So this particular vehicle has just been introduced about one month ago, and this is the first demonstrator we have just got in the showroom. So if youre familiar with the Zs range for Unison and Australian Market youll be looking at this car and it looks similar basically theres, only gon na be a couple minor differences between this and the standard range Essence, which is the highest spec, so yeah Ill have All the details of the walk around for the vehicle and today and if youre looking to purchase one of these in New Zealand, make sure you contact me. My name is Jerry. I work for ebit, we have two dealerships, one is in almost 10 and one is in pokoe. So so first thing I will quickly explain the differences between these and the standard range Essence. So theres only minor differences here and there so first major difference is the battery. So the battery has been increased on this vehicle to a 70 kilowatt hour battery that offers around 440 kilometers of the wltp range compared to the 320k offered on the standard range, which is the 50.6 kilowatts version, so thats the major major differences where it is why These guys expensive, um the weight. This is only about 10 kilograms of heavier than the standard one. That means the fuel consumption, not the fuel consumption, the battery consumption, all that its going to be similar, and then this one has added the Privacy glass at the back.

As you can see where this is the first time MD New Zealand has done, privacy costs, IMG, specific mg Factory, basically plus private physical asset. The rear windscreen so see thats quite handy for hot summer, like this and in terms of the driving the vehicle come with. The exact same drivetrain, but the power itself has been detuned, so the standard range has a 130 kilowatts motor 280 newton meters with the higher spec. This long range is now come in with a 115 kilowatts of motor plus a 280 newton meters, so the Newton meters or Torque didnt change only in the color Woods has a small change. They reach out a slightly slower, 0 100k performance, but in terms of real wheel, driving its very hard to notice the difference to be fit between each of them. So I would say Driving Experience its going to be similar with the EV. The battery consumption is going to be similar as well in terms of the efficiency and the another details thats not mentioned in the brush or anything like that is actually about charging function. We get asked about these questions a lot. So if you go into the charging settings on the standard range under the charging setting – and you wont be able to change the charging to a certain percentage, which is the feature thats missing on the standard range and then on the highest spec, you are now available. You are now able to change that charging settings to 50 all the way to 100, if you wish that means to plug at home its not only going to reach 80 or something like that, if thats the case so that small feature change and also along with That on your MGI, smart app, which is your connectivity on your iPhone or Android smartphones, you will be able to select different charging rate as well or charging percentage as well again.

Thats, not something available on the mgzcv essence in the standard, wrench or even the excite. In the standard range, which leads another thing, the battery itself, so this particular vehicle come with the um, so the traditional technology, not the old technology but traditional technology, just standard lithium ion battery with the standard range, which is the 50 kilowatt hour range, come with a Slightly more premium product which is called lfp battery, so thats, arguably a little bit better in terms of its durability, or anything like that in theory, thats, why its also not offered in the charging to percentage but thats what it is for this thing yeah, apart from That Ill go through all the other features, but you, but you know about the previous product or the current lineup for the zsev you dont have to go through the rest. The rest is all the same across the range, but if you are interested in any other things Ill go from the beginning to show you all the vehicle features in there all right, so lets start from the outside. So now we have a full LED headlights and LED data running lights on the zscv. You dont have the fog lights by the way, but everythings full LED, and you do have auto light and auto high beam thats available on all this. At the CV on the side, we have a 17 inch wheels, and so this is alloy wheels, but with hubcaps outside we come with the Maxis tires.

So this is not. The Michelin tires come with the the other zscv standard range, but its still a pretty good decent tires premium Brands. Theres no problem were at the rear. We have the same thing, LED tail lights and underneath fog lights and the reflection at the back parking sensors. 360, camera on the vehicle thats all standard on the top. We have the standard, roof rails, silver, colored and the aerial on the top so yeah. This is how car looks like Kili, Sentry start and push button starts, as always on the all new mgz CV, and then at the front we have our charging port. This particular charging port supports type 2 on the top and CCS combined for DC charging. So the ccs would be able to charge up to around 80 to 90 kilowatts on the power boost and then the type 2 supports up to three phase 11 code words so charging at home, using a small cable behind the vehicle, the slow charge. You will be able to charge this vehicle in nearly a full day: 25 to 30 hours, thats the slowest charge with the type 2., which leads us to the back. You have a charging cable underneath and then, if you install something like a seven close charger at home, single phase youll be able to charge this vehicle in about eight to nine hours. I would say, and 11 code whats going to raise out about 6 hours to seven hours to fully charge this to the vehicle and the boot.

We have two floor, so the leveling on the top, its nice and flat, or if you want more space, you can drop it down. Underneath we have a tire fixing kit or Mobility kit. You can see if her pump, puncture theres no spare wheel on this vehicle. This is just a storage space on the right. We have a triangle warning light, warning and warning sign in case you have a problem. Basically, these can be taken off tethering points at the back. You can drop the seats on each end and manual Target as always on the Zs range and, if you open the rear door. This is how the rear seats looks like so as standard. We have thin synthetic leather on the zscv and higher spec long range and ISO fixed points and its just yeah. Nice touch everything red stitchings. Of course, all the zsev range behind the seats. We have two USBC charging: sorry one usba and one USBC charging and the air vents at the back, thats, always handy and side pocket behind the seat. On the top. We have a panoramic sand roof that opens the cover open. The shade like to see it in position is quite good and we get very soft attach on the seats so no problem at all and open the Drive door. So on the drivers seat, we have electric adjustment phone backwards up and down and recline six way Drive. Adjustment on the passenger, thats, just manual adjustments, forward backwards and recline in seats still the same seats at zsev and then sunroof just like that.

We have some buttons on the top. Allow you to control everything if we jump inside this. These two looks like so again exactly same interior as the Zs EV essence, or even the same interior as the zse VX site in standard range. So first thing we have a full digital dashboard with a speedo with the percentage power, with all the information in the center, showing you all the functions, all the connectivity for sorry all the safety Technologies you need to know and consumption. Everything indicator is on the left and when please on the right, Auto rinsing Sim by the way door handles Window Control. These are pretty easy and some controls on the steering plus the cruise control behind the steering and if we go into the center screen. This is a 10.1 inch display, so this is the all new system available on the zscv. So the first thing we have the charging settings and we have apple carplay Andrew Lulu, both connected with the USB ports, so no Wireless Apple, carplay and oh by the way. If you dont, if you do want to use wireless, you just go to the Bluetooth, ongoing connectivity and radio and music screen. Is this and navigation? Is this its inbuilt navigation and then on the top? We have a quick menu that allows you to check all the quickly adjust volume and all the things on the left we have. The another secondary screen allows you to go through the safety Technologies or setup for other things.

Ac allows you to have and the heated seats at the front, and we do have Auto climbing control on this vehicle as well and yes, 360 camera thats standard as well. Of course, all the zsev wrench. So that allows you to check everything around. You will do 3D, so you have animation around the vehicle again thats, quite handy yeah, thats thing thats, pretty much that and in the settings we do have a feature called Panda vehicle that allows you to connect your smartphone with the MGI smart information. If you do would like to do that particular information make sure you check my other video about MGI, smart for Nissan Australia and in the vehicle. We have quite a lot of safety features in terms of other safety Technologies. At the front, we do have land departure, warning land, Cape assistance and other things we do have is balance ball. Detection. The world light will light up on the side and we have frankly your morning, emergency braking adaptive cruise control with a traffic jam, assist and rear driving assist. Is your blind spot speed, sign recognition which is speed, assist and does give you warning and everything, and obviously you can get the tow bar on this vehicle and towing capacity is 500 Kilograms that allows you to tow a small trailer, small jet ski or you know, Small items or bike racks stuff like that, if you wish – and you can engage the towing mode if the vehicle is Towing, um yeah, and that underneath we have all the charging ports and usb a USBC 12v socket and a wireless phone charging for your Qi.

With this one and then mode these buttons first one, you can change different driving mode between sport, normal and Eco curse. That allows you to change your regeneration program from number three to number two to number one, all the way, aggressive, medium and Light battery. It just shows the battery information on the top pretty easy. We have the different gear, celeb gear selector compared to other cars. All you need to do just twist around to go into reverse neutral drive or push down from the top go into park. You, like your handbrake, will automatically disengage, engage when you start driving and auto hold for your traffic jam and stuff, like that two cup holders thats pretty easy and a small center console unit inside the cloudbox. With you on this menu everything on the left. We have the pockets standard on the right. We have the pocket as standard as well as well at the front small standard, wind, a standard room, rear view mirror and the charging for your dash cam s USB, underneath we have sunglass solder, just one and lighting Control, Plus the same roof control press these to Open the glass you can open the sunroof either tilt just like that, or push back just like that. Oh so thats pretty much all about a quick tour of the zscvs in the long range available in Australia and New Zealand for pricing. Then using price currently is 64.990 plus orc before government rebate and if youre looking to purchase one make sure you contact me.

My name is Jerry. I work for ebit mg in olmstein or pocoy in order to see more mg videos in the future make sure you subscribe and like Ive done tons of tutorial videos in the in my channel and so answer out as well.