This Citroen EC3, basically the electric version of this C3. So a special thanks to La amazing City in Mumbai, PPS Motors following me to we will discussing and check out the details of the LA amazing City in Mumbai in the description below they are located in Andheri West. So, coming back to the EC3, this is the basic, basically an electric version of the regular C3, but there was a few differences which distinguishes it with a regular C3. So Ill just talk all about all the features and the differences as well so different. You get this twin logo, dual start, Google as well LED dials and halogen headlight and fog light as well. This is the Top Line, the white pack white pack, dual tone, so the fog lamps and this white treatment and all of those stuff is included in the white pack. So the length of this car is around ’81 mm and the wheelbase is 2540 mm, which is this. Guy is basically a main competitor to the Tata Tiago EV, but it is longer wider. Taller has a longer wheelbase and has a bigger boot as well. So thats good, so coming to the side, this guy has retire sizes, 195, 50, 65 or 15s. So these are regular Wheels. You have an option of alloy wheels as well. Uh side indicator again the dual tone: treatment, the white or VMS – and you get this body cladding as well. So what are your door handles as well? So you get this led rear lights with um written over here, so thats good C3 written over here.

So it has an electromagnetic tailgate, so lets open it and it has rear parking sensors as well. So seeing here you get a 315 liter boot space and this is the charger with a stealth diagnostic system. So if theres any fault while charging the car, it will show red on the system as well and theres the spare wheel under the boot flow. So the boot, the boot, is not compromised. Since uh the belt is placed under the car, but the thing is: the ground clearance has been lowered by 10 mm, which is now 170 mm, so the loading lip is kind of decent you can putting in big suitcase would be a problem, so very quality seems Fine has a third in the shot so yeah getting into the VSC. It is, I would say, decently easy for me since Im six feet tall and yeah after you sit. You notice one thing that the boot devia flow has been raised a little bit since the battery is battery is below the floor below the below the floor, where Im sitting so talking of the legume leguminum seems fine. Headroom is also good, and this I support is not that great now, because the height has been raised, but thats fine and window area decent size, so you wont feel claustrophobic and three people should be decently comfortable since the cabin isnt all that wide. But um has a pleasure experience as well, so here you get two USBS as well and do two Park and two power into controls here.

Power window controls are different as well, so thats, good and yeah. Talking about the safety. This car gets two airbags, ABS, EBD, and I should make shall see it mounts as well so yeah, so this guy gets a height adjustable seats as well for the driver and power window switches here. So one more thing. What I have noticed is many of my subscribers havent been havent, subscribed to my channel, which is almost 98 according to my report or the research. What Ive done so, please do subscribe to my channel for more updates like these. So continuing with the review you get. The situated steering wheel – and this is for attending and declining the call this for the volume control, and this is the voice command button. You get the manual handbrake and a coin holder here, so they removed the traditional gear and put this joystick kind of gear. Here we was neutral, Drive, Eco yeah, so this looks good twin cup holders here some space here, 12 volt charging hooker USB and a manual air conditioning control. So you get this 10.2 inch screen with wireless Android, auto and Apple carplay yeah. Let me show it to you so video phone Android, auto device list settings if youre going to settings just a second yeah, its just freaking. Without the framework you have general settings, display phone audio clock and vehicle. If youre going to vehicle, you have no alerts, and generally you have language factory reset about Wi, Fi and all of the stuff.

So this is the glove box yeah. So glove box is big enough. I would say, and the dual tone treatment not on the outside. You can also customize it for the inside as well. It gets those different kind of uh, AC vents as well, which looks good and let me show you the key as well, so the key you get lock and unlock so its a lot. The start stop button is the regular key and, if I just put it in so this is the information display. Yeah, so itll show the speed the gear, the range, the odometer, the trip meter prepared to be, and it shows how much charge is there 43.9 percent. So yeah thats good. So a lot of info about the charges with so talking about the battery. This car gets like 29.2 kilowatt hour battery, which produces around 57 horsepower and 143 newton meters of torque, which does 0 to 60 in uh 6.8 seconds, and the top speed is limited to 107 kilometer per hour. Talking about the charging options, there are two charging options: one is the 3.3 kilowatt uh regular charger, AC charger, which does uh 10 to 100 in around 10 and a half hours and talking about the DC fast charger with it does 10 to 80 in um, say 57 minutes, so one thing I one thing I forgot to tell you is about the range, which is around 320 kilometers. So basically, you can expect around 200 to 250 in the city, since the claimed range is always not declaimed range.

What do we get so yeah? If you see the competition, I think um, it does have an edge over the Thiago EV, since it uh is priced well, it is as almost as same as the Tiago EB, and it is much comfier bigger and has a similar range as well. So I think it is a great option to go, for you have a central light here and a totally see okay and you get a mirror here. So I think um. Overall, this is a great package and the for the introductive as what they offering seeing the competition. I think its a good uh car to go for even the touchscreen is good, like the 10.2 inch and the six thickness is phenomenal. So if anyone is interested to go for EC3 this C2 and ECT, you can definitely comment on YouTube conversation DM in Instagram. I can help you anytime, you want so thank you so much.