This is a GTX version. Now GTX is the sportier term that Volkswagen wants to use for the electric cars by the way, quick Lowdown. We have the ID3 id4, id5 and id6 in the Indian sorry in the international market. The ID 7 Vex cover today shortly in a while – and this is the id4 version which has been on test in the uh on Indian roads. For quite some time will Volkswagen get this to India well difficult to say we are in Kochi for their annual brand conference and tomorrow they might reveal some plans Im assuming some plans for the EV segment. So yes, internationally, we have the ID3 four five six uh, the GTX is the sportier versions for all the ID range. Just like we have the gtis from Volkswagen. We also have the GTX sportier trims for the electric versions. Uh. The GTS branding is also at the back now internationally, this one competes with the likes of the Hyundai ionic 5, the GTX branding and you can make out uh the Tiger in India does resemble the rear design slightly to an extent so internationally, the Rival is the Uh Hyundai ionic five: this is a sizable vehicle, after all, its long, its like a good looking crossover uh, as is a case with most EVS good sort of alloy wheels. These are 20 inches on the GTX right now the car is locked, but you do have these cool looking door handles over here, uh similarity in terms of two other Volkswagen family in terms of steering wheel and your dash layout the front.

Of course you get. These lovely modern, LED lights. The IQ light over here now internationally at the GTX, its got a pair of two Motors. Yes, two electric motors one for the front axle one for the rear axle. The combined output is almost 300 BHP and 0 100. Of course, lightning. Quick now the battery pack is 77 kilowatt hour, its a big huge battery pack, giving this mask uh this one in a range of almost 500 kilometers on a full charge. So uh 300 horses, almost 500 kilometers on a single charge. Its a proper two row – crossover, super spacious, Im, told and even the boot is massive, which you can make out, because all this area is the boot itself like different lights. You also have the IQ LED lights coming in over here, the IQ light branding Im sure it looks super cool once it gets dark uh. The sloping rear roof very good, very essential to give a crossover, uh sexy design theme to a vehicle uh. Ms number, because, of course Volkswagen is from Maharashtra, their plant is uh just outside Puna, so MH 14 Brand number coming in over here. This is a right hand, drive version. The test moves have been spotted numerous times, a view of the rear of the id4, so test boots have been spotted numerous times and if Volkswagen gets us to India right its going to play in the space between the Hyundai ionic, 5 and, of course, the Kia Ev6 in terms of pricing, it will be slotted between both those Korean EVs and, of course, CBU completely built unit not to be made or assembled in India.

Cbu will be the form that Volkswagen will look at getting the id4 to India so somewhere around the 50 60 lakh could be the pricing for this vehicle, of course, the full suit of Technology. You have multiple sensors. I dont see on this particular one. I dont see a front camera, but it should be somewhere over there or possibly using the camera on the windshield few more details. Uh, it says model id4 Mumbai right, nothing much! I can tell you uh now, because the car is uh. Closed. Doors are closed. The HUD comes in over here, uh, pretty dark. So sorry for this so yeah I dot D4 thats how you write it. Id4 EV looks wow in terms of the design, red and black finish with the lovely gorgeous lives. Sure would you want to see uh this uh in typical Volkswagen showrooms in India? Well, let us know in the comment section below for now signing off from Kochi with the beautiful ID for GDX.