So this is the redesigned Kia Niro Evie. It is the 2023 version you get 253 miles of range 201 horsepower, which is pretty good for a car of this size and of course, you get an all new look so typical of all EVS. Of course you get the grill thats blackened out and you get it in this glossy finish the piano black look, you have the charging port up front, which is pretty convenient and, of course you have that clamshell bonnet. Look that continues on nicely styled. Headlights, um and theyve got the cube effect inside them and if you come around the side, you can also see a really snazzy pair of alloy wheels, which looks very very nice and the side styling actually gives it a nice racy look uh, you get the contrast. Color panels along the door, you get the contrast, color along the wheel, arches and, of course, this little bit at the C pillar, which gives it a kind of sporty appeal. Doesnt it, and I like the tail lights that come down a little bit. Volvo ish in their look, but they are a little bit of a styled element and the rear is pretty simple and plain. But overall, if you look at it its really well proportioned and its got great Dimensions so, on the inside. What you get for this price is actually very good because it feels classes above the material, the fit finish. Everything feels really great quality, and can you tell its all made out of recycled material? It looks really like leather, but this is all recycled ocean Plastics.

The seats part of the dash a lot of recycled materials used inside this car going with the green team because it is an EV, but very nice finish on the dash. You get the piano black again, you get this little strip that runs right across the metallic strip from one side of the AC vents. Through this floating kind of screen that really looks premium and whats brilliant about it is driving it. You never get any glare off. The screen so its very, very convenient everything is very legible. Clear, crisp, Graphics are good, and for someone like me who wears reading glasses, I dont need to wear reading glasses to look at anything on the screen, and that is an added bonus for me. You get the wireless charger over here you get USB ports, the USB and the USBC Port. You could have a 12 volt charger as well and, of course, that glossy piano black that continues down the center console practical as well lots of storage spaces. You have a little bin back here cup holders. You have another storage space thats inside over. Here you have the glove box, which is pretty decently sized, not too large, but good enough, and of course you have the door pocket holders where you can fit a one. Liter bottle in as well its got a sunroof, so in weather like this, you can enjoy the sunshine and yeah overall on the inside. It is very, very comfortable.

Its convenient, so getting in here is pretty convenient. So if youve got some elderly people in the family, getting in and out of these back seats will be pretty easy for them to see slide into it at hip height, its not too low its, not too high, so very convenient enough amount of leg room over Here, um Im five foot three inches and theres enough room for me and a lot more for a taller person here as well. Neat USB C charges here, tucked into the sides of the seat, which is quite nice, so the rear passengers can have their phones charging. As well, you get an armrest with cup holders, so if you have just two its very convenient and comfortable and you can actually squeeze in a third passenger, if you want there is the seat belt. For the third passenger, there is a headdresser for the third passenger and, of course the floorboard is flat enough for the third passenger to actually have good enough amount of room for them to be sitting in here. So small kids and you can get your whole family into the Kia Niro Evie a pretty spacious package for what it is and theres more space in the boot. So when I say practical I mean practical because you could get a suitcase in here. Its quite a lot of boot space considering the amount of room you have in that back seat and, of course, if you want to open out more you dont have passengers, you can flip and fold these seats down and pretty much carry half your house in this Car too, so its a nice looking car thats well priced.

It has a good amount of range, its a great Runabout, for you know someone whos going back and forth from work. You want to get down to Target, to get something theres enough space.