We have seen in our video, But today we are going to see MUSIC Smart Car. What car MG Comet EV STYLISH MUSIC CAR EXPO STYLISH MUSIC CONTINUES: OK, Rajesh! What are the smart features in this smart car? First? This is EV. Ok, second, Second, as soon as we sit inside to attract us is the infotainment system and instrument cluster Both are given in LED as a floating display, Full and full digital Full and full digital. Ok, what else There is another app control, What to do with that? You can switch it on or off. You can do many things like this Ohh.., But I will talk about the design first. Why? Because I like the design. What is there in that? How is the colour Calor is? Ok, it has a little share, auto feel How premium the design is. See the connecting lights in the front. How superb it is! It is given similar to Kia right. It is good right Ah… I have seen a car like this. In Toyota, I liked the design as soon as I saw it. Another thing is, you can customize it? What can we do? We can change the colours as we like Ah… We can personalize it.. We can change the seat cover, Oh colour, changing back Like Vivo. Yes, Not like Vivo, When we order they will give us in the colour we like. Okay, They will customize it.. There is a lot of personalization. Yes, there is a lot of personalization.

We can change the seat cover as we like, Whichever colour we select. As per that We can select the interior.. I saw it in the event yesterday, car with a flower design Yes.. In red colour in green colour.. Did you see Many colour? Variations were there., But it looks very small and compact. That is the highlight. Ah, You saw in the road how many people saw the car and took videos Thats Correct When it is small and different. It is attractive to many people. It is attractive right. They have given LED bulbs in both the bulbs Okay.. This will illuminate .That is it will light up, But how will the quality be? I will take a practical class for quality. Are you are taking a practical class Open this? Should I open this Huh..? Oh, my god Close it and see How heavy it is. Our Swift car doesnt weigh so much Huh Swift car will also be like air. When we compare it, it is very heavy Wow. I also thought it is a small car and it will be spoiled in quality. I knew it when I opened the door. The build quality is good. How is it fully? Is it plastic or metal Maximum? It is metal. Ah, Our front mudguard and back mudguard is plastic. Otherwise the quality is superb TROLL. No one would have done this kind of car quality test. No one would have done. Shall we hit with a stone and see TROLL.

If this was a phone, we can throw it and play How to throw and play with this. You have to overturn this TROLL. Did you see the design behind It looks good. Just a minute Opens the back door. Where is the boot space? What is this? It is only for keeping wires Here. The boot space is here. We have to push this and use it as a boot space. Yes, If two people have to go, we have to keep luggage like this behind., Hmm yes.. If four people go, it is a mess. We can sit wearing a back pack. What back pack TROLL Its nice man.. You said it is a compact vehicle, So it is what would it be.. Acceptable? It is acceptable for the word compact. How is the outlook and the design It is good, But when I got in to the car and sat I saw Ah.., There is no key. Where is it? It is remote controlled. It is here.., No need to put it in.. That is not needed.. It is enough, if you have it., It is Key less. We can sit inside.. and turn it on and go. Okay.. What are the buttons in this? We can lock.. Okay, We can unlock.. After that we can open the boot at the back. Okay. Music. They have given it so compactly Look. The battery is here.. Huh Is the battery there. Ah..? This is the brake oil.. Okay, I think through this we will pump water for the visor.

Ahh… This is the fuse box. Ahh.. There is a horn okay. It is very small: Have you seen the charging ports, What man They have given it in the front.? Ah, We can charge this by opening this port. One plus point in EV is that the maintenance cost is less Yes, I remember when you said EV. This is a full EV vehicle right. Yes, How much range does this car offer If we charge it to 100, The company claims that it will go for 250 km. Okay, There must be many modes. Yes, There is sports mode, Eco mode and normal mode. What is sports mode If we want to go fast in 80, 100 kmhr We can switch to sports mode. Pick up will be good. Yes, Pick up will be good. What is Eco mode? Eco mode is when they drive in economy. That is 60 50 kmhr Right. It will give the correct mileage. If we drive in this speed., Then Normal Normal is the same normal only.. The transition is fully automatic., Oh Drive mode, neutral reverse.. Then, if you put charge We can switch to charging mode. What I need to know, importantly, is They have given a big display.. Yes, Yes floating. What can we do with this Lets see it live Right? Ah … What is he going to say Climbing In You see this right? Hmm, This is the infotainment system. This is the instrument cluster Right. We can connect the phone to the infotainment system and We can see the map Right.

. There are many apps. There are smart features in this.. Ah, We can control it. Look here, AC controls are here., AC can be controlled in this.. There are nearly more than 55 plus smart features in this.. We can access it Right. Right.. Can we speak calls? Yes, we can speak calls.. There is FM radio music player. We can listen to songs. This is the infotainment system because of that. Correct.. Shall I play? How is the sound quality We can listen to songs? Shall I play Yes Play it. MUSIC PLAYS. If we go above this, We will get copyright issues., So., Okay, But its good. The infotainment system is controlled by the steering wheel Right. This is the instrument cluster control. Right. What is there in the instrument cluster? It shows the range Okay. There is the battery percentage.. Okay, There is the odometer. There is the speedometer. Right. Then we apply neutral and drive mode right Right.. We can see what gear we are in.. We can see what is the gear.. We can see the mode OK.. Sports mode, normal mode or Eco mode. There is the cars animation. Ah, If we hold the brake, does the light blink? Yes, Just like how the light blinks at the back, it will blink here. Wait, wait If we open the car, It will show us, the door is open. It shows us right. It shows us which door is open in animation.. The seat is, I cant, say it is very comfortable, But it is okay.

It feels very high. Yes, I cant say its good.The. Seating position is good. The under thigh support. Yes, That is not very comfy. You cant drive for a long time.. I felt like. I was driving in an auto. I felt it here.. It is okay for city drive, Ah That too, since it is automatic. If it is manual in these features, I will feel lousy in just changing the gears.. Even for 10 kms, it is hard. Mostly EVs. Dont have manual, It wont, have manual.. I am just saying Hmm If it was in comfort mode, Correct The window. Controls are in the center and not on the side.. Yes, they have given in the centre. Right, Since there are only 2 windows.. Yes, only for two That window is fixed right, Yes, fixed. We can see the outside Thats all Right. The seating is okay. I think they have done the best for this compact car Right. What is there for safety? They have given 2 airbags For 4 seats. 4. Passengers can wear seat belts, 4 people can wear seat belts, But only 2 airbags, Yes only 2 airbags. I will tell you about the AC chillness.. When we came here by the road You have kept the fan speed at 9.. Yes, It wont be even 5 minutes. I started feeling cold The cold air came behind. Please reduce it. Thats. How I felt Usually in normal cars there will be a glove box Hmm.

. There is nothing like that. It is here Which one This is called: smart storage. They have given it here and there. Keeping it here and there.. I didnt say that The company is claiming No.. I dont understand What is smart in this Here and there.. Smart storage Refers to intellect TROLL What else, If the tyre pressure increases or decreases, It will alert us through voice.. Oh Mainly, it has app control., Since it is a demo car for our shoot. We couldnt connect it. Correct.. If we connect it, we can access a lot. Like you said We can switch it on or off. I told you about the the tyre pressure monitor.. Oh, We can see that on the phone We can see that on the phone. We will get an alert in this.. If we take reverse, There is a reverse parking sensor., Just like how it is in cameras. Yes, camera will come in that itself.. There are many features like this.: We can search where the charging station in this.. There is ABS in braking for safety.. Hmm, They have used EBD technology for braking Right, So the safety is good. They have given disc in the front and Drum in the back. How good is the braking? It is superb, You would have seen in the intro How fast I came and stopped Without holding the brake. TROLL. I didnt put a handbrake Overall. How was the driving Rajesh? It was good. It was a little high, The comfort and feel of the car.

We didnt get that That luxury. As soon as we sit in the car., We will feel luxurious right. I will say what you said: It is Compact. Okay. I agree. I agree. Right. It is okay.. You drove from our hotel. How was the driving comfort When I was driving in traffic? It was very comfortable.. Did we miss anything Here? They have given a 12 inch tyre.. Is it very small like an auto tyre.? Yes, yes, So the wheel base is very less. Okay, Suppose little high, that is A speed breaker higher than normal means it will hit. Suspension, is very bad But star height right. If 4 people are going to office without luggage, We are going to the office or We are going out some. Where close, Then we can use this .Thats all., OK, Its nothing Bro. Its all as per the budget. How much is the budget Who knows Who knows eh? They gave me the car. I drove it. When I was driving. What ever I liked, which ever was new. I discussed all that. Yes.. We are shooting before the launch, So we dont know the exact price After it comes How it is. If we get it again, We will use in detail. Then We will do a lot of smart car reviews.. Okay Rajesh. I will drive once., Will you drive? Will I drive Shocked? I have driven Ferrari and Lamborghini Come Man.. When did you drive Ferrari and Lamborghini? I have driven in GTA.