My name is bhupinder and guys right behind me is the mg Comet, and this is an electric vehicle by mg which is going to be very revolutionary car in future in India. So we are going to drive this car in this video today and well discuss everything about MG. Comet. The prices and variants are not disclosed yet by mg Motors, but yes, color options. I can tell you so there are three colors in monotone and two colors with the dual tone option. So this is the white color black color and a silver color in the monotone. And if you want the dual tone option, you can opt between the white color with the black roof and the apple green color with black roof. So that was all for the color option. Now lets go and drive this car, but before that, if you are new to the Channel, Please Subscribe our Channel and also press the Bell icon and also visit our website, which is now lets drive this micro. Electric car lets start with the key. So this is the smart key of mg Comet and you can see the front of this car looks very cute and this part is the DRL. Let me yes, so this is the DRL and this mg logo has the lights, but these lights will lit up only once you will lock or unlock the vehicle or the vehicle is on the charging. With mg combat. You will get the projector headlamps, LED, projector, headlamps and down there.

You will get the indicators and now let me show you this car from the side see. This is quite small mini. You can say this is smaller than the Tata Nano, and this vehicle has the LED blinkers here on the orbs or orvms are manually adjustable only access button for both driver and co driver side and to enter this car youll have to fold this seat like this And enter the car from there, so actually there is good space for my height. I am 5 8 and for winners, height also winners. Six, almost six, so we have checked the rear space. This is quite good, but and Headroom is also quite better, but the thing is there is no thigh support. My knees are on my face right now, so I am only five, eight and Im facing this problem. If you, your height, is more than six feet. This is going to be mess for you, but there is legroom Headroom and shoulder room now. Lets go and check out the rear of this car once so going in and out in this mg. Comet is little hard. Let me do it, so it is little hard. Electric badge is there with this blue color, and let me show you this light because of this light looks quite nice. Let me open this, so there is no boot space. If you are using both these seats, if you need more space, you will have to fold the seeds.

There is very less space. This is the domestic charger. This will charge your vehicle within seven hours. Now lets go to the drivers, seat, drivers, seat, driver door, so doors are quite big and very heavy. Look at the Interiors. The color of Interiors looks quite soothing, nice good for your very lavishing and this 10.25 inches touchscreen music system with wireless Android Apple carplay, 10.25. Inches driver display in this display there are all the information is given, and let me show you few things like if Ill press the break, so you can see the brake lights are on even on this small car. If I turn on the headlamps see the headlamps are on here also, and the Hazardous lamp switch is there so once you switch all four indicators, the indicators can be seen in this small vehicle on the screen. Also, there is the manual AC unit and down there. You will get the drive, knob drive, neutral, reverse, and this is for the charging. So once you will put this car in the charging, you will have to put it on that mode. There are the power window controls and the driver door window is the one touchdown and one touch up to start this car. You will have to press twice the brakes and this vehicle is ready to drive just put it on drive and now well start driving. This car, so now we are starting driving the mg Comet like lets check out the pickup nice.

So right now we are driving this car in this hilly area, and this vehicle has a 17.3 kilowatt hour battery pack and a PMS motor which generates the power of 42 PS and torque of 110 Newton meter, and I really like driving this car on such curves. Nice nice so pick up, has no issues, and this vehicle is quite spacious. We have Headroom legroom everything. Only the thigh sport is a little concerned, while you are sitting on a driving seat or on the co driver seat. Vinay is sitting right next to me and see so. There is very less thigh support for vinay vinay is almost six feet, and but the interior is a good 10.25 inches apple carplay and there are plenty features. Steering wheels has all the controls for infotainment and for this dis driver display has all the informations you can see, and this vehicle has the drive modes, three Drive modes, Eco, normal and sports mode right now, Im driving on the normal mode. Only because we want to get maximum range by this car, because Company claims 230 kilometers of range, which is the Ari figure, and when we started driving this car, we came from gurgaon to the leopard Trail. We started the journey with the 97 of battery pack and the odometer reading was 407 kilometers right now it is showing 440 kilometers. So we have driven this car almost 33 kilometers in 23, 24 percent of battery, so now nice.

So we have also crossed some of the breakers and there is no issue with the ground clearance. Yes, the motor of this car looks like it is hanging a little low underneath, but there is no issue, but because the design of this car, the motor has been placed parallel to the tires. So once the tire goes up, the motor goes up and this wont touch the ground. So there is no issue and the turning radius of this car is only 4.2 meters and steering is very smooth driving of this car. Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, so lets. Take this car to the highway now and drive it more and in the end of this video we will definitely tell you the exact range of mg Comet, with this 17.3 kilometer battery pack, so guys now we are driving on the highway and drivability on highway is Quite okay: this car is stable. There is a little bit of a crosswind effect on this car. Once Im crossing a big truck or a bus, you might feel a little bit crosswind effect, but otherwise everything is nice and right now we have drained out the battery 52 battery, so the remaining battery is 48 and range is 96 kilometers. So we have driven this car almost 80 kilometers now and and lets see how much we will drive with this 48 battery and now the charging options of mg Comet. So there is only one charging option, which is by a 16 ampere plug a domestic charger is given by mg, so you can just plug it that charger in any 16 ampere plug and you can charge your car and that charger will charge zero to 100 battery.

In seven hours, so it will take seven hours to charge your full battery and you you will drive this car for how much kilometers that Im gon na tell you in the end of this video so guys we were now driving this mg comet on the off Road patch and now see the battery is at 30, and now this shows the yellow color and the range is 60 kilometers. So this is the pending range. So, oh, this has been reduced to it 58 suddenly, because the vehicle is start right now and we are in static position from almost 5 10 minutes now and AC is on and the we have driven this car, almost 120 kilometers. So now lets drive more and check the exact range. So, while driving on such roads, you always think about the safety so for safety in mg convert. There are two airbags given by the company and abs EBD parking, sensors and a reverse parking. Camera is also given, and the battery pack has the IP67 ratings and the battery is the water and dust resistance, so mg has given some of the safety features with mg Comet. Now we are 128 of battery pack and 56 kilometer range. It is showing that we can go up to 56 kilometers and we have driven this car almost 100 20 kilometers, nice and suspensions are quite well tuned with this car, and the weight of this car is very less. That is the reason that this car will provide us a very good range, so guys now car has given us a warning that your battery is very low.

Please charge your battery on time, so there is this. Battery sign came up on the screen and the 20 battery signage become red. So now I can tell you the approximate range of mg Comet, so it is showing 40 kilometers, but yes, after 10 kilometers, your speed will be limited. You wont be able to cross 50 to 55 kilometer per hour speed, so I wont count that so now we have driven 132 kilometers and more 20 to 25 kilometers more. This battery can go till 10 remaining battery, so I feel the 150 155 is the exact range for this. Car company is claiming 230 kilometers, but if you are driving this car because we have driven this car on the highways, only so no region used so much. We do not, if you are driving this car in City areas. Definitely this battery will give you more range, but we have driven mostly on the highways and at speed of 70 with AC on. So this is the exact range for mg Comet. So how did you find this car? You can comment below and also I wish to share that if you drive your car in City areas for almost 50 to 100 kilometers daily, so you can go for this car. You can leave your two wheeler and you can opt for the mg commit, but that depends how much price mg will give you 4 mg Comet and how many variants that that will be coming in the next month.

But yes, the starting price will be given by mg Motors on 26th of April, so stay tuned and also visit our website to get the exact updates about the pricing and variants. So our website is, so we really enjoyed the drive of this car. There is no issue, there is some little bit issues with the thigh support, so there is less insulation in this mg. Comet and the suspensions are okay. Everything is perfect other than the high support and rest depends on the price of this car.