It is a totally new and also the first fully electric SUV from Toyota. I need to be honest. It is a really good. Looking SUV, although Im you Im, not a huge fan of plastic bits and pieces, and this one does have a lot of that, but in some way it gives it a really nice two tone effect. The one we have here today is the style package. So one of the things is this black roof, which comes as standard and in combination with that we have this emotional red color. Furthermore, we also have these 20 inch alloy wheels. These are only available for the style and premium package. The standard and business package get 18 inch, Alloy rims. So to start talking about the technical part, you do need to know a bit more about the Driveline. So this one is a two wheel drive, so the electric motor delivers 204 horsepower to the front wheels and then there is a second option, which is of course a 4×4 and that one gets 218 horsepower delivered at all four wheels. So, Im going to show a little bit more of the design elements here, such as these front light units with the four bulbs in there very nice, and then we have this sort of eyebrow on them um. It is a little bit loose, I guess, but I think its normal, but it is a really remarkable design So Below the headlight. We have this plastic panel here, as I mentioned in the beginning.

This car has a lot of that, and we also have this air intake here or just a gap to guide the air and it goes completely through. So this car actually has three spoilers. One is at the right side, the other one at the left side, and then we have a little ducktail design on the bootlet at the interior. We find a combination of some synthetic leather and a recycled fabric when you take place in the drivers seat of this bz4x. You find this beautiful leather steering wheel with a lot of physical buttons, so thats, really good Toyota that you put physical buttons on the steering wheel and not these touch buttons, as you did on the infotainment screen. So, behind the steering wheel, we find this tall display here, which is placed in a really weird design. Um. It does show you a lot information while driving so the consumption of the car, GPS, the media and some other things that you can see here and this screen is actually placed above the steering wheel. So you see it above the steering wheel while driving and not through the steering wheel in the center. We find the infotainment screen and we of course have a navigation system um. We also have media your phone and the live statistics screen while driving. But I need to say this is a pre production model and that has something to do with the infotainment screen. So I guess this one will get a little update in the future below the infotainment screen.

We got some touch buttons about acclimatization. Then we have the start, stop button here and we have some other buttons below that, such as the one pedal drive eco mode, snow mode. So some modes you can choose, and then we have this little knob here, which is your gear lever and it works quite strange. So when you push it down, it goes to neutral. You can go to drive while you, when you push it and turn it to the right thats D and the other side is reverse behind all these buttons. We have this weird hatch here um which opens like this, and it is a wireless charging pad. So you can lay down your phone here and close this one back up and it is actually a little window. It is maybe hard to see on the video, but you can see it a little bit um. You can see right through this hatch. We also got two cup holders here, this big armrest, which you can slide to the front underneath that is a compartment um. There is, of course, a little bit of stuff in here, but this is actually a little bucket which you can take out of it. So I dont know the exact reason about it, but it is maybe handy when you want to take everything out of it or if you want to clean it up, you can just take it outside at the passenger side, we have this recycled fabric, which is just Very soft below that you might expect a glove box, but this one doesnt have that so thats a really weird thing.

So the documents of the car – you should lay it down here. Um, the electric cars does have a little compartment here, which is very handy in this compartment. You also have two USBC ports and a 12 volt cool sitting in the back Im very comfortable. Here I got more than enough leg room and we got more leg room than in the rough four, and that is due to the 16 centimeter longer wheelbase, so that is definitely noticeable. You got more than enough space, and also a Headroom is also no problem. You might think in a coupe SUV like this one, that it is a little bit worse than a normal SUV, but a roof line of this one is going down behind the rear passenger seats, and that is also a very good thing, because the Headroom is just Acceptable above us, we find this panoramic roof and, sadly enough it is just a glass, so it cant open at the center. In the back. We also find the two USBC ports, just as we did in the front and also some air vents. We also have this armrest here with two cup holders and a little compartment to lay down your phone overall, the interior of the bz4x is very nice. The only minor thing is this black glossy material which they have used all over the interior, such as on the doors and the ones who are having these sticky hands like mine, are going to love this.

We got a boot of around 452 liters and that can of course be extended by folding down the rear seats, but you know how that works. We also got two cables: a normal or regular cable for 11, and I guess 22 kilowatt charging and we also got an home charger, which is very handy. The Toyota bz4x starts at a basic price of 56 800 euros, and the one we have here with the style package is, of course, a bit more, and this one starts at a price of 64 400 euros. So I will now take you for a drive um. The first thing to start with is about the battery, so thats, probably the most important thing about an electric car. So this one has a 72 kilowatt hour battery and that should be enough to do around 510 kilometers claimed by Toyota um, and it is roughly just too much, I would say practically it will be around 300 yeah 350 kilometers. That would be more realistic and I know it is a huge range between those two numbers, but it is just a fact and when you drove all those kilometers and the battery is empty, you can recharge it up to a speed of 150 kilowatts, which means that You will be back on the road in less than half an hour, so this one is a front wheel, drive, and that has some issues and when you floor it a little bit um, he will just be searching for its grip.

So Im going to turn right here and you will immediately know what Im talking about so look very closely at the dashboard. You need to search for a little orange light yeah there. It is so I guess the 4×4 will just be a better option. The front wheel, drive system doesnt mean that this one is slow. Um, you wont get all the power during the acceleration. So when you do a zero to 100 um it it wont, get give you all the power immediately due to the grip problem or the traction problem, but it can do the 0 to 100 in about 7.3 seconds. So it is not a slow car. But overall the bz4x is an excellent car and I guess this is everything I wanted to tell you about this one. So I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please give it a like, and if you want to see more car content in the future or anything else make sure to check out my channel. So I hope to see you next time bye.