This week we have the 2023 Kia Nero e v. It gets over 240 miles of range Kia says you can charge from 20 to 80. In 30, minutes on a DC, fast charger and much of the materials inside are made from recycled products, lets go inside and check out those recycled materials and then lets take a fourth Spin and see just how this Nero Stacks up to other EVS on the road. Well, I dont know about you, but at first glance, Id be hard pressed to tell if this was made from a recycled material. When I first heard about the recycled material, I was thinking this was probably going to be something a little less than desirable, but I couldnt have been more wrong. Even though Kia has really made a big push toward electrification and being more environmentally friendly, they have kept their vehicles very familiar. Most things in this car operate just like any other ice vehicle on the road. Today, many of you are asking for that and thats, probably one of the biggest takeaways from Tesla that most people dont like Kia. Has you covered no big learning curve if youve driven any modern car over the last five years? You can hop right in this Nero and operate it no problem. The learning curve is shorter and speaking of short learning curve. Everything on this dashboard is relatively easy to work and figure out, except for AC and radio and thats the first time once you figure it out its really easy.

But I really like the way we could control radio volume temperature all from these two knobs here on the dashboard, this one knob acts as your volume control and when you choose this selector, it changes this whole instrument panel to your HVAC controls. Then, if you want to use touchscreen, you can do that here as well, then below that we have a USB USBC, fast charger, as well as a wireless charging pad that works. Well so far, also you have push button start. You have all your controls here. For your heated seats, ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, you have a dial for your gear, selections, reverse neutral drive and you push it to park. You can have large cup holders and these cup holders actually fold away to make for extra storage space when you dont have cups here and youll need it, because this storage is really small in here on this nice leather, wrapped steering wheel, you have all your controls For your radio telephone cruise control and your menu options here on the infotainment system, also, you have here what looks like paddle shifters, but these are actually controls for your regenerative brakes. Whenever I take my foot off of the accelerator, the vehicle automatically slows down that slowing down has a dual purpose: one you dont have to use the brake and go back and forth, and second, it actually regenerates and put more power back to your battery. Also, keeping up with the technology, you have rain sensing, windshield wipers and wind swiper control for that back window on this stock.

You have Auto on and off headlights as well as Auto dimming headlights great for late nights on those dark back roads. I really like the way the smart cruise control works with the lane keep the seat. Not only did this Nero have the cruise control with steering assist. It also shows you here on the heads up display that all of your functions are in play and working keeping the vehicle Center in its Lane. If you keep your hands off the wheel too long, itll give you a nudge, and now the EVS are becoming more of a family vehicle they have to perform well here in the second row: Im 510: I have great leg room here, so your kids can actually Grow up in the back seat of this car, we have USB charging ports on the back of both seats, so no fighting over there AC vents here. You dont have a third climate control, but they do have AC vents book bags and those kind of things do end up blocking these, especially when youre picking up the kids from school. But it wouldnt be enough to keep me from purchasing this Nero. You have seat back pockets on both sides cup holders here and this folds away. If you have to carry a third person, itll be a little bit tight but its not bad, because remember: EVS dont have a Powertrain, so theres no hump here in the middle. So the second, the third passenger doesnt, have to worry about being inconvenienced by that huh heated outboard seats with controllers right here on the door for your second row, passengers and it comes from the factory with this tent because its an SUV.

So it keeps the second row really cool. So also when were thinking about an EV or an SUV is a family vehicle, its got to be convenient for parents and the people who actually pay for it. That means you got to have ease of access to the cargo area as well as good cargo capacity. So, as you can see, as we approach the rear of this Nero theres, an audible alert that recognizes the key is in my pocket. It gives an alert, and if I stay there long enough, the hatch opens without having to do a thing now that were here. This is good cargo space for a compact SUV, theres, even a little bit of storage here below the floor. This is where your charging cables are stored and your charging inverter, because, yes, you can run a tailgate from this Nero watch any other Auto Insider videos, you know were always looking for maximum capacity and configurability well, the Nero has you covered there as well. 60. 40 fold and second row seats. They fall right out of your way and gives you access to get all those things on from Walmart, Sam Clubs. Costco, you know – and here again is where I think Kia like on the ev6 missed out on a prime opportunity to have extra storage here on this Nero. You would think if theres no engine here there would be more space for cargo in the front like some of the other EVS on the road, but because you do have a little additional storage your battery is here.

Your fuse box is in here your controls for your windshield wiper, fluid power steering fluid all those things are housed here in this compartment, so they did make good use of it. Just think they could have made better use by making it just completely. Cargo storage and speaking of better use whenever we get an electric vehicle at our homes to charge most of us, journalists dont have our own charging station. Well because my wife chose for that other electric car. We do have a charger in our garage and I also went out and purchased this adapter. That allows me to charge any EV using my Tesla charger. So we were able to keep this Kia Niro charged up for the week is right here right where your fuel would be. It tells us we have to have 198 miles of range left on this drive all the time we have the day on the auto Insider, but for more whats, new whats, hot and whats not be sure to follow us on Facebook. Instagram YouTube then download the SoundCloud app and listen to all of our reviews in their intern. The 2023 Kia Nero EV. Is it hot or is it not? There are a lot of EVS that are faster, have more range and, some might even say, could be more aesthetically pleasing. However, after driving this vehicle for a week, rain is plenty. The ride is comfortable and the technology really makes us feel like were driving a car that we can keep really long time, so this 2023 Nero it may not be hot, but its very warm until next week, Im Daryl killing it for the auto in time.