What does all that mean? Well EQ, of course, is their all electric lineup. The eqs would be the sort of equivalent S Class or top of the line in SUV. Well, it is the SUV version of the eqs now about six months ago. I think I reviewed the eqs sedan, and this is the follow up. It is a larger, more premium, its actually at the top end the pricing structure, and it is quite a beast. So how do we break down this eqs SUV? Well, there are three trim options: youve got your eqs, 450, 450 plus and the 580., the 450 and the 450 plus are a single motor uh variant, the 450 plus with the 4matic all wheel, drive and the 580, which is what I am in, is a dual Motor with 4matic all wheel, drive youre, looking at the same battery pack with all three youve got a 108 kilowatt hour battery pack. It is big, but then this is a big vehicle as well, and it has a lot of power with the uh the 450. You are looking at 355 horsepower and at 590 pound feet of torque, but with this monster the dual motor, we have a pretty impressive 536 horsepower and a 633 pound feet of torque. A big heavy Beast like this with that kind of power, is still fast. This is over 6 000 pounds its gross vehicle weight, but you still can go zero to 60 miles an hour in about 4.

5 seconds. It is quick and thats the benefit of electric and dual motor. You know no torque lag. Oh, you go its a blast to drive so a big battery big vehicle. Well, how far can it go? What are we talking about in terms of effective range, with this 580 youre, looking at a projected range of 460 kilometers, which is 285 miles with the single motor youve, got 490 kilometers or 305 miles? That, of course, is under ideal situations, Im driving in winter time. Right now – and I have not been getting that, but I have topped up close to uh when I picked it up. Ive only had it full once Im going to fill it up before I bring it back uh, but I I got close to 400. It was three and change, so it really isnt a big concern. Now the challenge with vehicles like this of course, is theyre big and they have big batteries and theyre fast, so theyre not very efficient, and that is kind of one of the yin and the Yang or the good and the bad. Shall we say about electric vehicles when you get into this kind of category were not talking winning any efficiency contests here. This is nowhere near an ionic or a model 3.. In fact, this is probably one of the least efficient electric vehicles on the market, but you know you kind of expect that an S Class sedan or an S Class SUV is going to be a gas guzzler.

Well, this is kind of a an energy guzzler as well. It takes a lot Ill put up the different numbers for Energy Efficiency here because it can vary but suffice to say, youre, not winning any efficiency contests with this, its all about the luxury and power. Just not being very miserly big battery lots of output, not very efficient. Well, how long does it take to charge well again under Optimum conditions, with a 200 kilowatt hour charger, which is what it is capable of taking in a DC fast charge? It is said to go 10 to 80 percent in 31 minutes so that doesnt matter, if youre a 450 or 580, because its the same battery pack um again in wintertime. I have not been doing that. I have not been achieving uh really high speeds, uh, but again theres various factors involved and and slower charging speeds is normal with winter conditions. Preconditioning is always important with this vehicle. You can do that. The way this vehicle works. If you uh put into the navigation system where you want to head towards a charger, it will recognize that and pre condition the battery so that when you get there its optimized, so at least in that respect, you know that even in Winter conditions, youre going to Get probably the the best charging speed available all factors considered Music. The SUV version of the eqs shares the same wheelbase as the sedan at over 126 inches, but given its different body, style winds up being just under eight inches taller, just as with the sedan.

The overall exterior design is distinctively made for the electronic propulsion that the eqs provides. The silhouette of the eqs SUV reveals a far more aerodynamic design that is found in an S Class SUV, but aerodynamics play a more significant role with electric vehicles. Given that reduced drag increases overall range, so the look really should come as no surprise with no engine under the hood EV Grill space offers opportunities for designers to create new features or distinctive character elements and the three dimensional star pattern found in the black panel radiator Grille on the eqs is a good representation of that. Overall, the look is still polarizing to a certain extent, but not nearly as much as the sedan, which offers a highly efficient but at the same time, unconventional exterior appearance. Given the extra height on the SUV. The interior is spacious and flexible, while total passenger volume figures arent available. The eqs SUV has enough interior room to offer an optional third row of seating and room for seven. The second row of seats can be electrically adjusted forward and backwards by up to five inches. The benefit to this is that second row passengers can be afforded as much as 37.8 inches of legroom, and, given that the second row seats can be adjusted, the amount of cargo space can vary as well. In a traditional 5c configuration, the cargo area can be as little as 22.7 cubic feet when maximum second row legroom is needed and all the way up to 31 cubic feet with seats moved forward.

Seats can be lowered into a 40 20 40 ratio. With second row, seats down youll be afforded 74.2 cubic feet of cargo space, but that reduces to 71.3 cubic feet. If you went with the three row, seven seat, optional configuration front seats are well bolstered and comfortable. Heated and cooled seats are standard with four way. Lumbar support and luxury headrests that are among the most comfortable on the market also available are multi contoured front seats with massage functions. There are optional high resolution screens for second row passengers. However, they tend to protrude out a bit where it does come off as being closer than I might enjoy, having it while being inside a Mercedes is enjoyable at any time of day. I particularly enjoy driving this eqs SUV at night. This is because nobody does interior ambient lighting quite like Mercedes does, and the Kaleidoscope of colors and options and patterns always make the experience of driving at night, one that has very few parallels. This eqs SUV, just like in the sedan features the mbux hyper screen. It is a massive Frontage, multiple screens encased under glass, and you have I mean really when Ive had people in here its that spaceship that cockpit effect you have LCD screens for driver, a massive Center screen and even an LCD screen for passengers and its I mean Its good because youre talking about theres, so many distractions, the ability of passengers and even in the second row in the middle seat, where the cup holder would be theres a little tablet where people in the second row can control features such as climate and ambient lighting.

Thats a feature that I call it: the digital democratization and thats good theres, a lot of things that a driver could be distracted by, but with a passenger. If you had one or people in the back saying hey Dad, can you change this or I want to watch a different uh? You know listen to a different station or have a different ambient color, well that they have the ability to do that, so whoevers behind the wheel can focus on driving thats a good thing. You know something that really strikes me as ironic is one of the benefits of an electric is the the quiet it is, you know, theres, no motor, so you know its stealth like yet with this eqs um. What really stands out is some of the sounds that it does make uh interior sound with this Burmeister uh sound system, the surround capabilities uh. It really is an exceptional system and part of the wellness mindset that Mercedes has incorporated its not just in this vehicle. They they have the energizing Comfort feature uh in other versions. Theyve had it for a couple of years, but you know the sounds that this can make through these 10 minute Cycles, where, through a combination of specific music tracks, uh with features in terms of comfort, uh massage, which this has you have these sounds that really take You to a sedate place or an upbeat or energizing or calm Laughter, Music, oh Music, foreign Music.

I think to gauge whether this is a vehicle you would love or loathe. It really is depending upon what your expectations are. I mean this is a tech over the top vehicle, the technology, the displays. This is nothing like that sort of Pure Performance driving vehicle where its all about the connectivity between individual and the motors. So you know if youre, someone who loves a more basic, you know interior, but is great on the drive performance youre going to hate this because theres so much here its going to just overwhelm you. But if you love The Tech, if you love, you know what Mercedes is doing and nobody does interiors and and options like they do well. You know this may be something for you. Pricing of the eqs SUV is consistent with the fact that this is the largest most technologically advanced luxury SUV in the Mercedes portfolio. Canadian pricing begins at one hundred and thirty six thousand dollars for the eqs 450 and 158 500 for the eqs 580.. My 580 tester also came with a host of upgrades that Ill list on the screen, which then brought the total price up to a hefty 186 thousand dollars. U.S pricing starts at 104, 400 for the 450, with rear wheel drive. The eqs 450 4matic starts at 107. 400 and the 580 4matic begins at one hundred and twenty five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars Music. Overall, this large luxury, electric SUV, is a true signature offering from Mercedes that is chock full of technological, wonder and trusted Mercedes capability.

This is a showpiece vehicle that represents the brand well and while it may offer too much Innovation or Space Age engineering and design for some, it nonetheless is a statement vehicle that I really enjoyed getting to spend the week driving around it. Its clearly not designed for everyone, but then again what model of vehicle could ever make that claim if youre not subscribed to the Novak report on YouTube, please consider doing so and if you are subscribed, be sure to ring the bell to be notified of each time. I upload something new and thats. My look at the 2023 Mercedes Benz eqs, 580 4matic SUV.