Nissan used all this experience to create the most Innovative Leaf to date, its got an exterior that slices through air, its intuitively designed surprisingly spacious and packed with the latest available Tech driving leap is truly an electrifying experience, but were going to start by figuring out which Leaf is right for you, Music, with Leaf youve got options. The s model has a range of up to 149 miles. If you need to go farther step up to the SV Plus for enhanced performance and up to 212 miles per charge. Lets talk about Leafs Next Level, technology Leaf, loves Tech check out all the cool stuff. You can do with your connected device. Use the available Nissan connect, EVN Services app to get instant access to your Leaf check your batterys current status, charging progress or even find your Leaf in a parking lot. Heat up or cool down leaves cabin before you ever get in for instant comfort. Your Nissan Leaf can alert you when its charged, but theres even more to love about leaf on the inside lets check it out. We streamlined the EV light by giving you all the info. You want right where you need it: customize your digital display with a power meter, a charge time screen and more and in the center of your dash, you can find charge station support and even filter it by type wheat seamlessly helps keep you in the know and On the go, but what about staying connected Leafs, not that solved too, and, unlike other EVS, you dont need to learn a whole new interface.

Just plug in with Android, auto and leaf becomes an extension of your compatible smartphone Leaf. Can keep you connected. Music driving has its challenges. Fortunately, Leeds got some great solves. First, give your foot a break with e pedal, just flip the switch and drive with one pedal press down on the accelerator to go and ease off the same pedal to slow down this way. Its way more fun, switching from City driving to Mountain Roads want to smooth out your drive even more no problem, just activate available propilate assist, set your speed and distance and leave can help. Keep you centered in your lane and when the car ahead of you begins to break Leaf, can slow down even to a stop and when traffic picks up Leaf will start moving again automatically want a car that looks out for you Leaf. Has a camera system that helps you see and sense more on all four sides intelligent or round view monitor, gives you a virtual drone, like composite 360 view that lets you see all sides when you park, even in those tight compact spaces leap, also helps you see, And sense more when youre driving, what, if someone suddenly steps out in front of you, Lee, can detect that and help break for you and when youre backing out of your parking spot or driveway rear cross traffic alert can warn you about detective Vehicles creeping up from Either side or if you dont, see a large stationary object when youre backing up Leaf can sense, it help you stop and potentially avoid a fender bender.

What, if youre changing lanes and you dont see a car in the blind spot area leave can detect it alert. You and help guide you back into your lane, because Leafs and EV theres no bump in the floor from a conventional transmission. This means you can stretch out your legs and carry more stuff with the seats up Leaf, easily accommodates up to five and still gives you ample room for luggage. With the seats down Leaf can fit a bike, no need to pop off the wheel. It just slides right in with Leaf youll, have room for just about any Adventure when it comes to charging. If you know how to charge one of these, then you know how to charge one of these at home. Just plug your Leaf into your level. 2 charger. Youll be fully charged in seven and a half hours with the S model or 11 hours with the SD plus, which means every morning Lee wakes up, refreshed recharged and ready to go. If you want to supercharge, ask Lee to find you a level 3 DC fast charger plug into one of these and youll be up to 80 percent in as little as 45 minutes just enough time to call an old friend and catch up. How easy is that thoughtfully, designed with versatility and Tech that Smooths out your drive, its no wonder the Nissan Leaf still goes.