The NG brand became synonymous with these small little sports cars, and they were great. The MG, for example, bought a lot of financial difficulties, got them into trouble now, with their Chinese owned by saic Motors and in Ireland at least theyre an all electric brand. The mg5 has done really really well in the market. Weve driven it a couple times on this channel and really liked it, but its been updated, now looks a lot better, its at the front that perhaps we see the biggest difference with the older mg5 and I think it looks a lot sharper a lot more angular And modern now, thanks to that refresh weve got the cap at the front. Just there well talk a little bit more about that later mg, but sharper headlights. Just there fake air intakes thats, just a bit of black plastic trim same down here now. This is built on a compromised platform, meaning that theres a combustion engine version of it badged as a rowi in China, its a little bit of air intake there weve got the cameras here. Overall yeah looks a lot better now doesnt it and I think, for the price really really good. Take a moment enjoy the calm. You could be stuck on the N7 with two teething toddlers, but we dont do stress at the AAA. We do Roadside Rescue and our train mechanics fix 8 out of 10 problems at the roadside, buy online. Now at the aaa.

ie, relax, yellow and black have got your back from this angle. We can see that it is an estate theres, so many SUVs out there. Its great to get an all electric estate now and apart from the ports really, which is in a completely different bracket, its pretty much the only one, a lot of chrome around the car weve got the roof rails. There proof of 75 kgs, its also on the door handle and a bit of trim around the side. Relatively Sleek look with a little bit of a spoiler at the back. Now weve got the exclusive trim here today, the upper level, one costs an extra couple of thousand Euros, but we do get the 17 inch alloy wheels with that, as opposed to the 16 inch Aero Wheels around the back, its largely similar to its predecessor. Although I do think theyve tidied it up a little bit now we get a small bit of chrome trim just here, but overall its mostly body colored, and I think it looks quite well a little bit of black plastic trim down the bottom got your cameras in Here because of course, they still have 360 degree Vision around it. Dont always get one of those. These days, thats welcome a little bit of a spoiler at the back there with another rear head tail light lets have a look inside. We dont get a powered tailgate, but were not expecting it at this price point really now.

Weve got 479 liters in there, which is pretty good space. Of course, thats just to the parasol shelf goes up to nearly 600. If you include this bit just here fold the seats down and then were out to about just under 1400 liters overall – and I do like that – theres a few more nooks and crannies in here on the side with a little bit of netting just to stow away Any packages you have and a little bit more space underneath yeah, I think theyre doing well there Music, but lets just spend a moment on the cabin inside were not going to go through every feature here but theres. Some highlights that we want to point out, and I think theyve done a really good job aesthetically now it probably looks a little bit better than it actually is, but I still think its quite nice. A lot of scratchy black Plastics is kind of polished as an aluminum here this kind of denim effect, but its got nice cross stitching in it thats reflected on some of the the buttons on the stalks and overall yeah like it. It does really really well for the price the seats are so much more comfortable than I remember this extra bit of padding in these Ive got good storage space down here. A couple of cup holders: more storage under there, two USBS so overall theyre doing a good job. The infotainment screen here is a decent size, its easy to get it its got shortcut buttons underneath for your volume to go back home youre.

Just turning on air conditioning on and off your D misters, decent driver has been called just here. Resolutions not great, but youve got all the information that you want so speed on the left power. But your range, your battery percentage, Yeah whole host. You can do there, data on how youre driving warning information and loads of other stuff, so yeah inside its quite good for the price. Its absolutely brilliant lets talk charging on the mg5 for a minute Im so happy they put the port here in the middle. So, no matter when you pull into a spot the charger slightly left or right, you can reach it anyway, thats great to see so 11 kilowatts on AC and Im so happy. They brought it into Ireland with the 11 kilowatts, something I criticized the mg4 for not doing then on DC extra two pins there and were up to 87 kilowatts, now thats a little bit underwhelming compared to Modern EV, so obviously better than an older School Nissan Leaf. At 50, kilowatts, but a good bit away from even the mg4. This car is brother, which comes in at about 135 kilowatts and four little lights just there. So you can look out your window and see what stay to charge youre at up to 25, 50, 75 and so on. Well done mg foreign, as we come up to a chicane here, great time to get a feel for the handling, so sharp left roll a little bit and then straight into a sharp right and oh thats it and then release out of the corner whoa.

That feels really good. You know the previous mg5 you didnt, criticize it, but just commented that it lulled it out a little bit in between Corners like that theres just a little good bit of body roll in it. This one seems to be a little bit, tidier a little bit more poised in the corner and it felt good just there and then you come out of that corner and you just release up with a 115 kilowatt motor, which is about 160 horsepower. And this thing will do the north to 100 kilometer an hour Sprint in 7.7. Seconds be good lets face it. The price is probably the most important thing when it comes to the mg5, because its such a value proposition now theres, two levels of spec, so weve got the one here today, at 37, 900 thats the exclusive trim, the more expensive one. Of course, you can spend a little bit less 34 700 euros and get the excite trim so incredible value for money available here and there isnt a huge amount of difference actually between the trim. Bevels you get the alloy wheels a little bit of tech inside such as the heated seats, leather seats and a few other Little Creature Comforts like that. As we do a little three point turn just here. We got to see the cameras in action anytime. You go into reverse, so go back into drive now the cameras dont go away, but they switch camera angles because they know where you are going and then, if I come up to a junction just here now, which is about 50 meters away, I press the left Indicator and the cameras once I get down to a lower speed, will activate so I can see where Im going there we are.

I can see the curb or the pathway on the left, so I know Im not going over anything thats down low over there Bonnet, where I cant see and Ive also got the birds eye view of the whole car and my my surroundings. Great little system space inside the mg5 is pretty good. Now weve got that big old battery underneath the floor just there, so it lifts the height up slightly weve got a slightly higher seating position, but do we lose out on height? Well, no Im, six foot, two 1.88 meters for a bit of context, and I still have that much Headroom there. Now I do have the seat set all the way down electrically adjustable by the way, which is great so Ray can reach on the steering wheel. So its nice and easy just to find that comfortable position. So you can rest your arm for the long Motorway cruises lets see what its like in the back now and a bit of space carries through. Thankfully, now just a reminder that I am six foot, two and criticism of the older mg5 was that you couldnt tuck your feet underneath, and they seem to have gotten rid of that problem here now that seat is set all the way down and I can still Fit my toes under slightly higher floor means that theres a little bit of a gap there at my legs. But you know what its still quite comfortable and quality of the seats are good theres extra padding in this latest mg5, and it just feels quite nice and comfortable and theyve, followed through with the quality materials in the back here.

Ive got decent leg space there and head height yeah. I know if I have to really stretch out to get my head to touch the top, but I can easily sit here comfortably enough and have a couple of inches to spare thats, quite a big door. Actually as well so you can fit in and out quite easily and another thing across the back here, a flat floor, so even for that Central passenger, although they do sit a little bit higher its still comfortable little cubby pouch just there in a couple of USB Connections and if you do want it, youve got an armrest here with a couple of cup holders. Yeah theyve done well electric windows as well good chance to talk about the adaptive cruise control or mg pilot, and it really is excellent in this car. So weve got the stock just down here by the steering wheel, so you click the outside button and that will set it then up and down to go up and down by five kilometers an hour. But if you twist the knob as well, you can choose how far away you want to follow the car in front and theres three different stages there, and it just makes those longer Journeys on motorways and dual carriages. So much more comfortable and the car will largely steer for you. So if youre going around the M50 or on the motorway from you know, or past Galway or cork to Dublin, or something like that, the car will just steer for itself and itll modulate the accelerator.

As well so you come up behind the truck and itll slow down and follow the truck, and then you just overtake – and it will continue about its business again. It really is excellent system. Now the Teslas that Ive been in the Ford Mustang wear a little bit more refined and a little bit better, a little bit more functionality, but theyre twice the price in some cases. So this is superb a note on the wheels when it comes to the mg5. Now we have the exclusive spec here today, its two and a half three thousand Euros extra and we get upgraded to these very very nice, 17 inch Alloys. I think they look great but bear in mind estimated range on these is up to 379 kilometers. But if you spent less money – and you got the Aero hubcaps on the 16 inch ones, it would be 405 and thats a 26 kilometer difference now in the real world. That might difference might only be you know: 20 kilometers, but still its significant and may well be a factor for some people. I like the way mg use regen, so regen is short for regenerative breaking and its one of the great things about EVS is that when you want to slow down, you dont have to press the brake pedal to use, friction brakes and the brake pads to slow. You down, you simply just lift your foot off the accelerator and then the motor harnesses energy of the moving car slows you down and puts energy back into the battery and its just its great.

So then, coming down a little Hill here and up to a corner and carrying 60 kilometers an air and in the top setting what Im going to do now, just show you with my hand as well, is take my foot off the accelerator now down to 50.. No one behind me down to 40. 30. 20. Im going to continue on because Im on a road, but that will slow me all the way down to walking pace. And once I do put my foot on the brake to stop, weve got Auto hold here. Yeah. They do it really really well, and you can change that to three different levels, so I have it on the highest at three at the moment, so flick this button down here by the gear selector to two and to one you cant turn it off completely. For that youd have to put into neutral but thats coasting. We dont want to do that. For me, I put it up into three maximum regen maximum power in sport mode its great. So what do we make of the mg5 overall loved our time with it? It really is astonishing the value for money in this car the amount of features that they give you with the range the space inside at pretty much 35 000 Euros is absolutely astounding now. Is it perfect? No, its not. I mean visually its not going to appeal to everybody, the user interface. I still find a little bit laggy and grayscale.

Some of the buttons are small and the quality, the finish the materials are inside, they kind of look a little bit better than they actually are. But then you pinch yourself and you go think about the price it actually is just brilliant. So fundamentally, I think the mg4 is a better car and if you dont need the space, I would go for that. But if you do want the space youre, a young Family, Taxi Driver, this is the one to go for because it really is exceptional.