You can Dash 10.25 inch. Touchscreen infotainment system offers yourself, okay, so start of the show and Main update. Another 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment system, HD display 1920 by 720 resolution Crystal Clear display foreign foreign foreign settings, one of the internet, sound settings audio on the connectivity on the driver, assistance on the software update, uh equalizer, Three band equalizers foreign flat bottom steering wheel on the Remote Dash console on the code of well within the reach of the driver only and steering mounted control S Plus flat bottom steering wheel, munchie grip at 10 oclock and two oclock positions: Music, lithium ion battery pack converter and uh 3.3 system foreign to offer good visibility. Foreign Max has been made even better and more desirable than ever before in Japanese Six languages, English Hindi, Telugu Tamil and Bengal and Marathi e languages. Hello Tata, is overview.