Car reviews in under 10 minutes lets get started. Navi has done very well selling their gas Equinox for a while now and in 2024 they are adding an EV version to compete with the rising EV models from the competition and a world going electric and with expensive electric options, Chevys estimated to offer a more affordable Suv EV, which would be a great thing for individuals and families who are looking to buy a roomy EV option without draining their wallets. If youre loving the idea of an equinox EV, then stay tuned today. Well, look at the different Trims and details that matter most to you to determine which will be the best bang for your buck, but it was information in todays video come direct from Chevy or from Car and Driver lets Dive In the 2024 Equinox EV will be Available in five different trims, the 1lt 2LT 3lt, 2rs and 3rs that base level 1lt is estimated to start at thirty thousand dollars and all the way at the top of the ladder at the 3rs estimated start at forty four thousand dollars. So between these five trims, you have a fourteen thousand dollar price range as well, and hopefully that allows you to have a trim that you, like the look of um and a price point that you can afford uh to be able to get one of these comfortably And I think thats great that theres one starting as low as thirty thousand dollars.

It is more basic, obviously being the base trim, but you know it allows you to get a vehicle for actually quite a low price, especially for an EV looking at the engine here, and this is an EV. Obviously so itll have a single electric motor for this setup front wheel. Drive will give you 210 horsepower 242 pound feet of torque. If you opt for the all wheel, drive setup, you get more power, 290 horsepower 346 pound feet of torque and thats plenty of power to uh to dust any gas engines. Next to you at the stoplight. So dont worry about that transmission is said to be a single speed. Automatic drivetrain, as I just kind of stated, uh front wheel, drive, is standard. All wheel drive is an option to get you that some more power there as well MPGs. This is also range um. The 1lt has a smaller battery pack, uh thats, going to give you 250 miles of range on a full charge. The rest of the trims have a larger battery pack. Thatll get you 300 miles of full charge on the front wheel, drive setup and just below that on the all wheel, drive you get 280 miles on a full charge. Take a look at the Equinox now and the pictures released by Chevy. While we talk about some of the features, this design resembles the gas version very well, but can easily be distinguished as its own EV version, futuristic and modern design inside and out.

This is a very sharp looking vehicle base level gets. You 19 inch wheels that arent the greatest design most fancy design, but thats, okay, 20 to 21 inch wheels can be optioned in depending on which or comes standard depending on which trim you get. You can also get a two tone: white roof on the LT trims and a black roof option on the RS, which I think is great, because usually you know on models. When you go up a chain of trims, you still get all the same color options, but this actually gives you some differentiation there. I think thats a cool touch overall, climbing the trim ladder gets you elevated, exterior standard features such as nicer Wheels, wheel, colors and overall, just sharper looks as it is really with any model. The benefactor trim. You get the more expensive trim. You get more, you pay. You know the better looking vehicle youre going to get, but overall I think this is an exterior is quite sharp and uh well hold up very well against the competition and probably sell a lot as well. I think the best bang for your buck in my eyes is going to be the 3lt. It falls in the middle of the trim and price ladder brings more standard features without being the highest possible price going lower or higher will also get you a great vehicle. You know you dont have to just get this one uh time will tell how well this model holds up, no matter which trim its obviously pre production.

This has not been um, you know driven by reviewers yet, but I have no reason to believe this will be a poor performing vehicle. Chevy has a great reputation, so does the Equinox, you know why would the EV be any different, the interior now and those pictures that have been released by Chevy? This is a very stylish interior for the money. Although the base trim is, as it sounds, pretty basic and youre not getting a lot of good, looks or really you know that many creature at all going with the upper trim to get you some cool features such as cooler, colors and better materials uh. This is said to be very suitable uh when it comes to legging Headroom, no issues there, not Ample Storage Room in the back, but still up to 57 cubic feet of storage with the back seat, folded down plenty of room for you, no matter what you got To bring along, I dont think most people ever need to haul more than 57 cubic feet of items at a time. But if you need to youll be up fox eating, materials are on the basic trim, moving up to available white and then adrenaline red on the RS trims, which looks super cool. These Sinister 11 inch digital gauge cluster comes standard on each model. The 1lt has an 11 inch infotainment screen the 2LT and the 2rs come standard with that 11 inch as well, but I have an optional 17 inch and the 3lt and 3rs have the 17 inch screen standard.

Obviously, 17 inches is way bigger than 11 inches. So thats a major upgrade that you can get if you climb the trim ladder, features havent been released yet, but expect them to be the same kind of that Chevy offers on everything. This is also supposed to have all the basic safety features that you should expect from a vehicle. In 2024. interview guys, I love seeing this model coming out from Chevy adding to their lineup. I think this EV fits right in line with kind of what they would need to come out with next, as the gas one is so popular, you know sharp design inside and out and for a very reasonable price. You know this is actually very well priced gas SUV, let alone an EV. You know you see all these EVS coming out. That are, you know way over fifty thousand dollars at least um. So this is great. You know if, if you are an individual, just want this or you know youre, you have a family and you need an SUV and youre wanting to you know stay on this trend that the world is going towards with electric cars, and you know you want an Option that you can actually afford that offers some nice qualities. You know youre, not just driving around in a dud lemon that you know that you hate. You know this is going to be a cool option. You know this is a good looking vehicle and very functional.

So hopefully theres an option here that you like and that you can get if this is what you want. Hopefully, this video related information out in a clear way for you guys thank you for watching this best car review.