I am here in Tamil Nadu Chennai to review the Kia ev6 electric car, mind you. This is one of the premium and rarest electric car you can find in India, and this Kia ev6 has won icoti Green electric car of the year 2023.. So in this video we are going to know all the details about this Kia: ev6, electric car, foreign, Music, friends. This is the front part of the Kia ev6 electric car, so this is one of the rarest electric car you can find in India right now. So only 100 bookings has been opened when this car has launched in India, but Kia got close to 200 bookings, so they have delivered all the 200 bookings. You can only find 200 units in India of this Kia ev6 electric car, and this is one among them, and only 14 cars has been delivered in Chennai. So lets talk about the designing part first, so here we get a Kia badging in the silver color. So this is the white color. This Kia ev6 is available in total of five colors, that is black white silver, blue and red. So personally I love this white color. So if we start the designing part from the front, we get a dual projector LED headlamps in the front. Both sides with A continuous LED DRL, along with the side indicators, we wont, get any fog lamps to this Kia. V6, electric car and we dont have any air Grille to intake the air to cool down the engine, because this is an electric car.

So in the place of Grill, we get this piano black finished like a grill type of design to enhance the designing part in the front we get all the sensors, along with the camera at the front, so this car is equipped with a level two address feature. So this is the radar sensor, so this senses all the objects which are in the front of the car and we get a number plate holder. The front design looks so good, so impressive and so attractive. So this car attracts all the eyeballs when you are traveling on the road, so this is that attractive. If we move further to the right side here, you can see the side look of this Kia ev6 electric car. This has a length of 4690 mm. If I am not wrong and its get a 19 inch Crystal cut alloy wheel, so personally these are very very attractive. So, as you can see, this is the side. Look, let me give a walk around. So personally I allowed the rare part of this Kia ev6 electric car, because we get a continuous tail lamp along with the side indicators. So we get a Kia logo, Kia, ev6, badging and a GT line symbol over here. So this is the top of the line GT model and only one model is available right now in India, and this is the all wheel drive model, so you get a pmsm motor at the front and at the rear, these boat motors produce 600 Newton meter stock.

So, while talking about the battery, this Kia ev6 is equipped with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, which is placed under the floorboard and at the rear. So with this battery pack here is claiming close to 700 kilometers of range, but the real range comes to 600 to 620 kilometers if you are driving in an ideal driving conditions. So this is the charging port. This Kia ev6 supports 240 kilowatt of DC fast charging. So if you connect 240 kilowatt charger to this Kia, ABC it can charge from 10 to 80 within 18 minutes. So Kia is claiming that and well get all the sensors along with the rear parking camera to it. So let me open the boot first, so this is the key of this Kia ev6. So first we have to unlock the car and if you press and hold this last button, okay, the boot automatically opens. So this is the hydraulic boot. You dont need to put any efforts to open the board space, so we get close to 200 to 240 liters of boot space at the rate. So you have to compromise on the boot space, but you can fold these rear seats to make it a 1300 liters of boot space. So as the battery pack is huge, so they have occupied the boot so to close the boot, you have to press this button. The boot automatically close, so this is the left side of this Kia ev6. Overall, the designing of this car is very attractive.

We can say like this is a mini spaceship, so let us go into the interior ones, so it comes with automatic flush door handles. So this is the door of the driver cabin. So here you can see all the switches to control the mirrors and all the things. So here are the seat. Adjustment memory function buttons, and this is the seat of this Kia. Av6. The seats are very attractive and this comes with the ventilated seats and all the functions. All the premium functions you get in this and you can adjust these seats with these buttons. These are electronic seats. That means you can adjust the seat position by using these buttons. So let me get into the car, so this is the display of the Kia V6, so you get a 12.4 inches touchscreen display. So this is a curved display. The center console is of 12.4 inches and the driver console is of 12.4 inches. So this is The Handlebar and you get all the premium functions in this electric car, along with the sunroof. So this is the center console. Armrest friends now lets drive this car and, while driving, we can talk about rest of the features. Friends, we are in the Kia ev6 right now and we are driving Kia ev6 so that riding experience I mean the Driving Experience is so good and the acceleration is so smooth in this Kia. So, as I said you, this comes with a 77.

4 kilowatt hour battery pack and its claiming range is 700 kilometers, but the real range will be 500 to 550 kilometers. If you drive and if you Cruise in the 80 to 90 speed, the Driving Experience, is so good, my dear friends and we get a 12.4 inches Central console as well as driver console. So we get all the information so as this comes in the premium segment, so we get a to z features in this Kia, ev6, electric car friends. If I on the left side indicator, so the lift camera will kick in, and here I can see the lift View friends, there is a heads up display near me, so I can see the speed in the display and the cruise control options. So, with the help of all these Electronics, the riding and U10 experience is so good, its so easy. So here we have Mr Karthik, who is the owner of this Kia ev6. So he is explaining all the functions and features of this electric car so katikan. What are all the seamless functions we have in this? We have this parking camera assistance. Okay. So if we press this button, the rear camera okay, so 360 degree view on the rear. Okay, so can we see the 360 degree view while driving the car? Yes, in traffic, if you stuck up in traffic okay right moment, you can get that aerial view. Okay. So if the sensor senses that we are in the traffic, so it will give the other three reviews.

Okay and just now we have tested the lane assist and the cruise control in this car. So we must have a good lane lane lines. The lane lines are working good. Then the car will work yeah to go there. Now you will get the front camera. Okay yeah front and the top and handle this is the 360 degree view on traffic. Okay, because we are in the traffic yeah, surrounded by Vehicles. Okay – and it also has a like a collision, assist like if anyone is yes, okay and it has a function of uh like vehicle to load. So you can trans. You can transfer the power from this electric car to any other outside appliances right, yes, so that is over there from the charging portal, so you can do and also inside also, you have a three pin socket. Okay, if I want to charge my laptop or some Appliance, even we have used induction stove over here. Okay, so it works. Go for camping, okay, uh, going for off road driving somewhere else. Okay, so you can do everything the camping, tents, inflators, everything you can go ahead with that, okay, so how this Lane assist works. So in India we dont have much well maintained routes, so is that highways you can try this okay. It is not advisable. Okay, in highways, when you are going when we want to see some messages you want to text, it is just an emergency course.

Okay, not on you, should not rely on this. Okay, okay. So how is your riding experience so far because it 75 lakhs? I think you get uh, you can get a used four cylinder sports car, even six cylinder two. So while compared to them, how is their riding experience in this premium car? Its more than that main point is okay, so seamless operations? Okay, even if you drive, I have driven on test stretch 1000 kilometers, okay and I never felt tired okay. So even I have a lot of other sports car performance car also, okay, but I usually experience the same here. Okay, I dont feel any difference in the performance. Okay performance is seamless and when you go first most mode that torque, which is delivered that is unimaginable, it will deliver full term yeah we have experienced in Highway it just touches 171.90 uh, I think up to 170. I have cruised okay, okay, the torque and the performance in the sports mode is good. Okay, very good. Okay and the control is also very easy yeah when you go for a high uh speed, the steering control is not adaptive, yeah thats. What I think it has adaptive steering control also so the steering control at 150 also, it is so easy and, as you maintain an 80 okay, so that is the plus point of cruising yeah yeah ab6. The Driving Experience is seamless, and I think you have kept it in the maximum level of regenerative.

Braking right, uh, it is below one level Max, is not advisable, okay in City, because the car will immediately stop when you take out of accelerator okay, so it will create a big impact for backside: drivers, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, like whats your friends and relations, uh Expressions and their thoughts when you bought this electric car by paying close to 75 lakh rupees everyone. I said why you are going for electric okay and why it is 75 000 for Kia, 75, yeah, 75 lakhs, so 75 lakhs for Kia is too much 769 on road is extra room is too much yeah, but I saved them. It is for Evie. So my maintenance cost is less yeah, absolutely okay, so I have driven around 17 000 dollars and I never spent much. But when you go for uh performance Vehicles like uh XJR, otherwise some Lamborghini, like 10 000 kilometers, you have to spend a lot yeah and, moreover, you cant able to drive in Indian roads, yeah thats, correct the queen is even though I have a Lamborghini uh, but I cant drive in the roads yeah space Breakers, but here I can get the feel of Lamborghini in the performance. Okay and I can drive in Indian roads, yeah thats for sure so friends. This is the review of this luxurious Kia, ev6, electric car, so whats your thoughts on this, please let us know in the comment section so a big thanks to karthikian for providing his valuable time and giving the car first to review.

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