This latest version utilizes two Motors instead of one originally debuted as front wheel, drive model last fall to enable all dry, all wheel, drive capabilities this week. Torque news has the Nissan Aria, 2024 and Im reviewing that. I want to tell you a little bit about this car long announced and marketed at the end of 2022 that Nissan Arya is finally available and Nissan quickly. Upgraded it from a front wheel, drive offering also the e force package, which is Nissans way of referring to to the four wheel drive as the 2023 Nissan Aria. Electric SUV hits the market we were going. We were given actually at torque news the opportunity to take it for a spin in everyday driving conditions for one week in Charlotte, North Carolina and Im going to show you some general opinions. I put this four wheel. Drive 389 horsepower version with its impressive 87 kilowatt hour battery to the test in the busy roads of Charlotte North Carolina. To my surprise, the car consumed at about 93 mpge in the city and 87 Highway mpge 90 combined in miles per gallon electric, offering a range of about 265 miles per single charge for this High trim. The EPA range for the 2023 Aria Venture plus is up to 304 miles per single charge of range, which I think is an impressive fit even without looking at the econometer. Remember that just like the gas or hybrid cars, the actual range of electric cars Also may vary based on driving conditions, whether you drive in the mountains, whether youre driving even Road or you drive summer versus winter.

Now. I was also delighted by the quality of driving pleasure of the Nissan area, thanks in part to the cars suspension system, which expertly filters out imperfections in the road without compromising its Dynamic Behavior. I think the Nissan the 2023 Nissan audio is a well made premium. Electric SUV boasting the quality of manufacture and finish that is an anonymously made in Japan. You see its a beautiful vehicle. I liked it very much but Ill speak about the exterior design of the 2023 Nissan Aria in a separate section. Nissan pioneered the electric vehicle Niche with its compact Leaf. If you remember Nissan Leaf, this electric vehicle came to democracy, democratized kind of the technology and the beginning of the previous decade, but we have to face the fact. Nissan has lost its head start for a few years, while all the car brands are flooding the market. With their own electrification strategies, but I think things are changing at Nissan right now and I will not be surprised if they come up with a new um, even a truck electric truck in the future. Now the Arya therefore becomes very important for Nissan now, which absolutely must make up for lost time, especially in the compact SUV category, which were a few models are already making their Mark, such as the Volkswagen id4, the Hyundai ioniq 5, the Kia ev6 or the Toyota. Bz4X Subaru solterra on them now lets not forget that Tesla Model Y in this actually lets not forget Tesla Model y either.

By the way, we also have a nice report at torque, comparing the specs of Nissan Aria with Kia ev6 check that out at torque search Nissan area versus Kia, ev6 its a very interesting story in case you are interested to buy a similar car and You want to compare the specs now. The automotive division therefore presented the new variant of the Aria equipped with e force all wheel drive. This is what youre seeing right now e force all wheel drive. Yes, this model is kind of more expensive than the two wheel drive on, but on the other hand, it is a little more equipped to tame Winters.