stay watching to see How it performed after a week of driving it with my family of three the dynamic, is the base model and will cost you. Seventy four thousand dollars before on road costs, which makes it a similar price to its Rivals. But it has a fantastic driving range of 614 kilometers which actually puts it ahead of the usual range leaders. Tesla. There are some cool highlights, like the 12.3 inch screens, that headline the dash heated front, seats, Apple, carplay and Android, auto, as well as auto flush door handles to name a few foreign. The ionic six definitely looks like an EV with its Boomerang design and the rear is the Highlight for me because it gives me some Porsche Vibes. But even after a week with it, Im not 100 sold on it because at certain angles, its even a little bit ugly, it doesnt help the style cred, either by the thick Wheels, which, admittedly, you can upgrade in the higher grades. The interior is a lot more paired back than I was expecting, given the futuristic design of the exterior. It is quite nice, though, and its nice to see The Greener production values in this. For example, theres a lot of recycled materials used all the way from the paintwork, from the doors to the carpet, which is made from recycled fishing nets, which is pretty neat theres plenty of space up front with great head leg and Elbow Room. But the storage options are a little bit lean other than this shelf.

Underneath the center console, you only have a rather unique pull out drawer for the glove box, but thats pretty much it. The storage bins on each of the doors are a little bit too shallow and skinny to be that useful. I, like the width of the seats and the synthetic trim, feels nice to touch, but they are a lot firmer on the back side than what you might expect. The lumbar support and heat function, though, were most welcome. The tech looks good and is easy to use, which is always a good combo to have the touchscreen is responsive. I love the Bluetooth connectivity and that it has wide Apple, carplay and Android auto. I was a little bit disappointed that its not wireless, because I dont love a trailing cable situation up front, but it also has built in satellite navigation as well. I love how the steering wheel feels underneath my hands and that the steering wheel communicates with the cars via these four little white dashes. So when theyre red youre in Reverse, when its in blue youre in Drive, even when youve got obstacles on either side when youre parking, sometimes the outer edges will go red, which is pretty cool. Something that I like to see in a car nowadays is ambient lighting and lots of it, because it can really transform the interior, and this is customizable and looks fantastic when youre in dim lighting. Another handy hint, though, is that the backlight of the dual screens can be customized from white or black.

I dont recommend leaving it on the white setting only because it kind of looks like youve got A4 pieces of paper just folded over on the dash and its. Not as stylish as the black light, the back seat has loads of leg room. I mean look at this space, however. Im almost hitting the roof with my 168 centimeter or five foot six height. So if youre a tall family, I would make sure that your taller passengers can fit comfortably in the back here. Unfortunately, you do feel the paired back design most starkly here, because it doesnt have as much sense of fun as the front. The amenities are a little bit lean as well, but I do like that. It has two USBC ports and a standard three plug House Port as well. If you ever need to charge anything on the go, there are isofix child seat, mounts on the outboard seats, plus three top tethers. I do think two child seats will fit best, but if you are going to fit a zero to four rearward facing child seat, youre going to have plenty of room even behind a tall passenger, but the low roof May annoy you when it comes to buckling. In the babe that low roof Also may annoy you if youre tall and you have to duck in and out its quite easy to hit your head now perfect for my six year old to climb in and out the low clearance was fantastic.

However, storage options back here are lean just like the front, which is a shame in a family car. I always like to see a powered tailgate on a family vehicle, but for a sedan of this size, the boot space is actually rather small at 401 liters of capacity, you do have a 45 liter front storage space, which means at least the charging cables wont be In the way, but because this aperture is quite narrow as well, it could be awkward to fit bigger gear like prams or portable cots theres, no spare tire in this at all. But you do get a tire Mobility kit, the dynamic is a full EV and its powered by a rear mounted single electric motor that delivers a maximum output of 168 kilowatts and 350 newton meters of torque, meaning it has a decent kick. When you put your foot down, this is powered by a 77.4 kilowatt per hour lithium ion battery, but you can still go from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in a zippy 7.3 seconds. The charging port is a type 2.. Unfortunately, it doesnt come with any charging cables. They do cost extra, which is a shame. You can get the options of a type 2 to a type 2 charging cable, as well as a type 2 to a standard. Three pin house plug adapter wouldnt be regularly using that for a charger because it is only met for emergency use as it takes over 35 hours to charge.

Lets talk more about charging. You have the option of having a wall mount option at home with a single phase being a 7.5 kilowatt system which should get you from 10 to a full charge in roughly 11 hours and 45 minutes, which is a little bit slow. Considering of ev6, which has similar specs, can get it done in seven and a half hours, theres, also a three phase power option which delivers 22 kilowatts and should see that charge time come down by about half now these options do cost extra and dont include in Store costs which have to be done by a licensed electrician. The onboard DC charger has a capacity of up to 350 kilowatts, and that means that if you plug it into a 50 kilowatt charging station, you can get from 10 to a full charge. In just 73 minutes, but it also means that you can plug it into an ultra fast 350 kilowatt system, and that means that that comes down to just 18 minutes. Not all EVS can actually accept those speeds. So this is really good, even though it has the capacity Ultra fast Chargers are few and far between in the city, let alone Regional areas like mine. As someone who loves to drive and explore, I would love to see that infrastructure extend to Regional areas, so it can support EV drivers down there too. The official energy consumption is 14.3 kilowatts per hour per 100 kilometers and I achieved 13.

9 kilowatts per hour. After a very heavy six days of use now, even after that heavy use, I still had 42 or 220 kilometers remaining on the dash. I only ended up charging it because the charger happened to be free, so Im actually quite impressed with the efficiency the regen braking. Doesnt have a massive physical presence like say, the key ev6 does, but its obviously working well wow that charging talk has made me. Fidgety lets drive this thing being an EV. This is super quiet inside the cabin which is lovely and theres a pleasant sense of power. When you put your foot down, I also quite like how it feels like a traditional car almost with the on road feel, I feel very connected to the road and what my steering is doing, which is responsive but firm. The ride comforts very good. Despite the harder seats – and it absorbs bumps well without being floaty, even backseat, passengers will enjoy a smooth ride. However, those feelings can be interrupted on the open road when you get hit by hard winds now, thats, not a normal situation, but it did make the car quite unsure of itself, and I had to take off the lane keeping AIDS too, because the car just felt Almost wobbly during that situation and like its Kia cousins, there is a lot of beeping in this car and it can feel like youve got a back seat driver in the car with you with the constant beeping alerts for speed limit changes school zones – if you happen To go over by one kilometer, its lets just say its, not my favorite feature: you can customize the regen breaking to four levels, one being the lowest and the eye pedal being the highest.

To be frank, I didnt rate the eye pedal in an urban setting. I just didnt feel it was responsive enough, so I kept it at level three. For most of my week, I also didnt really notice a massive difference between all the drive modes, so it was also kept on normal for most of the week. This does have an almost 12 meter turning Circle and you do feel that in a very tight car park, but the front and rear parking, sensors plus an excellent and very clear, 360 degree view camera makes this a breeze to park. Ive really enjoyed parking this actually because of that camera, its a top feature. The ionic six comes with a full Suite of safety features that I always like to see on a family car, but our highlight is the updated Ford Collision warning which can detect oncoming Vehicles I.E when a car starts to sway over that middle line. It was recently awarded a maximum five star end cap safety rating back in 2022, so its nice and fresh, and it has seven airbags, including the newer front center airbag. The full safety specs are on my written review at If you need more details, Music, the ionic 6 comes with a five year, unlimited kilometer warranty, but the battery is covered by an eight year or 160 000 kilometer warranty, whichever occurs first pretty good servicing for the first two are capped at 560 dollars. Each which is great and servicing intervals are also very reasonable at every 24 months or 30 000 kilometers.

Whichever occurs first Ive enjoyed driving Hyundai ionic six Dynamic this week. It handles well in most situations I like the Eco footprint and that it has a fantastic driving range, but the Cozy headspace in the back and the boot space does make me feel that it would suit smaller families best and certainly families that have graduated from the Pram and Nappy bag stage. I also would have liked to have seen a few more amenities in that back seat. So this gets a seven and a half out of ten from us. If youre after more details, check out my full detailed written review at carsguide.