They were believed to be ahead of their time. Mg feels that this is the time to have something like this in India, because this for them is an urban Mobility solution designed for the regular office, going crowd for the for regular home makers for college going students who commute within 100 kilometers on a daily basis And they want to do it with the utmost ease in the city traffic. So the argument is that this is easier to navigate and very frugal to run. Lets see what this thing is all about and how it behaves in this city. Well, for sure, the mg comet is very different from a regular car or road baby Music. Well, one thing is for sure that the comet EV is quite a head turner. I have been getting a good amount of attention on the road because theres, nothing like this. On sale in India, yet coming to the Driving Experience, honestly, its so easy to maneuver through the city traffic, that it feels very Nimble, very easy to navigate through the city, traffic and very easy to park and day to day use me, you dont realize it till The time you do it so, yes of a car, this small and the best part that it doesnt feel small on the inside because you have generous space ease of driving is definitely its biggest USB and that is backed by adequately enough range and power output, power, Delivery, then you have the talk right from the go and you get around 41 breakfast bar and 110 newton meters of peak talk.

The battery pack is 17.3 kilowatt hour. That gives you a claim range of around 230 kilometers in real driving condition. I am getting somewhere around 170 kilometers of range, so 170 kilometers is still quite good for a city. Commuter range for an average daily commute is enough. In fact, data says that 86 percent of City commuters Drive less than 30 kilometers per day. Full charge should suffice and speaking of charging charging time, then from zero to hundred percent, it will take around 7 hours using a three point: three kilowatt hour charger and from 10 to 80 percent. You can charge it in just five hours using the same charger there, and what I particularly like about this Comet EV is that the suspension has been tuned for Indian driving condition and, yes, it does feel a bit soft on the surfaces and thats very comfortable. So right from the go, you get to feel that pothole, so speed breaker. So you dont get to hear that thud, which is a very good feedback to have the way it feels and behaves on the road. You feel that theres some thought put into this product the best part that no way it feels like a skimmed down product quality and thats. My opinion now lets see how it feels like with more people being on board. So now I have got my crew on board. How does the scarf feel to drive in the city and, honestly, in terms of you know, keeping up with the traffic it doesnt feel any different lighter, so even with the weight you know, you dont feel that difference in the performance and the best part is that All three of us are comfortable inside the cabin, so Surya, I think, has enough knee room here at the front and even alok, who is sitting right behind me.

You know his knees are not brushing against my seat and my seat is at my comfortable driving position. So I think thats a very big thumbs up for the mg Comet EV, also in terms of overall Ambience, its an electric car, so its silent. Do you do get to hear that little murmurs from the electric motor but thats about it, otherwise its pretty much sorted again in terms of comfort, so the suspension for City speeds? We are doing around 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. It feels very comfortable. You know it isnt sharp though uncomfortable feeling uh speed Breakers. You dont feel that here and the best part, is that you will be driving this car, mostly in this city. Its meant for City commute so youll, be maintaining your speed limits right and you dont have uh speed limits over 80 kilometers per hour in the city anywhere. So at those speeds the car feels very settled now when it comes to handling again, I wont be pushing it hard because early maintaining my speed limits in the city, so you know it doesnt bother me much, obviously uh its not a corner cover, so you wont Be able to carry uh, you know higher speeds around the corners. It has a tall boy kind of a design small wheels, so Body Rolls, but again nothing that is unnerving because at these speeds it still feels pretty much manageable. Finally, opinion on this cute little Eevee, so Surya tell me one thing: would you rather mind spending your money on something like this, a small three door, hatch or as a second car, you would again go for a proper five door.

Small hatch for your city commute, given that you already own a five door. Car Ill definitely go with a three door or small electric hatch, definitely any time, and what will be your reason for that simple, its its small, its compact, its economical? It can maneuver in the traffic and uh its so small and uh space b, ISO no problem over there. So why not right? So you have your answer there and you know the best aspect of owning this mg. Comet TV is actually the frugality aspect of it. Kilometers, so almost for a month, you can drive it for just 519 rupees, which is lower than actually having a large size. Pizza, well thats, a big Boon for me and probably why buyers would be interested in an EV, the most and speaking of interesting design. The design instantly gets your attention on the road and thats, perhaps the outstanding part of the mg Comet EV, because it looks quite quirky and quite cool. You have got quite flush panels here, LED headlights. You have got this led ter indicators, it runs the width of the car. The charging socket is right here and its IP67 certified again. So safety aspect me its there on point and the Finish is also good of the panels here so gaps. You have got decent character lines here on the profile, so on the side you get a decent contrast. You have piano black finish chrome finish here and even the or VMS are finished in piano, black PJ quarter, glass area.

Maybe black finish there. You have got Chrome on door handles so again looks good 12 inch K Wheels here. You have got these Arrow covers on these wheels. Steel rims, so no alloy wheels there. Now even at a rear. You get similar contrast treatments so piano black yeah. You have these connecting LED bars here, LED tail lights, and you have the EV bass and the internet inside, without which MG cars just cant, go so test that its a corrected car, the comet lettering, is right here, also Chota sa lip spoiler type copy treatment. So again looks quite quirky quite cool, but you know what there is something that makes this car even quirkier and even more cool and thats all the accessory and decal package that mg offers. And honestly, if I have to buy something like this, which looks so cool, I would like to make it even more funkier by opting for those accessory packets. So, yes, this is something which I would love to. Experiment with on offer is a wide range of styling packs. The sticker style packs have Youth Night, Cafe, emoticon space, Blossom, florista and Astronaut editions. The comet lit back have Beach Bay, Sundowner, Serenity and flex packs, and these go well with all five color options: Starry black Aurora, silver, candy, white, dual tone: candy white, with stary black and dual tone: apple green with Starry black. There is wide range of accessories as well to personalize your car, like you, get a cool little armrest with storage space, funky seat covers and floor mats, vibrant inserts on the dash and low pads and most stores options right ahead of the steering wheel, accessory options.

But whats even more cool is the W of this car digital car key sharing features and, to start the cart you dont have any engine start stop button. All you need to do is to tap twice on the brake pedal and the car is ready to go. The all new mg comet is 2974 millimeters, long 1505 millimeters wide and 1640 millimeters tall, and despite its small Dimension, it manages a wheelbase of 2010 millimeters lets, see cabinet so on the inside of the mg. Comet evu will be amazed by the sense of space. Thanks to this light, color theme inside the cabin you have got this gray color on the dashboard on the seats. Also white contrast here on the dashboard on the door, pads and chrome fringes around the air convents. So yes, in terms of feel and appeal, it feels a bit of market and premium building up on the premium. Quotient are all the features on offer. You get all the segment standard features: a 10.25 inch unit, touchscreen infotainment system with pre loaded apps like jio, 7 and all sort of connectivity options, Wireless Android, auto or apple carplay, but this is an Android screen, so you can drag your widgets. You can position them. According to your likes and its very crisp and the graphics are very nice very cool to use. Also, I, like the layout, the dual screen setup. I have the 10.25 inch digital instrument cluster. Even the graphics here are quite nice and gamer.

Inspired things like this steering wheel, you have quirky buttons here on the steering wheel, uh, the positioning is right in terms of knee room. I have got decent knee room at the front, so yes, the actual space inside the cabin is also quite good. You have got a flat floor, then you also have your general features like power. Adjustment for the or VMS and the seat can be adjusted for rake and the backrest also can be adjusted. But you dont have any height adjustment for the seat. You do have a height adjustment for the steering wheel, but not for the seats. You have got this very cool, looking buttons for aircon controls and for your reason, activation and your drive modes. You have got a long press key here right at the central console in terms of safety features. It offers dual airbags, ABS, with EBD child seat and press for your seat and IP67 certified battery pack and a tire pressure monitoring device along with air pump kit. Since it doesnt have any spare wheel well, features about the comet, EV definitely is update, they have practicality. So in terms of utility spaces, you have got quite quirky events, so theres a bin right in front of the co driver. You can use it to place tissue boxes and your wallet or multiple phones, since you dont have any dedicated place to keep your phone. You have cup holders on either end a phone rack sector when youre not using them for cups, also door armrest.

I can keep my phone. I can store my phone foreign, so decent cavity to get in and on to the rear seat. Now, honestly, the driver seat is set at my driving position and I am able to manage a decent space for shorter commute. My knees are not brushing against this seat, so that is a big plus. For me. I am sitting a bit knees up, but the rear seats are meant for children, so children will be coffee comfortable here, but for an adult, even if a person of my size is able to manage a shorter commute, so thats a good achievement in a car. This size also, I have proper three point: seat belts at the rear, so safety is so yes, I am at a comfortable position, uh for a shorter commute. At least I have good Headroom here and the bigger quarter glass helps because you dont feel hemped in even at the rear seat, so the sense of space is actually pretty much sufficient, well rear seat space, though manageable, hair but other boots. There is just no boot space, small shopping packs is maximum. You will be able to fit here. Then youll have to fold down the rear seats. Just say coffee, but here this will be a two seater, only Music, all right. So what do we think about the mg Comet EV? Well as an urban Mobility solution, it takes quite a few write boxes. It looks quite cool and funky is generally premium and spacious on the inside, for a city commute and has got just the right amount of features.

So, yes, it makes a case for itself there, but what Still Remains critical is the pricing. So here is a complete Lowdown in productory prices for the mg Comet EV begin at 7, lakh 98 000 rupees, making it the most affordable electric car on sale in India. In fact, it is around 80 000 rupees more affordable than the base variant of the Tata Tiago EV, while around 3 lakh fifty thousand rupees more affordable than the top end crimps of both models, thats quite the asking for a car this size.