Welcome to the Tata Nexon EV Max versus Mahindra, XUV 400 comparison, the Desi Tucker first, the pricing on road. Of course, this Nexon EV Max is available in six variants: priced between 17.57 lakhs to 20.19 lakhs, Im, not factoring in the jet Edition, because it gets only cosmetic changes and is a limited edition model. This XUV 400 below is available in four variants: price between 17 lakhs to 20.35 lakhs, so the xb400 range starts at a lower price, but when it comes to top variants, the next one EV Max is rupees 16, 000 cheaper so round. One winner is the next one EV Max it is having the more attractive pricing since you are already here. Why not subscribe to the channel by the way? The next one EV Prime starts at an even cheaper price of rupees 15.5 lakhs, so not much on the price front between both these Indian jacked up hatchbacks, which are now electrified. But since we are talking about money, let me tell you about an amazing pintech platform called pay me. It is RBI registered nbfc into digital lending, which offers attractive discounts and interest rates with complete digital onboarding and easy repayments. Taking loan from pay me requires minimum kyc and can be availed without any collaterals. The approval is instant pay me is compliant with recent RBI. Digital lending guidelines check the link in the description to know more in terms of design. The xuv400s copper inserts dont do much to hide its dated design.

It is actually the Nexon EV, which is the better looking car when viewed from the front or the side or the Rear Round. Two To The Next One EV Max. However, the xuv400 is longer by 207 mm because it is the longest car in the segment at 4.2 meters, resulting in a 28 liter, bigger boot as well, and I, like the design of the alloy wheels on the XUV 400, which cars Alloys. Do you like better comment right now? I really like the dashboard of the Nexon EV Max. It is quite aesthetically pleasing the steering also gets this flat bottom treatment, and the air conditioning is a climate control unit, which again is something that is missing in the XUV 400. This XUV 4w has the better rear seat with more space, thanks to its longer wheelbase, which is 102 mm longer than the Nexon EV Max. The XUV is also taller and doesnt have a sloping roof line like the Nexon resulting in better Headroom 2, and the middle passenger gets ahead because in the next one there is no headrest for the center passenger, but here its a proper adjustable one. However, the xuv400 magazine pockets are very weird because things slip down. The xuv4w has better legroom knee room and under thigh support too, but for someone as tall as me, under thigh support is still at the rear. It also gets six airbags compared to two airbags in the Nexon EV. Both cars have really nice gear levers, which one do you like more? Let me know in the comment section below and that my friends is the only good thing about the xuv400 when compared to the Nexon EV Max in this section of Interiors, because not only does the xuv400 miss out on basic features like rear, AC vents cruise control Front fog, lights, traction control systems and auto dimming inside rear view, mirror it also doesnt get ventilated seats, electric parking, brake, Auto, hold function, cornering lights, wireless charging, pad air, purifier and Hill descent control.

All of these features are there in the Nexon EV Max what was Mahindra even thinking. How did they not see the features list of the Nexon EV Max before launching the xuv400, and it gets worse because this dashboard design is very dated, not aesthetically, pleasing with old fashioned buttons and knobs, which are also in the wrong place like? Why do I have to use the buttons here to browse through the mid on the cluster, which also is a dated analog unit, while the Nexon EV Max gets a part digital and part analog unit just looks better and the infotainment screen seven engine, both cars, rear Camera quality and connected car app is better on the Nexon EV Max, although both cars could do with a big upgrade in the infotainment and Camera Department. The next one EV Max has more storage spaces in the center console a hook here, as well as a bigger glove box, but the xuv400 has bigger door Pockets. How? However, the nexo Navy Max also gets umbrella holders in the front doors uh. No, this will not fit the both buddy yeah. You need a smaller umbrella round three, so the next one EV Max wow its quite evident here that the next one EV Max has a better ground cleanse of both these cars. Now both these cars arent born electric, both these cars actually get two battery packs each, but considering the lackluster range of these cars, its not worth mentioning the lower battery pack at all, let alone buying it.

The XUV 400 is ‘.4 kilowatt hour. Battery pack is actually smaller than the next one. Ev Max is 40.5 kilowatt hour battery pack, yet the XUV 400 actually has 7 more horsepower. 60 newton meters, more torque and 3 kilometers more claim range when compared to the Nexon EV Max. It went into safe mode because there is no traction control. The tires are all over the place. There is no grip on offer. Now this car produces 150 horsepower and 310 newton meters of torque, the Nexon EV Max produces 143 horsepower and 250 newton meters of torque and thats. The reason why the XUV 400 is much faster. But how is that even possible in order to get better performance and a higher range Mahindra is actually compromised on the long term, reliability of the xuv400 battery pack by opting for old chemistry, nmc batteries which are suited to cold weather conditions and not really add for The hot climate which we have in India, the next one, if we Max, on the other hand, uses lfp batteries which are obviously more suited to our climate and Mahindra, knows that thats. The reason why all future Mahindra EVS are actually going to use lfp battery chemistry and not nmc, which is there in this particular car right here. Not only are lfp batteries safer, but they last longer as well when compared to nmc batteries battery chemistry aside, both the cars will go around 290 kilometers on a full charge, which is the max.

It will do actually because anything anything more than that is just not possible. The battery will not be able to give you the claim range in fact, 5 from it. That said, the xuv400 will charge slightly faster because of the marginally smaller battery pack that it has. There are multiple ways to charge these cars the fastest, of course, is the public DC fast charging option, which is supported up to 50 kilowatt, but its not very easy to find, although it will take the battery from zero to eighty percent in under hours time. Both these brands also give you two charger options, both of them being AC, the standard one being the 3.3 kilowatt AC charger, which is extremely slow, so make sure to opt for the 7.2 kilowatt AC charger, which, of course, is slightly faster. It actually takes the battery from zero to hundred percent between six to eight hours of time. One Nifty feature in the xuv400 is this light, which actually tells you the charging status. This is, of course, missing in the Nexon EV Max. Both these cars actually get Drive modes, its Eco City and sport in the Nexon EV. Meanwhile, the XUV 400 gets fun fast and fearless so in terms of performance, its definitely the xv400, which is way better, its faster, obviously in terms of acceleration and because it lacks extraction control. It kind of scares you silly as well with a lot of sound coming from the tires other tires Screech a lot in the xb400.

This is not an issue in the Nexon EV, because when you get into the throttle it will accelerate fast, because obviously, both are electric cars, which mean that 100 talk comes from zero RPM, resulting in an instant push, but because of traction control that tire screeching sound Is very well contained in the Nexon EV. You really dont get scared silly and then theres good amount of grip as well with the Nexon EV. So, yes, its able to put that power down way better than the XUV 400. This is how the xuv400 accelerates. This is how the Nexon EV Max launches Music – the XUV 400, will reach the 10 in around 8.7 seconds. This will take 9.4 seconds, which means that the XUV 400 is 0.7 seconds faster to go from 0 100 kilometers per hour. In fact, Mahindra has been able to give the car a higher top speed, which is 23 kilometers per hour faster, because the top speed of the XUV 400 below happens to be 160 kilometers per hour. This one tops out at around 137 kilometers per hour, but in the lowest drive mode, which happens to be fun. The XUV 400 belows top speed is limited to just 92 kilometers per hour, which is a bit too less and conservative as well theres an L mode in the XUV 400 for one pedal driving. Meanwhile, the next one EV actually gets four regen modes which work better. Of course. Meanwhile, the xuvs region modes are actually linked to the drive modes, but that is not very effective, so, while Im very tempted to give this round to the xv400 for its performance, the better battery chemistry as well as regen modes on the Nexon EV Max makes it Quite even here, both these cars are equally safe and have got equally good safety rating from Global end cap.

The brakes on the nexona just better theres. This consistent brake feel especially on the brake pedal. It doesnt feel grabby like that on the XUV 400, even though both of them have all wheel discs the brakes on the Nexon just feel so much better, not only in terms of stopping performance, but even in terms of the way the pedal is able to reassure You smooth very well calibrated the next one. Ev definitely has a better ride, in fact, it has the better handling as well, and the steering is so much better to foreign Ty to it, because theres good amount of feel and it constantly weighs up the steering wheel and the best thing is that the suspension Is better set up here? Body control is tighter, of course it is actually a more enjoyable car, with a better balance of ride and handling. Unfortunately, the xuv400 steering wheel is very inconsistent. You have to constantly keep making Corrections and at high speeds its a bit nervous. The car is stable, but the steering makes things very nervous in the xuv400 theres, just no feed its just terrible. Both these cars come with a similar warranty for their battery, but the next one, EV Maxs battery is going to last longer than that of the XUV 400, because this car uses nmc battery, which is old, gen and doesnt have as many life cycles as the Nexon Evs lft Battery Tech and its another round to the next on EV Max.

Clearly, the next one EV Max is the better car here which comes as a shock, because what was Mahindra even doing being led to the EV party and being the first mover by buying the the electric car company hasnt held Mahindra one bit. The XUV 400 just feeds Like An Unfinished product. This is a car. I simply cannot recommend, which is surprising. Considering Mahindra makes some awesome cars like the car, xuv700 and Scorpio n. So why did they Rush this product in investor pressure? Maybe Tata Motors? On the other hand, is worried, because this is the first real challenge to Indias best selling, EV and thats. The reason why Tata Motors was hesitant to give me the Nexon EV for comparison. This car actually belongs to gandar. Who will now give you an ownership review of his Nexon EV Max any problems you faced software, but they resolved it very quickly. The problem was car was 94 charged, but the range was limited to 84 kilometers. While I was driving, the battery was discharging and everything, but the range was locked on 84 kilometers two three days and they resolved it pairing quickly. Oh, that is weird. What do you not like about your car? So I would prefer a badge of EV Max because if you are watching this carol back and get it bro no no talking about, we have Coral equivalent to Kerala but Im not going there with, and that has amazing photos.

So where do you charge your car? 90 at home, I have done trips to nashik. I have done trips through Pune, while going to Pune its very easy to charge your car, because we have charges on the express Highway while on route going to nashik, we booked Airbnb over there carried our home charger along. Why not just kidding so hows the public charges hows the public charging, so it took me approximately a week or 10 days to just get out of the buyers of petrol and Diesel and everything because the battery pack is also small, so obviously yeah, obviously also so It blew my mind so yeah battery pack is quite less but 300 kilometers not less, not more, also so its okay, so basically under 300 is a speed. Spot see Ill. Tell you very honestly. If you are carrying luggage and four people in the car, you dont get 300 kilometers, so you get approximately 250 to 240.. So maximum you can get is 29 300., so theres this mode, which is not there in these cars, but you can get it just drill. The floor and do yeah what are the things which can be improved in the Nexon EV Max the biggest issue. I have line gaps, inconsistent line panel gaps, yeah panel gaps and all that that is a headache I mean it looks weird bro if its not there. On the car, its not a Tata door, has some big like half centimeter bigger like so.

If you have these issues, theres something known as MCL, you can use it and shut those lines forever. What is the most annoying thing about your car? Nothing? It is saving my money, so I I should not say that that it is not annoying at all. Rather it is less annoying than my wife, so yeah. Rather we should so, if youre seeing this video, you know what to do so. Prayer dont see this genuinely. What are the things you dont like, which are annoying, which you feel could be better, which could be improved upon in the Nexon EV Pro Max first is panel gaps. Second, is touch screen could be better. The overall UI is not that great. Third, one is up almost so you need some kind of premiumness. Yes, the ride quality is very premium details. That is the main thing. This dude has a Kawasaki Ninja 300. He should just record the sound of it and play it in the car. I dont have exhaust doesnt matter. You can play through the speakers and enjoy. Oh, I already have a dark flag, so public already Im not going to playing in India in this now. Do you have range anxiety I had, but for 10 days max there was nothing like a range anxiety because, but you always drive in the city youre running so less you charge it once and use it for a couple of weeks or something so no. I had Advantage because Im a biker, so I have that set mindset after 10 days we we started to plan according to the charging stations and how many charging stations are there in the journey and everything so its not that like a learning curve.

But yes, you need a week or 10 days after switching to EV, which would be your next car eqs, wow or e tron amazing sponsored by Faisal gun or even the Porsche Tycoon. No problem, no Im a Shameless person. Fine, no problem! I will give him a power bank at this power bank seriously at least give me a wireless power bank right now, its my show you can leave okay, bye lets get back so why didnt Tata Motors give me a Nexon EV Max for this comparison when they Know it is such a good car. You see both Tata and Mahindra like to control the media, and a lot of reviews are actually paid once disguised as editorial content, fooling the buyers with their hard earned money, and that is why I would plead with all my heart. Please please, please take a test. Drive of the car before finalizing it do not go by a journalist word, no matter how much he recommends a car just dont trust them blindly. Also, when never considering a Mahindra Tata car do not buy it till these companies sort out the issues the next one. Ev Max, which is an improved version of the original Nexon EV, which is now known as the prime has been in the market for quite some time now and has proven itself. They actually folder below, unfortunately, hasnt its a new product. And why would you want to be part of mahindras R D team to help them fix the initial issues? Because, if you want to you can Mahindra has provisioned for the same? Mahindra will obviously take some time to test the XUV 400 software and there will be glitches, which means customers who buy now will be facing them.

So, while the Nexon EV Max is clearly the better car here, I would still recommend you not to go EV. Yet you see in the next few years Battery tech is going to become more affordable, which means that EV car prices are going to reduce. However, that wont happen, because car makers really dont reduce the prices of their cars, which means that at least you will get a better range for the price you pay for your EV. Secondly, the charging infra still has a long way to go and should definitely see an improvement in the next few years, but at least Tata Motors is doing something to address this problem and Tata power charging stations are actually quite helpful. Meanwhile, Mahindra is yet to do anything to ensure that its EV buyers dont go out of charge. Lastly, these cars do give a lot of range anxiety, and that is the reason why I would recommend you to see the video which is on the top right corner of your screen right now. Thank you so much for watching make sure to check out pay me. The link to it is on your screen right now and if you want to see more, such comparisons make sure to leave a comment below.