It was very motivating because Evie content in Kolkata is still developing and watching his channel and watching his videos. His walk arounds kind of motivated me that Im still on the right track. I am not really absolutely absolutely Music. Namaste, everyone welcome back to my channel review, walk around foreign foreign um, its it is inspiring because in Kolkata following EVs and the entire uh culture is slowly developing and thanks to nikhil, we are able to see more videos and more content of Evie. That is very much important to be developed in Kolkata his uh. You know knowledge about EVS that we are still all learning about, so I think it is doing a very good job and we really look forward to more Philippines. First of all, that means a lot. He can, but you know it is, it is heart touching it is overwhelming, because what do you do jealousy viewers? What is your profession? What do you do? Yes, so Im in I.T profession, so I am almost around 14 15 years and uh. My daily running is 25 kilometers per day. My is in Newtown, and my primary purpose of getting an AV was not just get an EV, because I really want to save on something, but this entire ecosystem that is slowly developing is really important. After Tata, Nexon then came cigarivi, which also started to develop, but I was always prone to hatchback. When will hatchback TV come in, Hyundai grind heightened so how many years did you drive that car uh, nine and a half years? Yes, because I really wanted to try out and because we all knew that that this is the future, there is no way I dont want to spend so much only on something that is slowly going down.

This is an investment guys. I always keep saying one thing guys just like what I am said. He keeps saying one thing that easy is the future and easy is the future, but we have to invest in that future. If you want to help the environment, if you want to help the economy, if you want to help the technology, you have to invest into it. What model is this, so this is the exit plus specular, its open, various right, so it was uh. The MRP was 11.29 and after that, the insurance and the local uh tax that we that we got upstairs from Portugal, its coming to 11.9 warranty. No, it is there yeah three years ago and Ive been told that after this, during the first service we might get popular from here. So let me tell you something: um, my Tata Nexon is uh two and a half years. Now, literally close to that, you have time to extend the warranty up to three years. Since I was moving from Grand I10. There were some features where I was very comfortable like foreign, but then I realized I did miss some very important pieces, like driver seat, height, adjust or the rear uh. So this time I was like you know, I will go for the top ingredient and Im not regressing it at all. The amount of features that Im getting in over here uh is very, very helpful. He is driving 35 kilometers a day right, uh City man, thats.

Okay, but are you planning to take any long trips as well? Yes, I do have in the future, not really not near about but um the way of planning uh reaching the destinations trying to find out the charges is if everything suits well. Why not I? I know this is a pure City card, but I dont want to restrict myself or to the entire. I mean industry so that you cannot take an hour. It is still possible only if you really plan it out. You have your destination uh. You have your time, you know where the charges charges are, you have backups and then once you reach the destination, the hotels are slowly also helping us in kind of promoting or kind of helping out with each other infrastructure that is still developing, but compared to what We had last year, we do see changes and that is growing astronomically. Let up first things. First, you know um its, not a battery packet. The battery pack is uh how many kilowatts 24K 24 kilowatts. What is the company claiming the range? The company says? Its 315. philanthropy so guys, please understand something: 24 kilowatts, 315. And how much are you getting range right now? I am slowly developing it so right now its around 190 200 with AC and vision. If you want to derive range from an EV, you have to drive it in a certain way, so uh, if youre getting towards it. No, its a good thing, because when I took a test drive of this car guys 240 to 250 with AC, this car will easily give you reason days its a light.

Car 24 kilohertz battery, I believe, from ten percent to 100, which is very good portable charger. So quick tip for you, if you are planning to go for a long trip Ill, give you a contact of one person who will give you that portable extension cord okay? You know it is very important because when you go to hotels, because they are already aware that its an electric vehicle – and they have to give you a 16 ampere power point right – you will get it easily foreign as well. I think they have not. What about the boot space I mean um? Yes, the gold space is adequate uh. We do. We definitely know it is not as as bigger than compared to the IC version or, if I see looks like Granite but uh. It is quite adequate for Daily city news and we can run absolutely adequate absolutely, and I believe so its me, my wife and my three year old and we we definitely go out on the weekends within the cities. Also and as I mentioned, traveling outside is also on the reader foreign guys. The first thing is, thank God Ill. Tell you why? Because let the smell be let the car marinate right in the smell first and then, when its done, probably you can buy some uh nice uh, nice, perfume. Okay. What is the first thing that attracts you as an owner in the car first thing that attracted you yeah.

I think the view that is uh, that is there in the Thiago Evie that Ive seen the the way the comfort of the CH of the seeds are and the height in which it is. I think it really helps and obviously, with the option of driver seat height adjust, it really is comfortable and you get a very good view in the front and a commanding position of stories of holding the steering wheel is very good. I mean coming again coming from my experience with the grand I10 yeah. Absolutely it was very smooth and I was kind of uh a bit uh thinking about it. How would the steering be on a Tata car? But since this is my first Tata card and that too on the Tiago uh, the steering this ones is very smooth, its really really good. I that I have tested, so I can totally vouch for it. But what about the Interiors? I mean just just just look at the Interiors, I mean this white, I mean white, beige, leathered seeds, leathered seeds, I mean, but this entire white looks very premium very premium and almost spacious right. So your friends and family. What was what was the best comedy, but what were the compliments that were flowing in? I think they cant right Comfort. I mean my wife since uh. She also rides with me a lot of a lot of the time she did observe. You know major increase in Comfort area, especially in their rear seats.

That is also very, very important uh, even though its a hatchback, even though you know you, we all know the rules of Kolkata, but because of the suspension that we are noticing. Oh, yes, is really really comfortable and yeah I mean its its. What about the AC I mean AC is pretty cool, I mean um, I dont, I dont see any issues as of now its it does gets uh cooled up pretty fast. It is not as good as the Hyundai I10. This is what our viewers want to know, but maybe maybe take some time. Also one thing about this AC guys Im, not a huge fan of Tata AC. It takes a little time to cool down to cool the cabin, but when it cools its okay right, not a huge fan, so okay, uh, AC and uh, sometimes not responsive. So so you said that you know uh, since your item did not really have any airbags, but this one have uh have two airbags. You know there is because you have a family. You have your son, you have your wife who you generally drive around with, but what about this dashboard I mean uh I10 and this. What is the difference that you feel uh? The quality is different and Im finishing touch the yeah, the overall plastic yeah theyre over fit – and finish is definitely you know. Hyundai much had better its famous. First of all, you are driving a manual car petrol now its an electric automatic.

What is your first feeling in one and a half months that you have? What is the difference, biggest difference of driving this EV calling the biggest difference, I would say in terms of controlling the car, while accelerating or while slowing down uh, especially with this region, feature it really helps in um breaking on its own, rather than applying the brakes. More so in way the brakes, the life is getting extended, Ill. Tell you something! Sorry yeah about the region. I remember you said that you generally drive out to region one okay. Now this is a tip that Im sharing with you, since you are a new CB driver, always keep it on Region 3, whether youre in city or in Highway always keep it in three because uh when it breaks faster, youll get used to it. You have to just get used to that single pedal driving, because if you regen your car will start giving you more right more range huh. I see you have put a dash cam. So have I its a very important feature guys if it it will? I am just 4 seeing it being included as a part of a safety feature in the near future. Yes, it will be. You are paying 12 lakh rupees for a car or 19 lakh rupees or an expensive amount to buy an EV. If you are driving in City, you know, enjoy the car drive it on a sports mode every now and then just feel the car.

I mean you dont really have to be a range concerned all the time. If you are within the city, you dont have to be rain. Not talking about that fine very interesting point so range anxiety. Have you do you have range anxiety with this vehicle? No because my primary purpose of driving it within the city and then going home and charging it once a week is more than sufficient for me. So youre charging me just once a week once a week from ten percent to 100 from yeah around 15 to 15.. So when it is 10 to 15, are you not getting panicked, hey whats, going to happen, no youve done the calculation already? Yes, because I plan my trips in that way. So if I know that my return trip from offices Beyond a certain amount – I I I charge it before so just a quick one for you, I Ill show you the difference. So ion has driven 1.6 kilometers and he has grain 173 uh watts per kilometer. Now he the route that he will take once hes completed, I will take the same route and I will probably try to show him what is the best way he can drive this car to get the good range, its just sharing best practices Im sure he would Encourage – and he would appreciate that because end of the day, its gon na him and all of you is right right, okay, guys so oil has driven around 5.

5 kilometers. He has uh, you know, consumed around 130 uh watts per kilometer range when he started. He started at 57 hes at 54 right now, Im in the moment. I start this. You will see it goes back to 54., so I have taken this vehicle at 54 uh. He has got the range of from 58 to so sorry for 57 to 54, which is three percent and 5.5 kilometers, which is roughly uh, 180 kilometers Music, so guys, Ive put the car on Region 3, and here we go so well also try to try to Drive around maximum two to three kilometers and see basically Joe uh. What per kilometer percentage so lets see? Okay, okay, so lets see so I had taken it at 54. It is at 50, 28, just 52 minutes, 5.4 kilometers, which is which is close to what iron had driven at the same time, 105 watt per kilometer energy drain out here, which is definitely less than so. When you tell me now key what difference I mean, you saw me driving okay, so what is uh the difference? Did you feel indifference? Yes, definitely I mean using region more is helpful and definitely the the style of increasing the speed, accelerating this. Maintaining the speed at uh correct, so those are the differences that I so you try this you try this and you ping me tell me if it has improved uh, also guys so uh. It was a pleasure.

It was a pleasure knowing you uh. It was a pleasure uh, knowing from you about your experience on the Tata Tiago TV final word of iron is very happy. I am very happy that Owen is happy because it is the future invest in the future and once again guys till then take care. God bless, I love you all.