So designware is not much difference in this electric car compared with the viewing Arab except the badging, has been changed to the mg committee. Now coming to the design of this electric car. It is more like a box type design, so the main attraction point of this electric car is the range whatever the 230 kilometers of air range they are offering and also it is a mini car which means in the traffic road conditions it can escape easily. Most of your traffic load condition you can easily escape and it is more more than an auto and less than a car that you can say, but you can completely feel it as a electric car. If you look at the power of this electric car, you see the motor they are using at 25 kilowatt induction motor with that induction motor. They are offering 140 newton meters of torque, which is not bad and also the power there is providing, is 42 horsepower and also the speed they are offering 100 kilometer per hour. I mean in the city, road conditions, 100 kilometer per hour. Top speed is more than ever now, especially in the traffic road condition. You cannot go beyond that. So lets check the rear side boot space of this Comet TV. So there is not much boot space available in the comet TV, the most of the space been occupied by the rare two seats. You can hardly keep one of the charger or some of your bags here.

Apart from that, you cannot keep, but you can adjust your seats to the front side like this. Then you have some kind of boot space availability. You can keep some kind of luggage here, I think more than 100 liters of boot space. If you use the seats as your boot space, then you need to keep the seats back to the original position and you can close this rear side now, the rear side. You can see the mg cometv badging here and the ground clearance of this car is 145 millimeters so because the tire says they are offering is 12 inch. Tubeless tires with alloy wheels, I think in the electric car segment. These are the smallest tires available, so maybe in the speed Breakers unit is slow down a little bit based on the kind of ground cleaner. They are offering. I think the major attraction of mg Comet TV is the front portion of the design, especially people have some fantasies in during our childhoods some toys. We have that kind of topic convert into an electric car. How it looks that is the kind of fuel you will get in completely LED large kind of horizontal LED lamps. It is one of the main attraction and is this: is the mg logo? Actually, this is a charging port to open this just press once and this is the charging port availability. Actually, they are not offering fast charging only type 2 charger, so type 2 charger means you cannot charge in one hour of the charging time.

So this is a seven 3.3 kilowatt charger theyre going to offer with the 3.3 kilowatt charger. You can charge this electric car in seven hours, whereas ten to eight percent of the charging can be done in five hours of time. So, with that charging time you can get up to 230 kilometers of ARA range, whereas the real range we are expecting up to 170 to 180 kilometers of rain. That is not bad in the Inca in this kind of pricing segment and if you slowly go down to the front portion, you can see the DRL lights here again. The comet TV, badging and the grilles are available. So most of the stylish to aspect is: is located at the front portion of the Comet TV, see the mirror sources. These are power, mirrors availability, so by electronically you can control these mirrors. So this is how you need to enter into the mg mg Common TV, especially the rear passengers, need to enter like this. Then you need to push the front seat to the rear side, thats how the seating Position will be coming to the battery pack of mg. Comet TV the battery pack is situated here. The battery pack is 17 kilowatt of Prismatic cells, so Prismatic cells and nmc chemistry. The difference is more than the more safety for the thermal run away and all also offers better life cycles. So this is how you need to operate the air conditioning system in the mg Common TV.

So this is the infotainment along with the mg comma TV. It is like 10 centimeters of important system. This is the infotainment system and the right side. It is the digital instruments, so this is a range predictor and the battery percentage here it is showing the voltage and current and the normal the different Power modes power mode in normal mode, and this Echo mode also so odometer. It is showing how many kilometers it is travel so far and that the switches here the pleasant music system is available and you can talk to the car – and this is the speaker over there and mg mg badging here, and the safety wise two airbag is offering One is for the driver and the other for the next person passenger, so its a complete automatic car. You just need to switch to this. Actually, it is in handbag mode so thats why it is not changing so four different modes, neutral drive and reverse and uh power mode also available in this car, so thats how you need to change its completely automatic system. The top speed is 100 kilometer per hour and what I personally like about, even though its a mini car, the air conditioning system, is you feel like that, the manual system AC is predictive and the seating Comfort. Also, it depends on the right, whatever the driver and the passenger inside, so they have to adjust a little bit because of the pricing of the car, what they are offering so seating wise.

They have to seat for like a couple of times, then they need to check wiser like whether this is comfortable or not so. Overall, the mg Common TV electric car wont disappoint you, especially in the time in the segment of pricing, because the pricing they are offering for mg common TVs around 7.98 lakh rupees, which means approximately 8 lakh rupees. This is like showroom: price of MJ comedy TV, so the competitor for mg TV is definitely the Tiago. Even so the Tia give is up to 8.7 lakh rupees, so 70 000 difference between the mg Comet TV and the Tiago EB. So the battery pack wear entry. They are offering for this Comet TV. Electric car is eight years warranty on the battery pack and the car warranty. They are offering three years of complete car warranty. So you, if you want to pre book this electric car, the bookings will open on May 15th. Then, later on, the delivery is to start so. Overall, the mg Comet TV is mostly suitable for the city commuting wise, especially who want to escape from the travel who want to escape from these traffic conditions. Definitely they can go and test write mg, Comet TV based on your test, riding performance and and about your seat comfort. You can decide whether you can buy it or not, and we will do a complete uh Drive review about MG Common TV very soon and we will upload in the EV Pro Channel.

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