What are the changes compared to the outgoing model? Oh High load EV now gets a bigger 12.96 kilowatt battery pack, which is IP67 rated and continues to be liquid cooled. The battery and vehicle control unit has been developed and manufactured in house. The battery management system, though, is sourced from a different company. The motor assembly has been done in house as well Music and were off in the 2023 Euler High load electric vehicle. It Gets A three phase, induction motor and makes about 10.96 kilowatt hour bar at about 88.55 newton meters of big torque and even with the vehicle fully loaded. This has decent amount of pull and if you want to move cargo within city limits, this is a great pet. And yes, you do see a lot of these in Indian roads, but if you want to turn this vehicle, when it is fully loaded, you will have to wrestle with the handlebar. It will take a significant amount of effort and, if youre going to ride this vehicle daily, definitely bend your forearms thats for sure Music in terms of features, there is a digital instrument, cluster that offers information like battery capacity charging time range and so on. Theres also USB port and a mobile holder, along with vehicle tracking system and a 9 axis inertial measurement unit, which can be linked to the telematics and send a topple or a collision Alert in case theres. An accident. The EV is also OTA compatible and can get updated with new features.

Wirelessly. Thank you. Coming to the quality on the vehicle, Euler has done a decent job. The sheet metal is thick and the cabinet season update in terms of materials used. It is strictly a one person Affair and, even though the regulations do not necessitate a seat belt for the driver, Euler sells one as an accessory Music. This has a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The claimed range is about 170 odd kilometers, but the real world range is close to around 120 kilometers and uh. Yes, the suspension is slightly on the stiffer side, but then you have to remember the fact that the cargo bay is fully loaded with close to I dont know maybe 15 20 liter bottles of water yeah, so thats the cargo that were moving today. I get driving this vehicle on a closed space since I dont have a commercial vehicle driving license, so it is a glow space, but it gives a good feedback of how the vehicle runs in all sorts of terrain. The high load, EVC is a 30 increase in the width of the 12 inch radial tires that offer better grip now and thanks to Independent suspension at the rear, the vehicle stays stable, even when taking? U turns at speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour with a full load. The high load EV has a ground clearance of 240 millimeters and a waiting depth of 1 feet or about 305 millimeters. In addition, the payload capacity now Grows by 30 percent to 688 kg Applause.

The charging socket and the vehicle can be charged fully in about three to four hours. Yes, but if you wanted to be charged faster, then this vehicle also can function with a DC, 50 kilowatt or fast charger, and you can get a range of up to 50 kilometers in just 15 minutes and the vehicle can be fully charged in less than one Hour, the DC fast charger now the Euler High load EV comes in three variants: PV DV and HD. The very we drove today was the PV and the variant price prices are yet to be announced. Although bookings have already begun, some of the rivals to the Euler High load AV are the piagio ape extra Mahindra, triozor, osm, Bridge plus, and so on. The Euler High load EV is up there with other top selling models in the segment. The company also claims that the Euler High load offers up to 30 percent, more earnings than any other EV in the segment with lesser operational costs transporting cargo over long distances may not be feasible on an EV yet, but when it comes to intracity operations, the Euler High load AV offers a genuine environment friendly option as an electric cargo.