You can probably see why, because of the profile of this car, its very, very streamlined its a sedan and its actually bigger than it looks Im going to tell you all about it in this review and youll be able to figure out whether its the right car For you, by the end of this video, so stick around thanks for watching, I hope, youre enjoying what youre seeing so far. Please do join the community, have your say and also hit like And subscribe. Let me know if youre, enjoying what youre seeing and if theres anything else, youd like to see thanks. You know whats interesting about the Hyundai ioniq 6 range. The most affordable version has the longest EV driving range. Most brands ask you to actually pay more for more range, but not here I guess thats a nice point of difference and that entry level model its called Dynamic. It has a bunch of really good equipment too theres standard, Matrix, LED headlights. You get 18 inch alloy wheels, you get twin 12.3 inch screens inside theres, also heated front seats and Eco processed leather, whatever that is step up about ten thousand dollars to the mid spec Technic model, and you get all wheel drive you get much more power and Torque you get 20 inch wheels, a big ton roof and also cooled front seats and heated rear seats. So you are getting a fair bit of value for money there and then at the top of the range is the Epic model and just like the ionic 5.

It gets those digital mirrors, it gets a special, clever heat pump and it can also precondition the battery so that its faster to charge at a fast charger. So you can tell me whether you think its good value or not, but I think, theres, a fair bit of value in this model range. The obvious choice as an alternative to this car is the Tesla Model 3., its the most popular electric sedan, probably on the planet, definitely in Australia, and it does have a couple of options available too. So theres a long range version which has more than 600 Ks of range, its slightly less than this long range model. But it is still very, very impressive and its also got a performance model which the ionic six doesnt have just yet. So the fast version of the Tesla Model 3 does not to 103.3 seconds, which is very, very, very, very, very fast, whereas the fastest version of the ioniq 6 does it in 5.1, which is still fast, but not as fast. So if speed matters to you, then maybe the model 3 would be a better choice for you theres another sedan that you might want to check out. If youre looking at an electric vehicle around this price point, maybe a little bit higher the BMW I4. It looks like a regular 4 Series, but its fully electric and I think thats got some definite appeal there. It is a little bit expensive but hey youre, getting a BMW badge which youre not getting if youre buying a Hyundai and then theres also the Hyundai ioniq 5.

, now its not an electric sedan. But it is very, very similar in a lot of ways to this car. You can hit the link at the top of your screen now to see my review on that car. I think it has a whole lot going for it and its probably going to be a more family friendly option. So if you have a family make sure you check it out, despite the look of this car, its actually a bigger vehicle than it appears its 4.8 meters long actually more than 4.8. So that means its almost as big as a Ford, Falcon or Holden Commodore yeah doesnt. Look it does it thats, partly because of this streamline profile and the fact that it is super duper. Aero, efficient, youll see the coefficient of drag figure on your screen. Now, if that means nothing to you, just know that its super duper Aero efficient. Now, when it comes to the back end, oh I love this look, its very Posh inspired. Obviously, and it is a sedan, so lets take a look in the boot boot space in the ionic six. Well, its a sedan, so it doesnt have a lift back like a hatch, and that means that you are limited in terms of the space available too. It does have a pretty wide opening 401 liters of cargo capacity, so its not setting any new benchmarks, but its not too bad theres, a tire repair kit. Under the boot floor, no spare tire most EVS dont come with a spare wheel.

So, if that matters to you, then maybe you shouldnt be buying an EV theres, also a front storage area under the Bonnet of the ionic six and its bigger in the rear wheel, drive version because theres no front motor to get in the way its still usable. You can still fit a charging cable in there, so its pretty good space, its got some really interesting design choices. Obviously this is the top spec one. So its got these mirror camera displays, I guess youd call them theyre up at the edges of the dashboard and its designed to mimic the winglets on a plane. So thats kind of neat. I like that. I dont like those mirrors when it comes to actually driving with them, but uh yeah, you might be okay with it. Just depends what you appreciate when it comes to driving when it comes to the other interior elements. Youve got these big 12.3 inch screens. Obviously, this spec has a head up display as well. So youve got all the information that you need. This ones a touch screen, so its got your media controls and all that, thankfully, there are still buttons and dials down below so actually controlling the controls of the car isnt as difficult as it could be. Some other cars have everything through a touch screen and thats. Really annoying you do have to interact with the screen quite a bit because theres some safety stuff that you might want to switch off every single time.

You drive the car, but look maybe youll be okay with the beeps and bongs that this car often just has at you all the time I dont love the gear selector. I think if you see my ioniq 5 review, youll notice that Ive called it the phallus shifter its just a weird design. You have to twist it forwards to going to drive and backwards to go into reverse, which is the opposite of what you do when you naturally shift in an automatic car. But I guess this is a bit of a different type of car right when it comes to storage, theres heaps theres, these cup holders between the seats wireless charger, USB port, so its still USB connected Apple carplay and Android, auto theres, no Wireless. That might be a little bit annoying for some people. I know that I prefer Wireless, because its just one less thing you have to think about when youre getting into the car theres another massive Storage Tray, underneath this bridge area too and youll also find your window controls here. So, instead of having them on the doors to make the doors a little bit thinner and a little bit more, I guess streamlined in their profile. The controls for the windows are here and thats kind of neat theres a center console bin. Here with a couple of USBC ports as well and big door, Pockets too, so its got all the storage stuff sorted, oh and the Really Nifty little storage drawer for the glove box.

I love that now lets check out the back seat, so backseat space in the ionic six Ive got so much leg room its um, ridiculous uh. This seat is set for me, Im 182 centimeters or six foot tall. Yes, lots of knee room thats a great thing, not so much great toe room. My toes uh underneath the seat in front and I dont have that much wiggle room available, headrooms also pretty limited too. So if youre a big person with big feet, it might not be the most comfortable back seat experience, but if youre a smaller occupant like a child, its going to be pretty good back here, there are isofix points in the window: seats three top tether points as Well, youve got rear seat. Air vents, youve got USBC charge, ports theres some storage options available to you as well. Some mesh map pockets on these hard, backed seat bits, theyre good for stopping your kids from destroying the trim. They can kick that to their hearts. Content. Theres storage in the doors as well, some bottle holders its, not massive storage, because the doors are very interest. Interestingly shaped and styled and theres a flip down armrest with cup holders as well. So its got all the stuff that you would expect its just. Maybe a little bit cramped because of this electrified Streamliner streamline roof line. That makes sense. There are two different takes on the ioniq 6 formula, but both have the same battery pack and the entry level version is rear.

Wheel drive with a single rear, mounted electric motor and that allows it a pretty decent well, in fact, its class leading electric driving range of 614 kilometers on the wltp cycle. It doesnt have huge power and torque outputs, but if you want huge power and torque outputs, you need to buy one of these ones. This is the all wheel, drive version. It gets a extra motor at the front axle and that allows it something in the region of 600 newton meters of torque. So its got plenty of Grunt and obviously it does have a slightly smaller driving range. But I dont think thats that big of an issue when youre still getting more than 500 Ks of range out of this car. Okay, so charging when it comes to the ionic six theres, a choice of AC or DC, as you would expect AC is what youll do at home and you can do it up to 11 kilowatts. But most people have a wall box at home. Thats, seven kilowatts! You should be able to recharge the car from 10 to 100 in about 12 hours, its a fairly long time, but its a big battery pack. If youre going to a fast charger, it can do up to 350 kilowatt charging on DC, which is very, very quick. In fact, Hyundai reckons youll do 10 to 80 percent in about 18 minutes, so yeah its as long as when you go to the servo and choose your ice cream.

Essentially, 350 kilowatt charges are pretty rare. So if you find a 50 kilowatt charger which youre probably more likely to itll take about an hour and a quarter to do 10 to 80 percent, so its pretty quick when it comes to charging and its going to not waste your time too much, and obviously You can relax inside with those amazing seats if you are waiting for it for the launch Drive of the Hyundai ioniq 6. The brand has taken us on a bunch of different country, roads and twisty roads, which might not be what you do with your Ion X6. But it does, I guess, highlight the breadth of capability of this car, the fact that it does have a very long driving range and you can, in theory, go out of your way to find a good road if thats, what you want to do. I wouldnt say this is the sharpest driving tool, though it is fine, but its not the best driving EV that Ive driven its got. Okay, steering its a little bit oddly weighted and has some sort of weird feel to the wheel as well. It does go through corners, as you would expect, but its just a bit disconnected feeling and the ride. Well, this is the base model car, the 18 inch wheel, car and these Country. Roads do have a lot of marks and bumps on them, but the rides not terrific. A lot of that probably comes down to the fact that its got a really stiff structure to keep the weight of the car under control, because batteries are very heavy, and this is a pretty heavy car as well.

So it is not necessarily the most comfortable ride in terms of you know, dealing with bumpy sections of road. If you live in a place where there are really bumpy sections of road, I would recommend taking it on your streets. If you are going for a test. Drive if youre not just gon na, buy one in advance. It is quiet, though it is an EV, so there isnt that much motor noise to contend with. You get the occasional bit of wine from the electric motor, but its not noisy at all, and even on coarse chip. Roads theres not too much Tire raw, which is good A little bit of wind noise. But you dont really notice it that much being the rear wheel drive base model its, not the perkiest option you can get. Obviously, if you do really want to have a lot more power and torque, you need to spend the extra money and get the all wheel drive version which will give you extra Traction in corners and stuff as well. So, if that matters to you, you need to buy the all wheel drive, but for those who are more focused on getting just long distance range and the ultimate in driving efficiency than the base model is going to make a lot of sense to you. In terms of braking performance, the car does have regen braking as you would expect, and it will pull up to a complete stop if you want it to so its got that single pedal driving mode and if you dont, want to use it that way.

Youve got paddle shifters to adjust the amount of regen response and its got a pretty natural brake feel in normal driving too one thing I will say, having driven the top spec model with the digital camera mirrors and this base model that has the standard mirrors. I much prefer the standard mirrors, they just make things feel more natural and you know thats what youre used to and you might get used to those camera mirrors. But I actually find them really disconcerting and hard to figure out the depth perception aspect, especially when youre trying to do a reverse parallel park. There are little guidelines to help you park better, but I still find them a bit hard to get used to if youre. After a super Efficient Electric Vehicle, the ionic six could be the right car for you, because the base model, Dynamic version – has acclaimed efficiency figure of 14.3 kilowatt hours per 100ks. Now, for a bit of context, the most efficient model 3 that you can buy has a claimed figure 14.9 and its super efficient. So this is a bit of a benchmark Setter when it comes to EV efficiency. Now, if you dont understand electric vehicle efficiency, you just need to know that its just like a petrol or diesel car, the lower the number, the better, so the less energy youre using to do 100ks of driving the better it is and if youre looking at the All wheel drive version its a little bit higher 16.

9 kilowatt hours per 100ks, its got more weight to contend with, and obviously it has more power and torque so its not as efficient as this base model rear wheel drive if youre wondering what Ive seen during this Launch drive and its been mainly country road driving, so not necessarily indicative of what you might do with your EV. You can see the figures for the rear, wheel, drive and all wheel drive models on your screen, and let me know what you think: the Hyundai ioniq 6 scored the maximum five star and cap safety rating against the 2022 criteria, so its got heaps of safety technology. As standard that includes autonomous emergency, braking with pedestrian and cyclist and Junction detection, theres Lane keeping assistance blind, spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and a rear aeb system which will break for pedestrians or objects which is nice to know every model comes with a surround View. Camera and theres plenty of airbag coverage, including a front center airbag as well, but it does have a very annoying speed limit recognition system which beeps every time the speed sign changes and that gets very frustrating just like most other brands. Hyundai offers a five year, unlimited kilometer warranty and for the battery pack theres an eight year, 160 000k warranty service intervals are generous at 24 months or 30 000 kilometers youll see the prices for the first two services on your screen now its not necessarily cheap. To maintain but its not a cheap car either, and if you do maintain your vehicle with Hyundai, you get roadside assistance forever.

If you continue to service it with them, at least so its a pretty good ownership Prospect, so there you have it the Hyundai ioni X6. An intriguing electric sedan that is a great alternative for those who dont want a Tesla and dont, want an SUV, but tell me your thoughts in the comments section below. Would you choose this or would you choose something completely different Id love to hear from you and if you havent already, please do hit like And subscribe.