But this could be very good news for fans of vws electric cars. Why well for one thing its? Not just another electric SUV which, frankly Im getting a little bit bored off and two. This car has a big battery big range and the next generation of vws infotainment in there, which has been a weak spot for VW ID cars in the past. So the id7 is it too little too late or exactly what we want lets find out. So what have we got? Well, the id7 is something of a traditionalist its what we used to call in the old days, a saloon car or in American a sedan. I know right everything seems a bit Niche these days, but a lower car with a long wheelbase makes sense for electric cars. The big gap between the wheels means more passenger leg space and a lower roof line and smaller frontal area makes it more aerodynamic and more aerodynamic means more efficient. The problem that Ive got with it is that the id7 does look a little bit um. Well, it looks a little bit normal now that its shed its electroluminescent camouflage. We can see it for what it really is and thats quite a straight saloon. Car now thats fine, because not everybody wants to drive around in a spaceship. But every time I look at this car, I cant help but think it looks like a squashed id4, which does make all sorts of sense because essentially, underneath its the same bits, its called vws Meb platform.

In this case, though, we do get a much more aerodynamic body, which makes sense because its a saloon and its basically got a smaller frontal area other than that youve got this big light bar that stretches the width of the car, which is a kind of VW Id signature light which comes back into the headlights, and this is where the indicators are as well then theres a little sensor for all the Adas. The advanced Drive resistance systems in the front plus a bit of grill and then, as you come around the bumper theres. These holes, these vents now they basically draw air away from the front of the car and push it down the side over the aerodynamic Wheels, instead of letting it swirl around. Obviously that makes the car more efficient and it has to be more efficient than an SUV because they basically run through the air like drunk elephants. The air then slides down these subtle creases in the side of the car and over a sloping beetle backed again aerodynamic roof that dips towards the rear, its neat, but not immediately, show stopping then at the back. Weve got the usual full width, light bar with some subtle detailing lights, and when you compare it to the original ID Aero concept, you can certainly see where it came from thing is Ive been stood around looking at this id7 and I cant help thinking that its Got a slightly awkward stance looks like it rides a little bit high.

Is that my imagination, or can you see it too? Let me know in the comments, but the really big news is whats going on in here now. If I start from whats directly in front of me, Ive got a really nice slim drivers. Information display right there, but somewhere out on the end of the Bonnet, is an augmented head up display, which is a first for vwi decals. Obviously the most dominant feature of the Interior is this big 15 inch landscape display and I have to say it is a lot nicer than anything Ive seen in a VW this far and its also got the controls from the air conditioning and the heated seats and Stuff, like that often use functions in a permanent bar along the bottom of the screen, which is actually a lot more useful than it was before, and the air conditioning itself is actually quite clever. So if youre holding the key as you approach, the car itll automatically start to heat or cool the interior before you get there and once youre sat in it, the air conditioning concentrates on the seats that are filled, so it cools your passengers down a little bit More efficiently, there is also actually quite an accurate voice control system. So, if I say hello ID my hands are cold. Okay on the front, its actually one of the only systems Ive ever used. That seems to work. Similarly, as a result, probably of talking to endlessly moaning customers, this little bar down here, which has these little touch pad sliders on, is now illuminated its not perfect, but at least you can see what youre doing at night.

You have no idea how happy that makes me its also still got the slightly annoying sort of touchpad switches on the steering wheel, which I tend to brush accidentally and change the function when I dont mean to and its still got the really rubbish electric window controls. Vw thats a Miss, I have to say, though I think this is possibly the best VW ID interior Ive ever seen. It feels properly premium and its practical too. I mean there is a lot of space down here in the center console and then, if you slide these back even the way, these slide feels more expensive. Youve got wireless charging couple of cup holders and then this bin here for hiding things away out of sight. Its more the fact that Ive been poking and prodding and feeling things, and it just feels like a much more premium, more expensive product which does make sense, because this is supposed to be the range topper. But there is more good news. The id7 can come with a remote parking function so that you can park your car using your mobile phone like a giant remote control car. Also, it can have a smart sunroof which this one hasnt got and can I just mention the amount of space in the back Im six feet tall and quite wide and look at the amount of knee room. Ive got headrooms, not bad either. Tell me again why we all have to drive SUVs and if I pop out here its actually got a pretty decent boot via this hatchback.

This is actually quite a good space, and also this is a false floor. So theres a bit more space underneath it and a little extra under here for storing your cables. Although there is no frunk, which is Boo and if you need more space, there are plans for an estate version, which is the one that Im really interested in, because thats, both more practical and better. Looking with a predicted wltp range of 435 miles, this id7 is going to be the longest range VW out there and likely comfortably more than 300 miles in the real world. Thats great thats, thanks to an 86 kilowatt hour battery in the biggest version, the pro s with the Lesser variant, the pro getting the usual 77 kilowatt hour pack and 388 miles of range. As for charging speeds, youre looking at slightly quicker than vws, more chunky DC abilities for the big one, this is kind of a range topper dont forget so 200 kilowatts DC for the pro s with standard 11 kilowatt, AC and 170 kilowatts DC for the Pro with The big battery that will probably bring it into line with a 30 minute 10 to 80 Top Up for both, which is still pretty good. Interestingly, because the id7 is based on the same Meb skeleton as lots of other vws, we can see what kind of drivetrain it might get so youre, probably looking at 286 brake horsepower from the latest and more powerful VW electric motor driving the rear, wheels and theyll.

Also, probably be a sporty GTX version with two Motors four wheel drive and more power at some point, Music on first appraisal, the id7 does seem to be a really solid effort from VW, its got a nice big battery, and I really like the interior plus some People have already been driving the disguised prototypes and they say its very calm and collected, if not very sporty, best guess on pricing. Well, I would think, given vws range, that the id7 will start at around 55 000 pounds with the bigger models going above 60. now thats, because the id5 starts at 50 and this is supposed to be a range topper. So 55 000 pounds is a starting point. The problem that the id7 has got is it is not entering the world in a salooni vacuum. The Hyundai ioniq 6 is an electrifying.com favorite and the byd tan Saloon is coming soon and that looks pretty good, plus its going to have to compete with more established contenders. Like I dont know the pole, star 2, the BMW I4, a couple of different Teslas, all sorts of things. So what Im going to do is reserve judgment until weve, driven it its entering a very competitive market and its going to have to deliver on all fronts? Is the id7 something youd be interested in or are there better options out there that you prefer the look of? Let us know in the comments and tell us what youd rather have from Tesla to Ford Polestar, tahindai and Kia theres plenty of choice, and we can let you know about all of them over on electrifying.