com Music. It didnt take us long to become fans of the GMC Hummer EV pickup when we put the Super Truck to the test last year. But now we recently visited Northern California to get some seat time in the long awaited SUV version Music. First of the SUVs to launch is the Edition 1, which is powered by a three motor e four wheel, drive system that outputs 830 horsepower and 1200 pound feet of torque the soon to come. Ev3X model will share the same specs that setup combined with WTF or watts to Freedom mode should get you from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, and it definitely felt achievable when I had the opportunity to give it a try that that is uh. I dont even know how to describe that its so much energy and theres so much. I love the infotainment, like its so Dynamic its like an entire experience, all together its just incredible fueling. The SUV is a 170 kilowatt hour battery pack with an estimated range somewhere over 300 miles. The 800 volt architecture is capable of up to 300 kilowatt charging on a public charger and can add 100 miles and approximately 14 minutes. Everything is a little less extreme compared to the pickup, but my favorite departure is the size. So one of the biggest differences about the GMC Hummer EV SUV compared to the pickup, is that this SUV is 20 inches shorter in length. Thats almost two feet and its also nine inches shorter in wheelbase and its very apparent once you get behind the wheel, it feels just better to merge in traffic its much more Nimble and easy to manage on tighter roads and on city streets.

So, while nothing changes in the width, This SUV is going to be a little bit easier to navigate in a parking lot. The smaller size, isnt just great on the road, its great off road, too departure and break over angles, are improved, as well as the turning radius, which is now similar to a bolt thanks, rear wheel. Steering the SUV also has crab walk adaptive, air suspension with extract mode, a mounted spare tire, Infinity roof with removable Sky panels, and an available extreme off road package inside is similar to the pickup version. Keeping with the modern utilitarian theme that works so well. Cargo space is ample and hands free driving with super cruise is ready for use. Addition, ones are expected in dealer soon, with ev3x and 2x models to come later in 2023, the base ev2 model will arrive next year. The GMC Hummer EV SUV starts at just over 86 000 after destination. The addition 1 will hit dealers with an MSRP of 105 595 dollars. Well, have a more in depth review on this super truck coming soon, so keep it locked right here on MotorWeek.