So this is the green color, and that is a white color foreign foreign and now its time to move sports mode like we can cut through the traffic sports mode and now time for breaks. Okay, emergency stop signals, so breaking distance is not that confident so break this timing and I choose 17.3 kilowatt hour lithium ion Prismatic cell battery and motor. So it worked really fine and now its time to push come on. That is Mercedes. Benz S class mg come on, you can do it so speed right there, its 88, 89, 90, 94 and Bricks is foreign one on five one, not five one, not five one, not six one. Not six is the maximum speed, so inter speed recommended because so Im losing that confidence. Multi link suspension only so suspensions foreign range Randy version easy little bit: confidence Music. It is good foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign Music, so full throttle. So like 50 working and here you go breaks, ABS kicking acceleration. So if you do almost like 70 speed, low numbers, foreign and throttle again so EB batteries, it was success. Foreign Music. They are working really fine. So one more! U turn so present memories, foreign foreign signing off.