Still, the upcoming 2024 Jeep Recon EV is coming to crawl rocks. The Recon EV is set to join the upcoming Wagoneer EV. As one of two electric models that will be new to the Jeep lineup, so lets dive in and find out what features the new Jeep is bringing to the table. But before we do just a quick reminder that theres a fun bonus fact for you towards the end of this video, the Jeep brand is set to release four new electric vehicles by 2025, with the first or second model arriving in the United States. Being the Jeep Recon, it targets customers seeking an electric mid sized SUV with good off roading capabilities. The Recons battery packs are likely to come from the new US production facility, stellantis and Samsung SDI plan to build with an investment of over 2.5 billion dollars located in Kokomo in the state of Indiana. The factory will have an annual production capacity of 23 gigawatt hours when production commences in 2025 at a later stage, when theres higher demand that output will go up to 33 gigawatt hours. The Jeep Recon will make its public debut later this year and enter production in 2024, with Recon reservations in the U.S scheduled to open in early 2023. We expect more details to emerge by April. Meanwhile, the Jeep Avenger EV has just become the Brands first EV to have been launched, although its not available in the US in Italy, prices start at 32, 100 Euros or thirty, eight thousand three hundred and sixty dollars.

The Jeep Recon likely sits on the stla large platform. Christian munier, the CEO of Jeep, says that the all electric Recon can cross the whole Rubicon Trail on a full charge and still be left with enough charging to return to town and recharge. The Jeep Recon has the Jeep select terrain, traction management system, e locker, axle technology under body protection, aggressive off road tires and tow hooks stellantis has confirmed that stla large platform based EVS will have a gross installed and embedded energy storage capacity of 101 to 118 kilowatt Hours, the net usable energy storage capacity would be enough to cover a distance of up to 800 kilometers or 497 miles. The Recon will need batteries that hold their charge at high altitudes and in cold conditions, offering a range of 300 to 400 miles. One of the main concerns among Jeep enthusiasts is the charging infrastructure during long camping trips, which Jeep seems dedicated to solving using new solar powered charging stations such as the ones at the badge of honor trails at Moab and Rubicon Trail in California. We can build some expectations for the Recon, based on the Jeep Wrangler Magneto Concepts shown at the previous Easter Jeep Safaris. While the Magneto is not a direct preview of the Recon, many of its capabilities will trickle into producing an electric off roader. It uses a custom built axial flux, electric motor that operates at up to 5250 RPMs in combination with four battery packs running an 800 volt system.

The e motor features a six speed manual transmission with regen available during clutch engagement. Jeep has employed an inverter derived from race cars for the dcac conversion required for the motor. The performance is far superior to that of the 3.6 Liter pentastar V6. The e motor is tuned to deliver up to 850 pound feet of wheel, torque and 625 horsepower. Jeep says the powertrain can hold the peak amperage of 600 amps for up to 10 seconds and during that time, a 0 to 60 mile per hour. Sprint takes two seconds: a driver, selectable maximum regeneration function. That makes a one pedal Driving Experience possible is also new. In the updated Wrangler electric concept, the Jeep Recon will pack a host of new age Technologies to appeal to Modern customers just as much as old school off road enthusiasts. These features may include peer to peer charging, remote vehicle tracking biometric recognition, Jeep drone, pairing, Jeep trails group rides, OTA updates and arhud peer to peer charging is a bi directional charging application for vehicle to vehicle charging function. Biometric recognition may include a face recognition system that scans the customers face as they approach their vehicle and on matching with the registered face Powers it on automatically Jeep trails may include over 6 000 pre loaded off road trails, allowing new off roaders to embark on their First, Adventure without any worries, plus group ride, may offer locating and communicating with the customers. Jeep community members, anywhere on or off road lost, will probably become a long lost word with Jeep platooning customers going together on a trip in multiple Recons or other vehicle to vehicle communication.

Enabled EVS from stelantis would be able to stay in constant contact. This feature would make road trips interesting, especially for two or more facilities traveling together in different Vehicles. It would be useful during off roading, especially to alert following vehicles of any obstacles and guide them through the trail. The Jeep Recon is a model designed from the ground up, but it has a resemblance to the Wrangler asked if its a Wrangler during its online reveal Ralph geel, Chief design officer stellantis, said theyre Brothers. It was inspired by the Wrangler, which is the king of our portfolio of vehicles and will always lead the charge. The Jeep Recon is a true SUV, with its boxy brutish style in proportions, while we prefer the Wranglers flat and slim roof to the recons, curvy and thick roof. The taller, windshield and lower hood of the Recon would give it better visibility of the road or Trail ahead. The boxy headlights and small seven slot Grille remind us of the baic bj40 and baicbj60 Chinese SUVs, though the former in turn, is undeniably inspired by the American SUV. A chunky, bumper guard round fog, lamps, functional lower grille exposed tow hooks and an anti glare decal on the hood are other highlights at the front on the sides. The rounded and horizontal mirrors put function over form. The wheel. Arches are Sleek which helps with aerodynamic efficiency. Some people may not like that. The wranglers fender flares are gone on the Recon.

The door handles are almost fully tucked in which makes them better for aerodynamics than the wranglers classic handles. The flap of the charging port is on the rear, left wing of the SUV. At the rear, the squarish tail lamps stretch a little to the sides forming a wrap around effect and underlining the recons wide stance side. Opening tailgate with a spare wheel mounted on its Center a chunky, bumper guard, an exposed tow hook and an asymmetric license. Plate recess are some more visual highlights here. A badge on the right side of the tailgate shows that this particular Recon is an off road, focused, Moab grade and now its time for the bonus fact, but before we get into it, we would like to thank you for staying with us throughout the video Jeeps. Were one of the most widely used vehicles in the second world war, establishing a rugged and go anywhere image that still resonates today during World War II, it was common for Railways to have a Jeep trade, which was a Jeep fitted with Railway Wagon Wheels, instead of Normal Wheels these Jeeps could convert back and forth easily helping in crucial missions like operation Watchtower. The Jeeps versatility helped keep the supply lines moving during the war with steel, wheeled rail switchers, Speeders and even light locomotive engines, its one of the only vehicles that could handle itself on the road and the rails. A road trip is one thing, but a rail trip is much more impressive.