? Well, even without watching the rest of this review. Most of you will probably agree that these were just rhetorical questions, but the Aria is certainly an unusual car and, if only for that reason, its worth getting to know it lets go foreign Music. A word of explanation. I know that, in addition to the leaf Nissan offered env200 electric delivery van also as a people carrier, but the leaf was until recently the worlds best selling EV and some of you probably never even heard of the env200. Anyway. It is now being replaced by the re badged electric version of the Renault kangu. When Nissan launched the leaf in late 2010, there were no signs of an upcoming earthquake in the automotive world. After the Tesla Roadster got roasted on Top Gear. Nissans, electric hatchback was acceptable enough to win the European and World Car of the Year 2011 titles. I remember discussing the car of the year results with my colleagues during some press launch event at the time and not everyone was even sure what the Nissan Leaf was or what kind of Powertrain it had. Then came the Tesla Model, S which became the go to car for Tech Bros, who secured funding they all wanked over the autopilot which, like their startups, didnt, always deliver. But when you move from your parents 20 year old Camry, which was your home and your means of transportation for several years to an apartment with a Skyline View and you park, what you think is the car of the future in the driveway.

I understand and respect your admiration for Tech, which was kind of already there. Automotive journalists are spoiled by testing the latest and greatest and perhaps thats why Elon Musk doesnt want them to review Teslas anyway, back to Nissan, with no help from the media. The leaf lost its wreath, get it two Tesla Model 3.. Meanwhile, Nissan was getting ready to launch the Aria which well there was covered, Etc. So the debut was delayed for a year and well. Here we are according to Nissan. The Aria is an SUV. Nowadays, everything seems to be an SUV just us for a while everything had to be a startup, because that was the only way anyone expressed any interest in the venture for electric cars. Suv, like body style, is desirable as its easier to hide the batteries in the floor without disturbing the exterior proportions. A smaller and lower cars either have batteries with less capacity or Engineers have to come up with some expensive method of packing. The batteries tighter thats, why its simpler to just design an SUV and to keep the SUV credit. The area is also available with e Force, all wheel drive and to get a better understanding of how it works. Nissan invited me to drive the area on circuit, Andorra, the worlds highest permanent race track and heres. What I learned so today on the snow track and theres a little ramp down the road that youll see as well. I think the main benefits you should experience are the improved Traction in the very slippery conditions that youll experience today, as well as that theres much better steering control you shouldnt have as much understeer as youd expect from a conventional wardrobe or two wheel drive system.

So those are the two main benefits youll see then in braking as well theres a lot more control because we can move the torque around and make sure you have as much braking traction as possible as well. At the time of shooting this review only front wheel, drive areas were available on the Polish press Fleet, so I had to endure high altitude, 2400 meters above the sea level. Im selfless like that youre welcome. First impressions of the Aria are positive. The design is unusual and so are some of the features inside and if you focus on the details, instead of the broader view, you will drive the area from the showroom with a smile on your face. But in my opinion, Nissan has followed skodas strategy here. If it werent for simply clever features, there would be nothing to say about escoda. The area is objectively an interesting car and subjectively. Even a nice one. You get behind a wheel and see the luxurious floor, mats artificial, but at first glance they look like those made of Californian sheep wool used by Rolls Royce minimalist. Details touch sensitive buttons, blended into a wood like material and electrically operated storage compartment under the display and electrically slided console. The future was a few years late to the party, but it finally arrived and it has area written on the hatch except it hasnt the floor. Mats look great, but Rolls Royce owners probably have people who will come them three times a day for them.

The area owner will probably replace them with regular mats as soon as possible by the way – and this is not just the area but all cars with rugs or mats across the width of the cockpit have you ever tried to remove them from the car without spilling The contents all over the floor. This is the work of the devil. Now the electrically opening and closing storage here in the middle. What for for influencers to make Tick, Tock and Instagram videos about it? I mean I dont see a scenario in which waiting three seconds for this thing to open and close is better than opening it manually, especially since the glove box opens thanks to gravity when unlocked and its quicker and its like in 99. Of all other cars never mind the fact that I have to find the touch sensitive button on the console, which is right next to the buttons for parking and recuperation or the sliding console lets say. I can understand the use of an electric motor because usually manual sliding means banging the rear passengers in the knee. But does the console need to slide at all? What does it achieve a sense of spaciousness in the front, or does it make it easier to remove the floor mats for cleaning? From my point of view, these are unnecessary gadgets that distract buyers and perhaps the media as well from the fact that Nissan hasnt invested in the infotainment system that is half as modern.

As the looks of the car, for example, route planning the car informs you charging will be necessary, but its hard to determine where, when and how long information about charging stations in the area or along the Route is scarce, route planning is the most important part of An EV beside the batteries and Nissan blew it more about charging when we hit the road now lets talk about the cockpit I like the open work, ambient lighting like the buttons embedded in the Quasi wooden elements. I find it aesthetically pleasing similar buttons are in the BMW IX, although there there are protruding slightly making them easier to feel with your fingertips. I appreciate the large physical volume knob here in the center and that there are physical buttons over the left knee as well as a physical toggle switch for the cockpit brightness. However, the camera button is touch sensitive. The climate control settings once you get to them are all touch based either here or here, and if you dont go into this climate control menu, you might not even know that the windshield is heated because there is no button. There is no icon, nothing Android! Auto is wired, but you can wrap the cable around a little post, perhaps to prevent it from slipping under the moving console. Therefore, the induction chargers only for iPhones there are good cup holders and large door pockets like in the VW id4 or the skoda enyak. Also, you get in log into an SUV, but you sit behind the wheel like in a hatchback.

Fortunately, in the area I dont hit the steering wheel with my thighs when getting in so thats good the door side. Armrests are low, though I would have to lean to use them. Maybe someone calculated the height from the bottom of the door, but forgot that the door covers the Sills with thick batteries. Its not like mistakes. Dont happen. Remember the central fog light on the first Nissan Qashqai read inside the Machine by David, two Higg, even for Anna the door side, armrests are too low other than that both Anna and I have no problem finding a comfortable position behind the wheel in the top spec. The drivers and passenger seats are electrically operated with eight way adjustment and memory function. The memory settings also include the mirrors and the steering wheel. The steering wheel does not obscure the dials for neither me 175 centimeters tall nor Anna whos 160 centimeters tall Music. Thank you. Music Ill go back to Tesla and Elon musks great idea to eliminate the evs greatest drawback, which is the problem with access to infrastructure, Tesla, put up its supercharger Network and keeps the software up to date. You wont use Apple, carplay or Android auto, because then youd lose some of the experience of using Teslas, fast Chargers, Apple and Google cant plan routes for EVS, yet even Android automotive barely copes. Now, in Western Europe, the network of ultra fast Chargers is growing quickly and perhaps Nissan designers assumed that, since fast Chargers are just about everywhere, the driver doesnt need more information.

However, in Poland, for example, I would like to know the power output not to mention the charger status, and there is no such information in Nissans route planning software, so I have to use external apps without route planning. The battery is not preconditioned for charging, so the area will not charge as quickly as promised Nissan States. The area can charge up to 130 kilowatts, but there is no official charging curve. The best information I found is on Bjorn nilans Channel Link in the description. It appears that the area should charge at maximum power up to about half the capacity of the batteries, for reasons related either to a Polish charging infrastructure or lack of route planning. I wasnt able to verify the full charging speed performance on a dual carriageway with the outside temperature, around 10 degrees Celsius. At 120 kilometers per hour, I was averaging 24.5 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers at 2 degrees Celsius and headwind. Consumption jumped to 28.5 kilowatt hours. On Long Journeys, the 87 kilowatt hour area should do about 300 350 kilometers on a single charge, depending on weather conditions, its better in the city at temperatures close to zero Celsius. I got about 20 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. This gives a range of more than 400 kilometers now this is still a far cry from more than 500 kilometers promised by Nissan. Also acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour is below expectations. It should be 7.

6 seconds and I got only 8.6. How does it drive? Yes, the soundproofing is okay, the suspension has good damping, but when braking you feel that the car weighs more than two tons on Dual Carriage ways. I periodically got a lane keeping assist System error and at speed the passenger side mirror vibrates. Perhaps this is an early example, so do your due diligence when you take this car for a test drive the e pedal recuperation braking works better than in many other EVS I.E. Most of the time you cant feel when you switch from recuperative braking to friction, braking, it has to be very slippery to feel it. Visibility is not bad, especially considering the shape of the car. All in all, I drove the area more than a thousand kilometers and it was a generally pleasant experience. Music during your seat at first glance, also in the back, is very luxurious. But after a moment you realize that the money was spent in the front. So the open work applications on the doors have no ambient lighting. For example, there is no third Zone, climate control, just air vents by the way, since this is a sliding console that is not connecting connected to the dashboard running the AC vents through. It is an unnecessary complication in my opinion, but there are heated seats, USB ports, the door. Pockets are big enough for my water bottle and there are also some cup holders in the armrest.

But there is no ski hatch: the 468 liter boot 50 liters, less with all wheel drive, has a double floor and a parcel shelf fits underneath it. The double floor is a two piece job, so you can make a partition out of it to keep your groceries from spilling all over the boot. Its a Pity there is no additional form of securing the groceries like in the Volvo xc40. I appreciate that the side pockets accommodate charging cables, which I would still prefer to have in the front, which obviously is not available here. The tailgate is electrically operated. In addition to closing the hatch, you can also lock the car prices of the Nissan area start at 47, 490 Euro. For the 63 kilowatt hour front wheel, drive model, all wheel, drive costs over 66 000 Euro. This is the top trim front wheel, drive model with 20 inch rims and two tone paint. It costs 65. 990. Euro. The Nissan area is an interesting car with relatively quick charging. By the way I forgot to mention it can take up to 22 kilowatts AC, but without good route planning.