This primer sits at the top its the flagship, its priced at 1.1, like rupees X, showroom and where that places it in the e scooter market is slightly below the base variant of the TVs, icube and exactly on par with the Ola S1 air in its most Expensive guys in terms of performance on paper, this is quite similar to something like the IQ. Youve got a four kilowatt motor which gives you a 0 to 40 time of 4.2 seconds and a claimed top speed of 77 kph, both of which are near identical to the TVs in the real world, though things arent quite so similar. Now the Primus isnt. What youd call slow or sluggish, but it doesnt quite have the zip youd expect from a four kilowatt electric scooter, either even in its highest power mode. It doesnt feel quite as quick as something like: a TVs, icube and acceleration also Trails off quite considerably Beyond 40 kph. That being said, it does continue steadily gaining speed and it will eventually cross a speedo indicated 80 kph. So, overall performance levels are adequate for City commuting and youre, not gon na be a liability in traffic, but youre not going to be entertained either and then theres. The all important question of range, the Primus packs in a three kilowatt hour battery pack. This is an lfp battery pack that offers better thermal properties, but loses out a little on energy density compared to a conventional nmc battery pack, this pack resides under the seat and what it offers is an arai certified range of 107 kilometers in the real world, though You might not get quite that much, but we hope to find that out for ourselves.

Sometime soon, we spent the day riding mostly in power mode and the scooter seemed on cost recover somewhere between 70 and 80 kilometers on a full charge. Once its dead ampere says, a full top up will take about 5 hours, while an optional, fast charger will cut this down to roughly two and a half hours. We noticed, though, that the Scooters SOC indicator isnt the most accurate or reliable unit around. It only dropped. One percent from 100 to 99 after the first 10 kilometers of riding and then dropped a further 15 over the next 10 kilometers of riding so theres, clearly still some work to be done in this area. There were other issues with the small bluetooth enabled LCD display, as well aside from the fact that its quite dim and difficult to read under bright sunlight, the single trip meter cannot be reset manually, it automatically resets every time the scooter is left off for a while And then turned back on. Strangely, the clock seems to reset like this as well, and its also not possible to manually toggle between the odometer and the trip meter on the screen Music. One thing that does strike you when you jump aboard is the riding position. The floorboard is quite high up Im, not a very tall guy, but even for me, its a bit of a knees up position aside from the knees of posture theres, a reasonable amount of space for both Rider and billion, and the floorboard is fairly roomy as well.

Theres, a decent amount of storage space under the seat 22 liters according to Ampere. The compartment is wide and fairly long, but not very deep, so you cant fit a helmet, but it will swallow a good amount of other smaller items, theres also a fairly large cubby. On the back of the apron, as far as features go, youve got an LED headlight, Bluetooth, connectivity, three riding modes and reverse, as well as a USB charger in the cubby on the back of the apron fit levels across the scooter are quite decent, but there are A number of other ways in which the Primus does feel quite built to a cost material quality for one isnt great on something that costs over 1 lakh rupees like showroom and a front drum brake, is rather surprising at this price point you dont even have the Option of a front disc, Music, the rest of the chassis package is fairly decent with 12 inch wheels at both ends. Ride quality strikes a nice Middle Ground, not as soft as something like an IQ, but not as stiff as an Aether either. It feels sure footed around corners, while still keeping you comfortable over bad patches of road, but the weak drum brakes really hold you back from upping the pace and having fun on board this scooter. The Ampere Primus is a bit of a strange scooter. To sum up at 1.1 lakh rupees, it certainly isnt cheap in absolute terms, you could get a far more capable and better equipped petrol scooter for less money in the electric space.

It is more affordable than most of the well established premium e scooters around, but not by much if a cost effective basic and simple e scooters.