So can this take on the likes of the Porsche takan and really reinvent the hyper GT car well lets find out. We know you love the fully charged show. So why not come to one of our Global live shows in 2023 and 2024.. The next shows are in the UK, specifically farnborough and Harrogate get your tickets. Today, Applause theyve gone full on bananas and decided to actually make their concept car and put it on the road into this production version. We see here today now the X had a lot of features a lot of quirks in it, but this their pure electric hypercar GT has really upped the tech, but also some small issues as well. Now imagine for a second that youre, a car company. You have an unlimited budget, so you go to the Car Supermarket and you buy all of the best things. A very fast top speed LED lights. Massive Wheels, big Brembo brakes lidar. Then you go to the accountants and the engineers they say. Maybe not. You know the budget, this engineering, that at Hi Fi, I think they were taking a day off because everything theyve asked for is in this car. It has everything now lets look at the front of the Hi Fi Zed, because it looks like its from Japan theres a lot of Nissan GTR Vibes for those Gran Turismo fans out there. It looks unbelievable. You have these massive 22 inch wheels which come as standard and Behind These are those Brembo four pop brakes coming down the side.

We have the two doors, and these are suicide. Doors theyve also got LEDs in here, and this one can be programmed to say words. So you can say hello cyclist, as the door opens now it does have a low drag coefficient of 0.27 and the back end here is a bit of a mess, its a bit of a jumble of Lights, theres LEDs down here across here around here over here. So for a hypercar GT, you would expect this to have a pretty decent boot space, but for a card thats over five meters, long come on button. This has a paltry 316 liters of boot space yeah the back seat occupants have a lot of space. You can only really fit two bags of luggage in here and I think thats a bit of an issue Music on the interior of the car. You do feel like that. Futuristic look has been continued in here, however, one of my biggest frustrations is push button closed doors just give me a handle. Please I just want to handle uh thats, not the only thing which annoys me in the door. Its also got. These uh Touch button. Uh controls for the the windows which youve got no tactile feel whatsoever. That is quite frustrating. However, all of the material quality in here is very high. Quality Ive got these lovely purple seat belts that my school uniform used to be that color and then its all about this Tech and the system in here Ive actually got three screens around me.

You can only see one but Ive got an HUD in front of me. Ive got this 15.05 inch AMOLED screen here and Ive got the screen here because you cant see out the back. So you need the camera there. Now Ive got a lovely control down here. That controls my uh drive mode – reverse neutral, drive, thats quite easy. Now the screen is very interesting, because this is the first screen to use something called the Unreal Engine in displaying the graphics of the car. Now Unreal Engine is something that computer games use to make things. Look even more realistic and Im really happy to see it move over into the car world. So very impressive Tech of all of these features in here it says how Frank is open its not. Maybe we havent closed it properly um and its got like your usual Maps. You know navigation, your menus for your heat, seater ventilation, etc, etc, etc, and its also got this Hi Fi go this system which listens to every command that you give it its also always on so its even coming up with the English that Im saying right now, Which is a little bit odd? The other thing is because its got no bash here for uh Speedo. The speedo is actually up here and even if this whole system crashes, we were told this will stay in place because its on a different system again Way Beyond my understanding and knowledge, but impressive Tech.

Nonetheless. Now this is a place that I can really enjoy, because I have loads and loads of leg room. The front seat is set up for me, driving and in there Ive got a lot of leg room. However, the floor is actually quite high. Its quite a flat floor quite high, and so my legs are a bit like this, and the seats are quite low because the roofs, slow so theres. A few compromises in here, which I think kind of Dent The Experience slightly. However, most people are going to be driving this in that seat probably wont have many passengers here, maybe just a couple of kids: the car comes in both 4C and five seat versions. Weve got the five seat version now in here. What features do I get? I can close my door with a button up here again electronic slightly irritating but whats. Most impressive is in here because not only Ive got my customy cup holders, but Ive got a six, a six inch screen here and I can control the music. I can control the air conditioning its very responsive. I can control the angle of the seat. Uh air conditioning in here heat seater theres a lot packed in this little screen, whether you can actually use it to watch uh TV or something probably a bit small for that youll be playing on your phone anyway, but again lots of tech packed in quite a Small space, the other thing Id like to point out, is again that lack of rear window does make.

It feel a little bit claustrophobic in here, because youve only got this small window here your window here and thats. Why theyve got the glass roof, because that really helps with the feeling of space, but back here it does feel a bit unusual. Should we say now theres a lot of little frustrations about this car Im sure if I lived with it for a month Id get used to it, but as a new user theres a lot of little things, which kind of are a bit annoying the key again. The key last time with the Hi Fi X, the key, was very frustrating. Why not just have a simple open, close open boot, no, its double click. This double click that and you dont, really know what it does. Am I going to lock the car double click. Dont know that one note that one note you see, you do double click here, double click here and the boot opens. So I dont theres no Rhyme or Reason. Yes, I could probably learn all the little tricks, but its quite frustrating another one. Is these doors which look fantastic, really easy to open? But even if someone was standing there like our cameraman foreign, it will stop opening. Oh, it doesnt doesnt this time, if Im standing here now, of course that helps if theres cyclists going past, but sometimes its just like. Let me have more control over my door. Dont make everything electronic because it just gets a little bit frustrating, and you know Tech does go wrong sometimes and weve been playing about with this car today and some things dont always work, so definitely not perfect, Music Applause.

When you first get into this car its really hard to know how this car is going to drive, is it going to be that hyper car GT? Is it going to be like a sports car? Is it going to be like a massive luxury Saloon? Well, of course, because its Hi Fi its all of those, if you want it to be a hooligan on the motorway, you do 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, which is ridiculously fast for a car which weighs over 2500 kilos if youre gliding along it. Its really Supple, the feeling is the steering feeling is lovely, but the suspension is Sublime. Its got the air suspension its reading the road and adjusting it all the time it just really is a very confident and fantastic car, a great all rounder. Now you would think a car which is so big and pretty heavy would be not very nice to drive around the corners, but the whole feeling of this car is very much like a sports. Car theyve really captured the feeling, and I think theyve done a great job in just how it feels on the road. The steering wheel is really good. It feels great its got these plus and minus paddles here, which puts it into sports mode so, which means were even more responsive. You put push the minus button. It goes into Comfort mode, its pretty cool its, not quite like a flappy paddle on a Ferrari, but you know I quite like it lovely metal feeling as well.

Now the comfort in this car you cant, forget about the Comfort, because these seats are like racing seats. Theyre very low down, they hug you in the sides and they just feel both comfortable theyre, really soft in the back, but then theyre quite grippy when youre going a bit mad around the corners. So again, Hi Fi doing everything very, very well two electric motors one in the front, one in the back and they put out about 494 kilowatts of power and a massive 810 newton meters of torque. Again, my heads up display is very clear. Its showing me my speed how much range and the direction on the sat nav and the drive mode thats very clear, very similar thats. All I really need from that. So is this a luxury car? Is it a hyper car? Is it a GT car, its everything, its a bit of everything, Hi Fi in their usual way, have combined everything to make a new category of car, and I really like it for that Music. My question is this: who is going to buy one of these honestly? I dont know, but I know theres been a few thousand buyers already here in China and its going to do reasonably well on the market. However, I really think this is more important, because this is the Pinnacle of Chinese design right now, the Pinnacle of Chinese technology right now and its all in one car in one package.