Good afternoon my name is Raj mallesh. I am a relationship manager from PPS Motors mg Hyderabad. Today we are going to launch all new mg Comet from House of mg. India come into this vehicle. This vehicle has made in the concept of gscv. It means Global, smart electric vehicle platform and it is uh made from concept of skateboard design. It means everything integrated in car. Only suppose it is the elect electronics are driving conference. Everything integrated in the car this car only and coming to this vehicle. This is purely made for the urban lifestyle people thats, why we are calling it urban lifestyle car so coming to this vehicle. We have given an excellent front view so, like you can observe this. One horizontal LED lining with the blue highlights and coming to this one illuminated mg logo and we have given beautiful uh parallel step like front headlamps, and we also give the turn indicator and bumper coming to Side Travel. We can observe this wide window design and you can observe this one uh futuristic or turn indicator with a beautiful design, and you can observe this one. We have given tool inch, uh, the tides and you can observe way we can see. We are having wide opening to enter into the drivers seat, so we can observe this one: a beautiful interior. We have given uh, gray interiors, and you can observe this one. We can find we can find easy Ingress, so we can find a beautiful interior with the gray elements and we have given a premium high grade PVC dashboard and coming to this screen, we have given floating uh touch screens without 26.

4 size. Both will be same side. This one is the infotainment system and you can find a cluster. This is the best feature we are giving and the key features you can observe. Like our timing and weather report – and you can have music controls over here and multiple options, you can adjust the sound quality also, and you can find a beautiful screen over here. Uh plug key features like media AC controller over here vehicle setting. Also, you can find over here you can set as per your requirement and we are giving jios e sim thats why we are giving jio 7 and you can find. I call connectivity while hectic condition for support, while vehicle is breakdown and coming to this cluster, you can find the key features. Important features like a vehicle condition like a door, open, Etc and can find a different kinds over here and coming to the steering you can adjust up and down, which is called directive. Steering you can find a beautiful leather wrapping over here and you can have a voice commands over here and controls, traveling control, steering controls over here and coming to legroom. We have given the best legroom over here you can find over here. You can move from here to here very easily, so very convenient apart from whether its high a person or high personal, shorter water. It is you can find bottle holders over here which can be cold because of this uh Ace event coming to this one.

This is a gear shifter Rotator. We can rotate as per our current, like reverse, neutral and dry mode, and there are three dry modes in this vehicle. One is eco mode and another is a normal, the. Finally, we have sport mode. So if you want more power in the vehicle and prepare Driving Experience, you have to convert into sports mode for better economy. You have to convert into eco mode. Normal is a regular user and commentary. You can find over here, dual volts, so charging port. So but the continent for your mobile phone – and you can find this uh window Auto down function. This is a window operating switches and camera. So you can find this a parking brake, so beautiful parking, brake very handy, ready coming to instruments to Cluster uh. You know in Center place, so you can find AC control over temperature up and down. You can find a fan level adjustment over here, and this is for uh foggy condition. You can adjust the defogger over here, so you can find the switch of keys. This is used for vehicle mode, like sports mode. You can see over here most sports, more eco mode, normal mode, based on your requirement. You can select the mode, so this is a switch which is used for more selection, so in this vehicle you can find four speakers. Music over here are two speakers, two speakers or two Traders over here. With this, you will have a beautiful, sound quality of the music system and coming to Interior.

You can observe this premium gray interior, and this is a fabric seating which gives you very comfortable, seating adjustment. So you will have a better seating over here already. Safety is a priority in all vehicles, thats why we are giving. We are actually the best safety parameter coming to safety package. We have given two airbags ABS with EBD front to disc brakes and coming to this body design, we have given 17 stamping uh uh body construction over there because of this uh. We are assuring the best to build the quality from House of MJ India. Summing to uh rare seating entry, just single touch you can enter in the second row. So in second row we we have given a better space over here or you can find over here because of the height of the vehicle. You can have better Headroom and for two adults we can sit very comfortably. You can find a better shooter more here and leg. Space are so very spacious, very comfortable. You can move here and there. So you can observe this and coming to side view. You can find over here uh airplane deep airplane window like uh design given over here. So you will have better view outside view. From this window. Uh coming to color option, you will find four exiting colors over in mg. Comet one is uh stary black. You can have Aurora silver and Candy white you can find, and one is your color.

We are introducing uh apple green color, so there are four color options in them: MJ comedy coming to a battery. We are, we have given 17.3 kilowatts battery for single charge. We have your 230 kilometers range for this vehicle, so it is in tested conditions so coming to battery charging options. Uh we have given 3.3 kilowatts, so home installation charger. With this you you will have zero to hundred percent charging up to seven hours. It will take seven hours to zero to 100 charging, so you will find multiple options over there and you can get a portable charger portable charges. With this uh. You will get to 17 hours time to fill zero to 100 charging from NJ India from entry levels onwards. We have given a Best Built quality Vehicles. So no doubt about that built quality. We are already given the best to build the quality over this vehicle construction. So best part is this: vehicle is suggestible for Daily City, commit people so like uh home to office, traveling for shopping for uh, picking up your children from school to home in all kind of situations like a hectic traffic condition, you will have a very comfortable drive And load the no doubt about this parking area. Nowadays it has become a problem to parking here in a city condition, so you will have peace of mind while parking the vehicle in any kind of situation like uh of sellers, whatever it is coming to Performance.

So we have 42 BHP Oscar and 110 NM, which gives better dry quality in City condition. You can go minimum speed up for 100 speed, so very comfortable City drive with this uh parameters. The last. Thank you very much for showing interest in all new mg.