the car should be lost it in the seat talking to the infotainment, but of course these are not enough. As a good drivers car, we only attract a few customers. After all, not everyone willing to spend this amount of money for a toy loves, driving or can drive. So, apart from the excellent vehicle Dynamics, a luxury car should have first class design, materials, craftsmanship and all the latest geeky lecture stuff, and this is when Gilly came in compared with the go kart interior look of the last generation Lotus. This lecture has drastically improved the materials, craftsmanship and comfort. He even has separate seats with all the luxury features as optional extra, although the backspace is not that big as a luxury performance SUV, its acceptable after all, luxury is wasteful in nature. On top of that, the electronic and intelligent features are also top notch. It has a 800 watt architecture for fast charge. Four lighters for environment sensing, two a155 chips for super smooth OS and the two Nvidia Rex chips for more advanced Adas functions in the future via OTA. To be honest, this level of intelligent is rather basic for Chinese New forces like x, pom, the auto and Neo, but for low test competitors such as Porsche falali, Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin. The software capability of this lecture is ahead of them by Miles, which means with this lecture Lotus is basically giving its Target customers a peek into a whole new world Applause.

At this point, some may argue that how can loaders make such a filthy stuff like this? Its too big, its too heavy, its too intelligent, its too luxurious and its too SUV. They are throwing away their Heritage and Define their ancestors well come down everyone, because, in my opinion, during this whole electrification period, the fact that this election is what it is right now is exactly lotuss chance to pass on the Lexus. Or is it do you really think this is the only way for Lotus to survive, or is there any other possibilities? Let me know in the comments and dont forget to like subscribe, hit the notification Bell and share with your friends. After all, your support is what drive us to keep on.