: this is Yunki ride from Korea. today, Im going to review about 2023 Kia, Niro EV, comparing it with other Korean SUV competitors.. Let me start with the numbers.. The Kia Niro EV features a motor power of 150kw, a battery size ofthe 64.8kwh, a driving range 408 kilometer and253 miles. It also supports the 100 kilowattDC fast charging and a trunk capacity of 451L in Korea. The base model starts from 40K US dollar.. Kia has another SUV with asimilar size and price range. The Seltos. we previously reviewed from last video, The Seltos and Niro, are compact SUVs with different, looks sizes, features and costs. The Seltos has a usual SUV design, while the Niro has a hatchback style and even though the Niro is generally bigger, the Seltos is taller offering more trunk space. Actually, i can really feel that Seltos is taller than niro.. The biggest difference is that the selots doesnt come with hybrid and EV., And niro only comes with hybrid and EV. Kind of green car. And niro only comes with hybrid and EV. Kind of green car., And there is another Korean suv, competitor, Hyundai Kona.. The kona comes with a hybrid and EV model.. Both cars have the same size, battery same power, but the Kona has a slightly longer driving range due to its aerodynamic design. Price. The Kona is generally less expensive than the Niro.. Additionally, the Kona features a column style gearshift lever providing more space in the center of the cabin.

. Although neither vehicle is an E GMP. Electric car both have made efforts to improve, including the addition of a frunk. Lookat, this interior. It has two of the wide displays. it comes with the Harman Kardon speaker system, which is really good. Audio system KIA use this system for only good cars. and over the dashboard. It feels like Pruiss, design., dashboard designed really low location, so my view, while Im driving the sight is really good. It is really comfortable to drive because of my visibility when Im driving. It is really clear. This is really better than other SUV.. It feels larger than the Hyundai kona and Kia Seltos lets check therear passenger space. So this is not a E GMPplatformed car. It has a flat floor. Whichis really necessary for electric cars. Niro is similar than Kia Sportage and Kia Sorento. theres, a AC vent goes over here, theres a twoof type C. I think the space forthe trunk is just normal and lets take a look wow. It is really deep trunk cargo space and I dont think this Niro has a enough front. Trunk Lets check. Niro has a front trunk space. This is so cool because the Nir is not an E GMP platformed car, but this car has a frunk. its time to test drive this Kia Niro electric vehicle. lets go of course, like other Hyundai and Kia electric cars. This car has a pedal shift thing that controlsthe sensitivity of the regenerating most of theE GMP, electric platformed car.

It comes with large cargo, space. Hyundais, another E GMP car IONIQ 5. Since the E GMP platform vehicles are designed for electric cars, they have more storage spaces inside the cabin than traditional engine, vehicles.. Also other E GMP electric vehicles currently on the market. Hyundai Ioniq Kia EV series are based on rear wheel drive, while the Niro, EV and Kona EV are front wheel, drive. Despite being front wheel drive, they have a large amount of torque. So when the steering wheel is turned and the accelerator is fully pressed, torque steer can occur.. However, if you drive slowly as a daily car, its not a problem at all. Other E GMP car, like ioniq5 when ionics accelerator, is fully pressed. Something exciting thing will happen, however, if yourelooking at small size, electric SUV, this is kind of well made. Electric car., Hyundai and Kia has many experiences about how to make thecompact FF cars.. Today, after taking ashort look at this car and driving it, my personalfeeling is that the Kona EV might be a better choice. However, if you prepare a hatchback styledesignover, an SUV. like lower ground clearance and something like station wagon, looking Design., This Kia Niro could be a good option for you, and I think Im done for today and thanks for watching my YouTube video. This is yunki ride from Korea and if you have any question about this KiaNIRO, please leave a comment. Thank you and heres.