In fact, about 2 000 have been registered on Irish Road since then, and thats good for any car never mind for a fully electric car. Now, on top of that so far in 2023, the ioniq 5 is actually the seventh best selling car and thats, not the seventh best selling EV thats, just the seventh best selling car and today weve come to the k club in Kildare to check out the all New Hyundai ionic 6, which is built on the same platform. However, it definitely looks a little bit different. My name is David Losi. This is the done deal YouTube channel if youd like to subscribe. That would be great, then lets pull in and take a look at this Hyundai ion X6. Now, from the exterior, it is nothing like the ionic 5. to begin with its a lot lower its also a little bit longer and its just got a bit more of a Sleek look to it. In fact, when I stand back from it, I see a little bit of the original Mercedes CLS from the rear. I think this is the best angle, so youve got the sloping rear roof. Obviously its got some darkened window which just adds to it and then this Arrow here, two spoilers things are getting quite wild, but obviously this does pay into the whole aerodynamics thing which well talk about later on in the video and they actually really do add to It they make it look even better than a Mercedes CLS, but then its here, the homage to the ionic 5, with the pixelated light at the rear.

Theyve always been a talking point and they continue to look really really well on the ionic six. Then we have to take a look under the bonnet that was first try. I havent practiced this now here there is whats called a fruit or a fronk, its a front Boot, and this will depend on size depending on which electric motor and powertrain you go for and Ill talk about that in a second. But this is brilliant, absolutely brilliant! For putting takeaways in because it doesnt stink out the car – and I know thats so random, but this is a real world, practical tip and now in terms of battery sizes Im yet to find out but Ill insert a voice over in a second, because I havent Been to the press conference, but this particular car anyway is a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery and it has a range of 614 kilometers now real world. If you can get into the mid 500s, then that is top top tier theyre. Also, I think, will be a 53 kilowatt hour battery. The 53 kilowatt hour battery will have a range of up to 429 kilometers, which is pretty impressive. On top of that, all cars come with a 350 kilowatt charger which is really really fast, and if you can find a charger, it will allow you to go from 10 to 80 in just 18 minutes, so theres a good few options there. Now, personally, my advice is generally go for the bigger size battery because down the line youre, probably going to protect your resale value on the subject of value, it has a surprisingly low starting price of just 48 295.

. If you want the larger battery, it starts at about 54 000 Euros, which is impressive, considering its got the longest range in the segment. Its also available in three trims, signature, elegance and finesse. Finesse will actually come with an all wheel. Drive dual motor Music here is where it all matters, because this is where youre going to be spending your time and the good news is its a fantastic place to sit its very similar to the ioniq 5, which is a big complement to this and its just A lovely place to be its very comfortable: the seat is adjustable electronically. You can also adjust the steering wheel, theres, actually a good bit of play Within that which is nice, and then youve got this kind of console built around you. So this big floating cup holder, theres a charge pad its very like a Saab and, if youre really into your cars, youll understand why theres these window buttons here in the center, rather than on the side, I presume thats, to make it feel a little bit wider. Obviously the seat is heated, but I actually think if I check it its cooled as well, it appears it is yes, very, very fancy. Now, on top of that, the steering wheel. This is one thing that they have changed from every Hyundai ever, which I can imagine is going to be weird if youre coming from a previous Hyundai into this is the controls for the volume and then the cruise control have actually swapped sides, so its keeping in Line with a lot of European cars, now, personally, someone whos in and out of cars, I dont notice it too much, but it is just something to bear in mind: climate control is independent, which is brilliant.

It just means you can quickly get to it and then the system itself here its very good. Now it is a bit of a stretch but thats because Im sure it probably not really the car and it all connects up very well. Your phone connects very easily. However, if you want Apple, carplay or Android auto, you need a wire and thats apparently to do with the satellite navigation system. They cant actually make it Wireless. I have no doubt that will come down the line and perhaps it will be an over the air upgrade, but for now youre going to need an old fashioned wire, and I want to talk about the ambient lighting like in a lot of modern cars. You can adjust that to a custom color as you please and then over here in front of you on the driver. You have another large screen which tells you everything you need to know. I mean the reality is, if you want to play around with these, go to a local Hyundai dealer and go and sit into it because its the best way to really get an understanding to it. You can hit the link up. There. Weve got some dealers all around the country, so find the nearest one to you, but yeah as a whole. Its a lovely place to be its very like the ionic 5 in a good way anyway. Lets go for a drive whats it like well, given that its an electric car, I think it would be rude not to put our foot down as we enter an 80 kilometer per hour Zone, quick, so its got about 220 brake horsepower and it is nippy and Thats, because electric cars are instantaneous, when you touch that accelerator its like a light switch, it just goes theres, no, accelerating now other things that youll feel when you first drive.

It is that it is drastically smaller than the ionic five now its actually built. On the same chassis, but its just, it feels a little bit smaller. It feels more like a saloon, for example, now as you purr along the road, the suspension is very well set up its actually quite bumpy here and the road surface isnt great and its quite quiet in here. If I speak quietly, youll still hear me its also absorbing little bumps in the road very, very well, and actually the driving position is lovely. I think I spent a little bit of time setting up this seat just to get it right and Im very happy with how I have it on top of that, its got really good. Lane assist its actually taking this corner nearly for me that is staggeringly good. Its always been good on all Korean cars, but again in here its very, very good. Another thing to mention being an electric car is regenerative braking. Now you can change this, how much kind of regenerative braking you want with these paddles here so its not in the infotainment system, in some confusing setting its just here on these paddles click this one and you increase it, and it does have eye pedal now. I cant do it because theres a car behind me, but it will go completely to a halt without touching the brake, which means you can drive this car with the single pedal, which is just absolutely fabulous once you do it for a week.

Youll youll be astonished. How little you actually have to use your brakes right now? I have to take it. Take a quite a sharp corner, so well slow right down, and it just does it magnificently now, when you do start getting involved in a little bit of engaging driving. The word is engaging its a lot more, involving than lets use the ionic five again Im. Sorry I keep going on about it, but on that you certainly dont feel like youre as much in it as you are here. Everything down into the seating position, but also it just seems to handle a little bit better than not only the ionic five, but then actually quite a lot of cars. Quite a lot of electric cars, the power its its getting better at first, when I accelerated it felt quick, but not fast. Now I want to talk about that. So what happened there is the speed limit has changed and this is new legislation. So this is not just the ion X6 is getting this. This will be in all cars. What happens is when you reach a new speed limit to there. It went from 80 kilometers per hour down to 50.. It actually beeps at you its really really interesting. Now it can be switched off, but unfortunately, due to legislation you wont actually be able to leave it permanently off. So every time you start, the car youre gon na have to turn that off.

Now there is a shortcut button here on the steering wheel and you could set it off so that shortcut takes you straight to it, which is again a nice little touch, but unfortunately this is the future someones always going to be watching. Nowadays, if were going back to the way, it drives its just its a little bit more engaging as much as I love the ionic 5 or the Kia ev6. I think me personally. I prefer to spend my time in here just its a little bit, more driver focused bear in mind that Im also driving the rear wheel, drive single motor. It is going to be coming with a dual motor version, which will be all wheel, drive and have over 300 brake horsepower, and, given that this 228 brake horsepower is very quick, I can only imagine how fast that ones going to be all right in terms of The boot Im now beginning to see a little bit of Porsche in it when I spend a little bit of time. However, unlike a Porsche when you click the button, there theres no engine in here, just some new school charging cables now in terms of size of the boot thats, always a big one, so its 401 liters to compare that to something that a lot of people might Be familiar with of Volkswagen. Golf is 380 liters, so its definitely not as big as the ionic 5, but its totally respectable. The entry point Im not gon na Im a little bit disappointed.

I was hoping it would have that kind of hatchback style that you get in a sports back Audi, A5 or even something like a Tesla Model S where it opens the whole thing, but it still does suffice and I do love you can pull down the rear Seats from this lever here – and they split of course, in a 60 40 split under here – theres a little bit of storage for maybe some charge cables, but no spare wheel under there and yeah as a whole, its I guess, kind of middle of the bunch when It comes to boot space foreign. Now I dont want to be comparing it to the ionic 5, even though thats all Ive done this review, but I have to say its a little bit smaller back here, but that said loads of knee room theres a fully flat floor, which means three adults in Here will be a little bit more comfortable and also armrest here, drink holders, USBC charging points, various bits of storage around the place, headrooms a little bit limited now. What they have been able to do is have it dip down just behind the headrest, so you do get more than you think, but if youre six foot and youre driving from Belfast to Kerry youre going to have a sore neck by the end of this trip Or just shock on the front. Another thing I want to point out is theres. A three pin socket here, and actually the vehicle to load system is really really impressive, and well talk about that.

Just before we finish up the video vehicle to load. What is it because it sounds pretty complicated but Ill, try and explain it as simply as possible, its essentially a way to get get power out of the battery in the car and into lets, say another car or an electrical Appliance. So imagine you go camping in the summer and you want a nice cup of tea. You can actually plug in your Kettle. So this is a three pin socket in the back and vehicle to load. I think in the ionic five there was a little bit of confusion around it, but with the six its going to be available in every spec car now that said, you will have to purchase an adapter in the lower spec in terms of price, not exactly sure. Yet, but its about 300 Euros, so if you need it its definitely not unobtainable, but if you dont need it, you can save yourself 300 quid, so that is it for todays, quick, first drive of the ionic six. I have to say it certainly looks the part and from the short bit of driving Ive done it. It does seem really good if you can get mid. 500 kilometer range, its also going to be very appetizing to a lot of potential customers. If youve got any questions at all, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. Well do our best to give you a nice, informative reply, but for now thank you so much for watching.

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