It only comes in the long range battery, but, as you can see from the front of the car, its been completely redesigned much more elegant, much more streamlined, keyless entry. Keyless start 17 inch wheels are standard on the on the trophy range which this is full leather. On the top of the range plenty of room in the back for the family five seats, two isofix weve actually borrowed a prop here. So theres an mg suitcase doesnt come with a car Im afraid, but just to show you you can get plenty of luggage in the back and thats, with the seats up seats down its over 1500 liters so now lets take it for a spin, see how she Drives on the road different conditions go through some of the features my seat set up six way: electric seats. Oh a little bit, you said, telescopic steering wheel, push button start and off we go, as you can see, were in the middle of the beautiful Richmond Park. So it wont be able to drive particularly fast, but we get faster a little bit later on Music Music. Thank you so, while were putting along down there under 20 miles an hour, gives me a good chance to show you some of the features digital display for the speedo. What you can see on the dashboard at the moment is the cruise control settings so adaptive cruise control very useful on longer Journeys all the audio controls on the left hand, side, Music, automatic lights, automatic wipers.

They really are very well equipped these MGs to run the cyclists over a little bit warm in here, its more like it. What I like about this mg5 youve got these two handy switches on the left hand side here, so you can quickly change the power of the regen braking three different settings, less powerful, more powerful, and you can also quickly change the the the power mode of the Car from Eco to normal to sport – and it really is very responsive in sport mode – oh hes, nice around here, though its really nice – and we love him this Summer, things coming to life, can you turn into a sightseeing tour of Richmond? If youre, not careful? Oh lovely house, yeah dont, like the windows eh Ill, be careful not to go too fast as well. So one of the features of the the new MGS is the auto brake hold its very useful but often have to demonstrate it. So if we come to a slow moving traffic like here, because its an automatic car theyll constantly want to move unless youve got your foot on the brake, so if I let go the brake, it will move forwards. If I push this little button here engages the brake hold, and now I can take my foot off the brake and the car doesnt move so automatically releases. The second you touch the accelerator so for situations like this with a little bit of traffic, it really just means you dont have to sit with your foot on the brake, because that can become a little bit tiresome, especially if youre stuck in a long long traffic Jam so as the traffic starts to slow down, stop use the regen braking just to slow the car down as much as possible.

Try not to use the brake gives you the best uh the best range out of an electric car. So now, when you do have to stop, let the car slow itself down use the brake at the last minute, anyways youre going to stop now. Is it so now it comes to a standstill. Little green pea comes up above the mole, the myelometer, and now the brakes locked touch the accelerator and Away you go Music, so now were going to head up onto the M4 just so we get a little bit speed up and show you. The cruise control works. Its an incredibly smooth car to drive it really. The suspension is terrific, so lets just get ready for a little bit more speed, Im going to switch it up from eco mode. A couple of notches up. There can feel it change the power straightway up into sport. Its a bit small for me than it is for you, but this is where we hear a solid traffic jam. I shouldnt have said it. Should I laughs its an mg5 youve got the cruise control sticks just down the bottom here, its a separate stick, put it towards you to get it ready for use once you get used to it. Its really easy to use push the set button to keep you at the speed. Youre, going up or down goes up and down in five mile increments flick it away from you to cancel, pull it back towards you to re, engage because its adaptive it locks onto the car in front and keeps you that specified distance from the vehicle in front Of you, which you can change by switching this little knob backwards or forwards, hello youre welcome, so we started using the cruise control now.

Actually so if I set it at 37 miles an hour, ACC 737, now the up and down five miles now, it goes in round numbers first. So if I push it up once it goes to 40., as you can see its keeping us this set distance from the car in front. If I reduce the speed of the reduce the distance setting, so we get a little bit closer anyone familiar with this bit of Road just about to open up onto the M4, where we can give it some guns throttle response in sport is just magnificent. Its a very practical car, but it doesnt fail to put a smile on your face. Just re engage the grooves flick it up to 70. film it again so coming back down the other side of the motorway. Its all clear lets give it some juice thats. 70. Already effortless stick on the cruise away. We go so were just going back to the dealership now home sweet home, so you can see where you need to come. Just come off the Chiswick roundabout, which connects the north circular to the A4 nice place by the way. If youre ever thinking of visiting here, we go, try not to run Zach over foreign ly did come to visit us theres, usually places to park on the right hand, side its quite busy today, but if you follow it around theres a lovely big car park around The back so were just going to park up and go through some of the infotainment features.

Obviously, while were not driving and its safe to do so, theres Parker in here reversing Camera 360 degree. Camera theres really no excuses, useful parking lines, its just an easy car to drive and Park pop hits Park and off. She goes so built in here, as you can see its a very ergonomically designed cockpit, very easy to use very comfortable nice. Big armrest here, which I like having, and the infotainment system is terrific. It does have a built in navigation system which, to be fair, is the best one Ive ever seen its lovely big screen, its very good, very clear works, really well, you theyre notoriously bad built in nav systems, but this ones terrific. So if I just hit the magnifying glass one of the nice features being an electric car, is you can hit on there and it shows you where all the charging stations are nearby now it does have Apple, carplay and Android, auto as well, which are for any Of those whove used it thats terrific, you can have all your apps on there. It basically mirrors your phone. You can use your Waze navigation or your Google Maps navigation, which are much more accurate than any built in system as far as traffic and things goes. But this is a very, very good system, indeed hit the home button built in Digital radio. As you can see, I listen to the news. A lot bit boring, but youve got FM, AM or any apps youve got on your phone as well.

So if youve got an iPhone, you can listen to podcasts and your iTunes library, so uh yeah, very, very good, very good system built into the car very easy to use. This is Android auto there SWAT just swiping. The screen across youve got some setup for the vehicle, so you can change some of the electronic setups, so the Safety Systems you can manage those quite easily and to make conditioning settings as well. So you can change all of your heating controls from from this screen. On here, its all touch screen very responsive works, really well. Ive never had any trouble with it at all, so yeah, very good built in systems and yeah very comfortable place to be. I have to say so thanks for watching again hope you enjoyed the new mg5.