What you dont think of is something like the mg Comet and the fact that this is unlike anything youve seen before on our roads, starts not just by the way it looks, but even with the key you started with now even entering the mg comet is quite Different from what youre used to with your regular car, so you just walk in now. This part is quite common. You have this single large door, so you and sit right in, and you notice that the mg comment doesnt have a starter Button as such all. You need to do is get in press the brakes and turn this dial to D and thats, how you start driving and as soon as you get in, you realize that there is quite a bit of space here. The exteriors are deceptive. Considering that the car is 2.9 meters long, but the wheelbase itself is almost 2.1 meters with the EV specific architecture that this car is basted and you notice that these EV specific touches which boost practicality continue throughout. So you have this completely flat floor. Theres a lot of space so that sense of openness is there this very low sill that you have from the window line and the view out front that helps with the sensor space and yeah the seats themselves. They arent the widest considering the Stars. Only 1.5 meters wide, so they arent especially wide but theres a lot of Elbow Room in at least on this side.

So two people in the front theres no real problem at all. You should be fairly comfortable, at least for the short distances in the city that this car is being used in. The seat could have been a touch softer and while theres good under thanks support, theres, not much to hold you in place. If youre over six feet tall or of a wider frame, finding a comfortable driving position is a touch difficult. Now the design itself will, in some cases, remind you of the Mercedes GLA, with this 10.25 inch twin screen layout and the way these dials are but other than that, its actually a fairly functional space in terms of the perception of quality. Its really quite great, when you first step in, but on closer inspection, you notice that, for example, some of these AC dials, they could have been slightly heftier, considering this will be a car that is fairly expensive for what it is. Some of the switchgee, especially around here, could have been better made, but you have this really nice feeling steering wheel with these buttons, which feel fairly decent to use now in terms of practicality, which is another important feature of a car such as this one. You notice that you get these nice deep cooling sort of cup holders here you get a shelf for some reason. There isnt a glove box which we think is somewhat of a Miss. But again you get these nice hooks here to sort of hold your groceries and so on, and you get two USB a ports.

Sadly theres, no USB C, which we think is a miss and yeah. You have really large door pockets and another nice touch. You realize that the dough itself is quite large and fairly heavy. So do you realize that? Because of that and because of how the hinge is, you need very little effort to shut the door, which is something smart? The displays are quite crisp and easy to use. The instrument cluster gives you useful, EV related information like the power output voltage and so on, but, like we saw on the mg zscv, some of the readouts could have been larger and more prominent. The touchscreen, though, is the best weve seen from mg, yet the smartphone like widgets, make navigating easy and the screen itself is fluid and has good sensitivity. A great addition is that a wireless Android, auto and apple carplay and its easy seamless, pairing Music there could have been a longer list of just considering the comet evs target audience. You get powered mirrors connected Tech and the wireless phone pairing safety equipment includes two airbags. Reversing camera as well as TPMS, so now we think the mg comet is largely aimed at either single adults or young couples, or a very young family with maybe children, but you will eventually someday have to use the back seat and getting in is pretty straightforward. I mean a door would have been better, but would you realize is of course the front seats because of such a wide door, its very easy to just slide in, but the rear seat foreign getting like this, and now this seat is set to my driving position And yeah you realize that for such a small car there is quite a bit of space.

Now the feeling here somewhat similar to say the third row in something like an Innova High cross, maybe but narrower. But what you notice is. I have enough space for my feet. They go up under the seat here, yeah I dont have and again its a narrow bench so its best for two adults. A third person will be a very tight fit and yeah the squab, its not very supportive and the backrest too again like in the front its a bit firm, maybe not all that to at least my liking. But what you do notice that its because of these large windows, its still an Airy space, of course yeah. The seat is maybe a bit too large. So that can get me your face, but yeah. If you do occasionally, you need to carry say more than two adults in the mg Comet. It will do the job pretty well theres. A comment provide you with adequate driving range, and is it as good as other hatchbacks in the similar price range lets find out? After this very short break, oh you got it. What is Indian oil welcome back here with us on overdrive with its tiny footprint? Dmg comet is quite a unique experience and we got a chance to drive it in urban conditions. Lets check it out good out on the road theres, no mistaking the comet for anything else. The tall, narrow shape and Tiny footprint packs quite a bit of presence.

The snazzy, colors and customization are a big part with the full width lighting. Sadly, not a DRL and intricate lamps help too. Mg has done quite a bit to spruce up the slap sided profile. A neat touches the way. The large quarter glass lines up with the wrap around LED lighting element thats at the small 12 inch Wheels, could have been Alloys. The rear is again crisp with the same sharp lighting and big badges with little overhangs making for a taut look Music. Now, unlike a regular sized hatchback, there will be some compromises to make when you have to carry luggage. So, for example, you cant carry four people and the luggage thats completely, not possible. So, with all the seats up you, this is all this place that you have so a backpack is pretty much what fits, but if you arent carrying people, which is probably what will happen often considering the kind of people, this car is aim that you realize that The space itself is quite large, it will carry mg size will carry two golf bags, or maybe even three fitted in like this so yeah in terms of space. If you dont want to carry more than two adults, there is a lot to use, but yeah or you can maybe so you will have to make that compromise. But there is boot space. The small battery pack is placed cleverly under the front seats. This doesnt intrude into cabin space or raise the floor all that much the charging port is also cleverly placed in the front, so plugging in is easy.

The comment only has AC charging up to 3.3 kilowatts that takes seven hours. Some levels of DC fast charging would have been a nice fallback option now. You would think that 42 PS and 110 Newton meter isnt all that. Much but again, the mg comet is electric and its a very tiny car, which means that performance is never really lacking, especially in the city where you will use it pretty much all the time. It gets up to say 60 kilometers an hour about as easily as any other car will and you do get Drive modes to choose, but you get an Eco, a normal or a sport drive mode and they do change. You know the kind of steering response. You have the kind of throttle response you have, but not much more than that. The outputs remain the same, so you do notice a bit more urgency in each of the as you go through the most but its, not something that you know normal mode will work just fine for you all the time Music, but the real difference that you notice Between driving a combat and any other car in the city is from its shape, of course, so you realize that you can place this car very easily on the road, because the sill is so low. The glass is so large. You know exactly where the car is on the road, even though you cant see right in front of you, the Bonnet so to speak.

But you can place this car very easily on the road. Its got a very tight turning radius 4.2 meters and for a car with 12 inch tires and not a lot of weight or length. Its got pretty good ride, quality. It absorbs, except for say these big speed, Breakers and potholes, in which it doesnt quite have the suspension travel to absorb Music. You also get three regen modes which you choose via the screen. A switch or paddles would have been nicer, but the region is well judged. The middle setting feels natural and in the high level, the combat flows right down to a crawl, but there is no creep function built in so in start stop traffic. It can get a touch, tiring. The drive, selector dial also works. Naturally, although the lack of a park mode is a miss, but everything else that you might find in a city, for example, gravel patches or just a rough section or even uneven surfaces, it handles those pretty well. Yes, there is quite a bit of body roll, as you can see, if you cannotice uh at speeds of say about 30 or 35 and over, which is again because of how tall it is and how narrow the track is. So you do have to be careful of that, and the steering too could have maybe of course, its quite direct because theres no engine in the middle in the front, so its quite direct, but it could have done with a bit more feel.

It maybe could have re centered a bit quicker, a bit easier. It doesnt do that, so that pretty much sums up how the comet is to drive. Of course, you wont take it out on the highway, all that much so in the city its what it should do, its an easy struck, free Driving Experience, comment as any other hatch, Evie or otherwise, and it doesnt quite make a lot of sense, but the comet Isnt, a regular car think of it as polished Urban mobility, and then you realize that for someone who doesnt quite need the range or the space to cover all of a familys needs, the comment is just enough car. It could have had more features but its easy to drive and has a reasonable range and performance for its purpose, all in similar price range or even the Tata Thiago EV. Let us know in the comment section on our YouTube channel well head into a very quick break here on the show, but coming up on the other side.