You might be looking at this cone, its not the small little VW that has the small range well thats, not the case. With the new e up new to Ireland, we didnt get that update when it came to the United Kingdom and European content back in 2020. I think it was the original Volkswagen e up came out in 2014 and it had a 16 kilowatt hour battery about 100 miles 160 kilometers. This is coming in at a 32 kilowatt hour battery wltp theyre selling about five 253 real world youre, probably looking at 220 230, but because its mainly an urban environment. I think youre going to get that no problem. It has put a smile on my face all week. It is probably one of my favorite EVS of all time, because I just like the utilitarian outside of things Id like the size, the form factor, speaking of form factor. It is 3.6 meters, long 1.6 meters, wide 1.5 meters high with a 2.4 meter wheelbase moving around the front, and it is because its based on the combustion engine petrol up it only comes in five door. You can get a three door: GTI petrol, Volkswagen upwards. This was only ever going to come in five. You have again probably dating it now with the halogen headlights, but you do have daytime running lights. Dlrs drls I kept on call them dlrs one of my Commodores last week because I live in dunleary Rat down here.

In Dublin I kept on that was the automatic, so daytime running lights, trls uh an LED, but the halogen. You have that blue strip that we would have seen on the EOP and the e golf. Obviously, the ID branding has gone away from that, but theyre saying theyre going to keep this. This is going to turn into an ID just to let some air in there and in underneath but nice style, and I really like it. Um no froking underneath very compact, very well packaged so yeah. Sometimes you can get aftermarket storage to go into places like this, but not on this one, just your window, washers! All! You need to be worrying about that. Clunk, though, is there that you dont get on the normal EVS everythings, pretty much lightweight. This is coming in around 1240 kilograms. Moving down along the side, you have a standard, you had a 15 inch kind of an arrow, but these are on the 16 inch um ellipsum. I think theyre called Alloys and on Continental, so theyre on Conti Eco contacts and theyre, 185. 50. 15S. 16. Sorry, theyre. The 16 inch ones, but you can see where the wheels are based right in the corner, is perfect for an EV. You have your glass Black Wing mirror and that are folding, which are indicator built in all of the Irish models. Come with a glass black roof. Six colors here in Ireland, teal is the standard, color white and then a solid red theyre.

The non metallics theres a cost to the Hawaii. So on this car, the only extras are the wheels and the white a couple hundred quid. And then the red is an extra couple hundred quid on that as well and then theres, three metallics, a kings red which we see across the Volkswagen range beautiful. And this and then theres a metallic light silver and a metallic red silver. The kings red is the most expensive that are around about, if I remember correctly, 800 euros. So youve got your five door. Youve got your large front door and even your back door, but the opening inside this is phenomenal. Good big size, front door, huge like you, dont, need any more than that and then well go down around the back when we turn the car around. But overall, the form factor the ability to maneuver it the ability to park at any spaces. As I said, Im smiling because I really really like it and if I was to buy an EV. This is starting to get to the top of the list, because I dont need a lot of space, its only myself my girlfriend and my dog um. They go to the airport a couple of times a year on holidays, but you can put the back seats down, but lets get into that if youre interested in all things, EV and youd like to support the channel, hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell icon.

So you dont miss any future updates moving down along the back, and I dont know how they squeeze the CCS Port into a generation. One of the EOP only had AC charging, but this has ccs and you have to use the key to unlock, which is actually a decent safety fixture, but no, we really want to be getting into it um. You can hear it clicking there and so AC. If you remember the original Johnny Smith, video um, when this came out in the UK in 2020, he was reefing at that with a couple of Twigs, AC um. What Im reading Im getting conf um conflicting AC scores of what I can see in EB databases its coming in at 3.7, so to fill it up its taking about 10 hours and 45 minutes on three phase. It does go up, but on a single phase, its saying that so Im a bit confused on that usually theyre at 7.4 and then on Ace, sorry DC, double the AC on DC. It is up to 37 kilowatt hours maximum, so taking about 48 minutes to go from 10 to 80, because that battery smaller you dont need such huge speeds um. So if you see an e up on a 150 uh DC charger, I have a conversation with them and explain something that they can only actually take to go to 40., but the lovely form factor there. Moving down, you have your FM radio antenna kind of a shark fin dog tail combined weve got your high level brake lights.

You have a window wiper, which is phenomenal. I thought these were LEDs, but I dont think they are. I think, theyre halogen as well. Youve got that blue strip at the back to let everyone know that youre driving the E up, which you will see it here on the badging, um new Volkswagen branding, you press your button and it releases, and then you lift up its like an all glass covered. But there is metal in behind it. Small little parcel shelf actually had these off, because I was setting up my cameras and 210 liters of space, so by no means huge but deep wide. You probably could fit a full size suitcase in there and then in on the side right at the very back and theres another little pocket. That is for the likes of your granny cable or your charge. Ac charging cable. But you will start to see a lot of The Barley, colored um metal here and up here like nothings covered. She have a small bit of cotton here, but otherwise Im happy with this. You know what, if it keeps the pricing down. Um lets have a look on the inside. The Volkswagen e up youve got that body colored metal on the top of the door all the way around, and then you have your electronic adjustable Wing mirrors on the door, your Center locking and your front windows, because your rear windows, arent electronically adjusted theyre. Just the pop out ones that you get, you also have a nice little place in underneath with e up written on it.

But I tell you what the difference is sounds like a golf and I know thats a cliche, but that hood its just so satisfying um youve got starting my my right knee youve got that traditional Volkswagen light, so theres automatic lights on this and youve got your Poor weather lights, front and rear youve got your venting. Youve got your level for your lights. Its a three spoke steering wheel, leather coated with your volume, Etc. On the left hand, side on the right hand, side youve got your menu, your voice control, a bit of glass black going on the steering itself is just reach. Now, sorry, just rake not reach, so it is only adjustable in height behind the steering wheel. Youve got your three dials very analog, with a small little digital clustering underneath youve got what youre doing with regards to power middle. One, then, is your speed and kilometers and then the right hand side is your big battery level with some indicator lights on it? Youve got the ability to change your trip and then on the actual screen itself. You can see what actually, what the different things that are on there. So as much as there isnt a main screen theres enough on that as well moving over, then you have the mobile phone holder that you use with the um, a Volkswagen e up up sorry maps and more its what its called. And so you stick that in my phone is down there, probably on the bigger side, you clamp it down into it.

Press up your more maps and more um. While thats sinking up weve got a heated, windscreen heated wipe Wing mirrors heated seats. This is a price of this after grants in Ireland is 27 813 and so like theres, some cars out there that are double the money that you dont get a heated windscreen in. Sometimes you dont get heated seats for that kind of money, uh Ill run through the um actual app as well. So the app has a destination navigation charging level. So this is what youd use to actually interact with the car theres, a charging port behind the actual phone holder. Youve got departure time, so you can set your charging youve got your charging locations, your driving data phone and then media, and then you have a screen with like three widgets that you can put in. So Ive got the um Maps, the energy charge level and then also the music on it. On read that then weve said youve got your heated. Windscreen youve got your D Mister in the rear. Youve got your two level heated seats. Youve got your um aircon automatic air conditioner as well hazard lights. Your lane keep then on Rita. Then youve got a lovely little head units with regards to radio media phone and menu its not touch screen, but it is scroll, wheel or buttons at the bottom for menus, and this also is what houses, the reversing camera, which I didnt think was in it until It jumped on and its a tiny little like three inch by two inch screen.

If that thats, all you need, and it has rear parking sensors as well little shelf little cup holder with a kind of a um, the ability to change it into a coffee cup, holder, Etc. Youve got modes, youve got normal Eco and comfort. Sorry, normal Eco and Eco plus apologies. Then you also have the um 12 volt youve got your Volkswagen gears, but five stage regeneration you when its in D or B mode you can knock. It left knock it white when youre driving along so looking forward to trying that out and then youve got your manual handbrake youve got this shark skin what they call design on the actual Dash the plastic cladding, with some ear up branding over there in front of The passenger – I really really like it. No sunroof visors weve got no mirror in front of the driver, but you do have a mirror in front of the passenger, some very basic lights again. Halogen youve got a little glove box with a sunglass holder, usually its up here but again maximizing space. The seats are adjustable with regards to um on the rails, but also there is a lever for height and then theres. Another lever, on my right hand, side for if you want to lay back or not same on the passenger side, and they have this crossed cross designs called on the seats that is the inside and the front of the Volkswagen e up. The seat set for me.

Lets have a seat in the back to see what its like Im, six foot, two 188 centimeters and its a bit snug the windows in the rear of the, as well as the rear view, mirror rear view window are tinted so theres a small bit of a Dark situation going on here and because it is, they dont have window you just open it up there for fresh air. You either got your Chrome handle youve got a little like when I say tiny. I mean like a little indent in the door for some for holding stuff. Youve got your second cup holder back here. Youve got a large transmission tunnel. This is a four seater. They dont try and claim that this middle seat, a lot of Manufacturers, claim that middle seat to hold somebody, but this one doesnt even have a seat belts. So its definitely not weve got two isofix its a 40 60 split. Yeah. Do you know us like happily scoot along here as a passenger, no problem at all weight? We talked about theres, a 356 kg weight that it can take as a car. So if you had four Amino youre youre, definitely tipping over that youve got a cold hook in the B pillar airbag in there as well. These seats, because theyre solid, theres, no separate headrest on them. Sometimes the visibility people can get a bit theres, no um powering capability, no magazine holder at the back of the seat either, but otherwise I get my feet in under the seat.

My legs are now tight support, its not really there because of just the way the angles are, but youd manage a trip, no problem at all. You stick out for a drive, so, unlike a lot of EVS, you have a physical key, and this reminds me I was like Volkswagen Caddy driver for over 10 years, so in put your foot in the brake and then hold it down to get a ready sign. Only comes with one trim, so the style, so the colors and the Alloys really are the only options. You need to worry about back into D mode for Drive, and then it has a 9.8 meter turn and circle. So lets lock it up. Oh yeah, like its so easy to maneuver beautiful, very upright seated position: foreign, the rain today, um visibility front its a small bit braked, but its not bad Im, probably a bit on the taller side for this vehicle, but somebody said itll remind them of a Mr Bean curb, I think, thats unfair, um Im six for 288. As you all know, if you havent already subscribed to the Channel, please do so hit the like button, leave a comment and share the video visibility on the side. Good big size door mirrors Id like if the wing mirrors were small bit bigger um but thats, not the case. We dont have blind spot on them either. That rear window is good because there isnt a middle headrest and there isnt going to be a middle passenger.

Usually theres plenty visibility there as well, a small bit of a wine off the electric motor, but Ill get over that I dont know whether its a pedestrian noise warning or, if its just the noise of the motor beautiful day for taking a test drive. So then back then into so with the D do I need to oh? No, I dont, I thought Id press the button, so there is a button on the top of the gear lever and then it says remuneration level. Four foreign do that in D mode: oh yeah, I can so theres five levels. Supposedly, oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, so brings you to recuperation level four and then I can tip it back and over depending on how much recoup break renew regeneration. Oh, I dont know if you can hear me with that mod rain, okey dokey pickup is good its torquey, its a light car, so it can be, and the efficiency is there as well. As I said, Im getting it there. Definitely plus 200 kilometer range like if youre, if you know youre driving, if you know what you need, will I take this car on a coast to coast across the country potentially yeah, because I think youd only need to stop and charge at once. To get me all the way to belmullers, which is 318 miles now thatll be a challenge in a Volkswagen e up, um and so yeah. I might get back onto Volkswagen.

When I get in this car back and say, can you book me in again for a a spin around and might do my calls to Coast? Why not can you live in Ireland in a Volkswagen e up? There was a uh somebody in the Dublin evening, Owners Club that he changed to. I think he got a mini, no did he get a mini or I think he got a mini. He was a Volkswagen e up original battery size with a 13 kilowatt hour battery. Oh, my goodness purple is its just tactile. There isnt any fancy, touch, screens or capacitive sliders or haptic feedbacks its physical buttons on the steering wheel, its a good, solid tunk of a door. The actual infotainment screen is all either select or via knob or buttons along the bottom, and so, when Im driving, I know exactly what Im doing the 61 kilowatt motor, giving you 83 brake horsepower, or horsepower, and thats 210 newton meters of torque zero to 100 kilometers. An hour in 11.9 seconds – and there is a top speed, limiting it to 130 kilometers an hour brakes are decent. I didnt actually look to see if it was disc brakes or drum brakes actually Ill. Put that on the screen underneath would be nice with a sunroof. Just for a bit more light and airiness in there, but they have gone with the lighter air headliner, and I appreciate that a sunroof would not be the most efficient use uh.

I wouldnt make it as very as efficient as it is currently plans that Id love to see such as an armrest, but this is an urban car for scooting in around to work, you know getting the kids to school if it can fit me in the back. Youre not going to be carrying much bigger than that. With regards to tall people chair, I love the integration of your smartphone as the infotainment screen. Why complicate things where a lot of people will use Apple, carplay and Android auto anyway, so you have the ability of using Google Maps or Waze or whatever you want. You dont have to use the maps and more app from Volkswagen. You can use what you want and the power button at the back of us or the power socket at the back of which your USB type a perfect. My phone is probably on small on the bit on the bigger side, so Id say: theres an aftermarket larger phone holder potentially needed theres plenty, 3D printing forms out there. That would do that for you, but overall, as I said at the start and Ive been smiling all the way through, I really really like the Volkswagen e up. I think its probably the perfect DV for a large majority of people that have a second car that maybe only have a first car, but they dont do a lot of mileage with it. Yes, its a bit more expensive for sure, but it is fully electric.

So you can, if you need to um, run it very economically if youve got the ability to charge us at home on a night race. Let me know in the comments: if you like the Volkswagen e up, have you got one? I always love to hear from owners like the video share and remember, if you think an EV is for you leave it to me and Ill review.