Kia is already an established player in the EV Market, having introduced electric versions of the soul and nairo, as well as dedicated electric models such as the F6 crossover and the larger F9 SUV. However, the Korean automaker has several new Eaves in development, including the F4, which is expected to compete in the subcompact SUV segment. This model will primarily cater to the needs of European buyers and is intended to serve as a new entry point into Kias zero emission range. At least before the smaller F3 enters, the market Kia has been tight, lipped about details regarding its upcoming Ebbs aside from a vague group, shot teaser released in 2021. However, as the automakers naming convention suggests, the F4 will be a lot smaller than the F6, which measures 4680 M or 184.3 inches in length, as well as the upcoming production version of the F5 concept. Reading between the lines, the F4 will likely have a similar footprint to the second gen Sol Eve that debuted back in 2018 and the celtos, although there are no spy shots of the upcoming F4. Yet our sources have created a speculative rendering, based on rumors and using Kias styling language opposites. United, the resulting vehicle takes cues from the larger F6, such as the window line, tail lights, that connect to the rear, fenders and profile surfacing. However, it has a less futuristic appearance than the F9 Flagship. With the front fascia reminiscent of the ice powered Cairns, we can expect the F4 to offer sportier geek line and get trims which have been popular with buyers in the past.

Its expected that the interior of the Kia F4 will feature a digital cockpit with dual screens housed in the same panel, similar to the setup found in the Kia Sportage. The company may also incorporate sustainable materials for the upholstery, as many of its Rivals have done in this segment. Additionally, the electric platform of the F4 will allow for similar interior space, despite having a smaller footprint than some of its competitors, making efficient use of the available space like all of the new zero emission models from Hyundai and Kia. The upcoming F4 is expected to ride on the dedicated egamp architecture. This platform will enable the crossover to borrow the 58q and 77.4 Q battery pack options from the larger F6 providing a competitive range. Similarly, the single electric motor of the entry level F6 that produces 168 each 125q, 125 qbi 170c and 350 N 258 l two on torque, sounds like a great fit for the segment in terms of Technology. The Kia F4 is expected to come equipped with the latest version of Kias Ada Suite, which is called auto mode. Additionally, the model will likely be compatible with over the air updates. Ota and software enabled feature on demand fod Services, which will be available at a cost. These features were first announced on the F9 SUV Flagship and are set to become available across the entire range in the coming years. If rumors are true, the Kia F4 is expected to debut as one of the new zero emission models towards the end of 2023 or sometime in the first half of 2024.

As a result, we should begin to see camouflaged prototopes of the Eevee wearing a production body in the near future. In addition to Kia, Volkswagen is also working on a smaller, fully electric SUV that is slated to debut prior to 2026.