If this car has the potential to do perhaps a little bit better in Australia than the imev on the outside Mitsubishi says, its EK cross has the look of an EV combined with the aesthetic of an SUV. Perhaps one thats had its flanks lightly squeezed and its Wheels shrunken down to just 15 inches. Its slab, fronted design makes it pedestrian friendly, but perhaps not such a friend of drag and aerodynamics, while Wheels pushed out into each Corner create the classic k. Car look and maximize interior space inside theres a 7 inch digital display for the driver, complemented by a 9 inch Central display and electric gear selector and park brake. Both G and p spec variants get front and rear parking, sensors, Lane departure warning a b, heated seats and keyless ignition and entry, while only the higher spec P grade gets the biggest screen and smartphone mirroring in 2009, Mitsubishi introduced a pioneering and very interesting little car To the Australian market and was also the first EV to be offered in Australia from a mainstream manufacturer, it was, of course, the Mitsubishi imev. Now, after some initial interest for obvious reasons, it didnt really go on to be the sales success that Mitsubishi might have been hoping for, but nearly 15 years later. Is it time for Mitsubishi to have another crack at the EV Market in Australia? So if were trying to decide if this car could have any potential in Australia lets, look at some of the reasons people dont buy electric vehicles, first of all, theyre still rather expensive.

But if this car went on sale in Australia for the equivalent of what it goes for in Japan, it would start at about twenty seven thousand dollars. Now, that is a cheap EV go for the top spec version and itll be about 33 000. So, even in top trim its still cheaper than the cheapest at the moment, space. That could be a big concern as well. Obviously, in Australia, we like big cars, and this one is not on the outside. It measures just 3.4 meters, long and 1.5 meters wide, but its 1.7 meters tall, so its proportions are really rather weird, but that means inside there is heaps of space now to demonstrate this Ive picked up three complete strangers from the side of the road and Ive Filled this car with three four adults: well, three plus me somewhere in the middle and I have to say there is tons of space, really skinny door cards. I mean theres lots of elbow and shoulder room. There is an absolute mountain of Headroom and my rear passengers. Tell me that, with my seating position for a six foot, two driver, there is ample legroom back there as well, even better behind them, theres, actually a respectable boot as well. So this little car ticks the Box on space as well. The one it probably doesnt, though, is safety, its a k, car, which means it is ultra small, ultra light and honestly, if this was tested by ancap, I cant see it getting much more than three stars, so thats, probably a bit of a Black Flag as well.

What you do get, though, is a 20 kilowatt hour battery, so essentially the same you get in the Mitsubishi Outlander phev, but in that car thatll only give you about 40 kilometers this car, because it weighs just over a ton. 1080 kilos will give you 180 kilometers of range, which, to be honest, is enough for most people performance not really uh, just under 50 kilowatts, but a respectable 195 newton meters and thats, where this car is all about, is torque lots of lovely electric torque, its not Going to win any races, but its perfectly adequate for a little city car. So, really, in terms of a useful review, for you Im – probably not going to be much value Im here to ask the question whether this car could have the potential to make better sales than its predecessor the imev of nearly 15 years ago. Size and safety are probably not going to put people off this car, but if you look at the way that the transport system is going in Australia, a lot of people downsizing. A lot of car sharing happening emissions restrictions, its probably not going to work just now. But in another 15 years, who knows theres, no doubt a sub 30 000 electric car will appeal to Australians looking to make the switch to emissions free motoring and the EK crosses range will certainly cater for many City dwellers.